18 Day Poker Series from PartyPoker

January 24, 2014

The Pokerfest: Micro Turbo Edition kicked off on January 16 this year, and has turned out to be quite successful. Soon, we are to enter the final rounds, where top players will be pitted against each other in a fast-moving, multiple-table, tornado of poker events to have a share at the $50,000 guaranteed cash pool prizes.

The main event of the Deepstack Turbo round begins on February 2, which already has a lot of poker players getting back to their basics to try and make a good amount off of it. Buy-ins are anywhere from $10 and $10,000, making it accessible to players of all categories. This also makes the game very competitive, as it allows almost anyone to try their hand at the tables. The tournament is and online one, and exclusive to players taking part from New Jersey.

The PartyPoker event has kicked up quite a craze. The event is especially beneficial to those who prefer the fast pace involved in online poker. The speed allows players more time off, since tables get over faster. Professionals who have live events to be at, or those who are just coming in from other live events, say that they are happy with the opportunity to play quickly in this turbo format. PartyPoker Team’s Scott Baumstein mentions that the low time investment is one of the major advantages of this high-speed competitive event.

Borgata Winter Poker Open and Pokerfest

The Borgata Winter Poker Open WPT also started mid-January, which is why many pro players will be grinding during this time. The online tournament gives them the opportunity to continue playing and upping their game while they practice for the major live event coming soon. The closing of the Borgata open is at the end of January, after which the PartyPoker Deepstack event starts, creating a rather timely event for players to get another shot at competitive tables online.

There are major differences in online poker and live poker tournaments. For one, online poker does not require you to manage your body language at all because you will not have to face your opponent. This means that you are not susceptible to being read on your bets and bluffs. On the other hand, many players cannot handle the speed at which hands are dealt and played, evening out the difficulty levels of both versions of the sport.

The Borgata Winter Open has an attractive $3 million cash prize pool, which is why numerous players have gone to have a take at it. Players who go bust at the live event may require an online tournament like the PartyPoker online turbo tournament to get back their game.

The turbo tournament incorporates a number of different play styles, having tables playing Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and various bounty tournaments that allow for re-buys. The minimum buy-in in the rounds is just $0.50, making the event very accessible to players. Even those who play poker for recreational purposes can have a go, and check how they fare among professional players.

Tournament features

The tournament has attractive cash prizes for the first ten on the leaderboard. The player holding the first position on the charts is granted a package to whichever WPT they would like to go to, worth $5,000. This feature has got a number of players at the top of their game. Getting sponsored for the WPT gives you a direct shot at some life-changing prize money. The event is a great warm-up round for players who are already planning to take their poker careers to the next level by hitting the bigger tables.

Each player has a choice of facing others in Easy, Normal and Hard rounds, where they will have to complete various quests (in terms of the number of players they beat, and so on) to win additional prize money. The Pokerfest Easy level Mission requires players to play a single tournament each day, and defeat five other players in a knock out round to get a reward of $5.

The grande finale of the tournament is what professional players are looking at though, because the buy-in limit is substantially higher ($10,000), and the cash prize is much higher as well. The opportunity of getting a shot at a WPT seat is much more attractive than the prize value of course. This is one of the biggest competitive factors PokerStars is basing their online tournament on. The minimal buy-ins is a way to get anyone and everyone to play poker and allow their skill to speak for them.

Tournament duration and message from the founding father

Mike Sexton, the tournament’s founding father, announced that the tournament kicks off on January 16, and looks to see as many players as they can, playing at the tables. The buy-ins start from just a dollar or two, making it easy for poker enthusiasts of all kinds to play in the tournament. The Deepstack event starts on February 2, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Players from all over the state are welcome to take part.

The invitation remains open to any poker player in the region, making it quite a brilliant way to bring in the first ever Superbowl to be held in NJ. PartyPoker’s 18-day tournament has brought together a variety of online players, each willing to give their best game, and all eyeing the WPT entrance.