PokerStars Sunday November 20th 2011 Tournament Report

November 21, 2011

PokerStars was real busy this past weekend, as there were two tournaments with over a $1M prize pool. We’re going to take a look at the results from the best poker tournaments at PokerStars this past Sunday. There were a couple big deals and 1 deal included 6 different players. If you ever want a chance to win 5-6 figures in a single day you need to make sure you participate in a few of the Sunday Majors. Don’t forget that players can qualify throughout the week for free or next to nothing at PokerStars for all of the big events hosted on Sundays at PokerStars.

PokerStars Red Spade Open

• Entrants – 28,338 / Prize Pool – $1,416,900

This week PokerStars hosted a special Red Spade Open event with a guaranteed prize pool of at least $1M. The prize pool easily went over the guaranteed amount and it was great to see such a huge turnout in a tournament with a $55 buy-in. Six players ended up cutting a deal in the Red Spade Open on Sunday and they managed to all walk away with a lot of money. David Labchuck won $121K for 1st place, Glhf99 won $122K for 2nd place, Juanchiski won $120K for 3rd place, DavoDam won $197K for 4th place, SkopeQ won $63K for 5th place and JudasSK won $58K for 6th place.

PokerStars Sunday Million

• Entrants – 7023 / Prize Pool – $1,404,600

The Sunday Million also ran on Sunday at PokerStars this week and it still drew a huge crowd even though the Red Spade Open was also running. Over 7000 players played in the PokerStars Sunday Million this past week and the top 3 players ended up cutting a deal with each other. Muha84 won the tournament after the deal was made and ended up winning $198K. Wiklund won $150K for finishing the event in 2nd place and Haporuu won $129K for finishing the Sunday Million in 3rd place.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

• Entrants – 3497 / Prize Pool – $699,400

There was another 3-way deal in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up this weekend. Everyone was in the cheerful mood and I guess most players are getting in the Christmas spirit early this year. Pendos90 ended up winning the Sunday Warm-Up and the 1st place prize of $91K after the deal was made. Acura2603 won $76K in the tournament this weekend and TMMPOKPOK took home $81K for finishing the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up in 3rd place.

PokerStars Sunday 500

• Entrants – 779 / Prize Pool – $389,500

The PokerStars Sunday 500 usually doesn’t end up with a deal being made, but the top 2 players made a deal this week and they both earned nearly the same. Pvd170590 won $63K for 1st place while Dadowiec won $57K for 2nd place in the Sunday 500. 3rd place in the Sunday 500 this weekend ended up going to Scott96dl and Scott won $37K for his finish. The prize pool wasn’t that big this weekend, but there were a few other tournaments this weekend that kept players occupied.

BetFair Poker Live London Schedule Released

November 15, 2011

BetFair Poker just released the schedule for their BetFair Poker Live London event, which is scheduled for 2012. The main event will run from February 17th – February 19th 2012 in London, but there are also plenty of other events going on. Players will be able to join in on several side events and cash games that I’m sure will run all the time. BetFair Poker always makes sure they host a great event when they host BetFair Poker Live events and I’m sure this time won’t be any different in London.

BetFair Poker hosts live poker events fairly regularly and the last event they hosted was earlier this year. A total of 171 players took part in the main event at the last BetFair Poker Live event and the prize pool was nearly £40K. BetFair Poker expects more players to participate in the event in London and hopefully the prize pool can exceed £50K this time around. You can buy-in to the event directly in February for $600 + $50, but why pay full price when you can earn a seat through BetFair Poker.

For the next few months BetFair Poker will be running satellite tournaments to the BetFair Poker Live event. Tournament prize packages will include your buy-in plus other benefits such as travel money and accommodations. We highly recommend taking a look at the available BetFair Poker Live satellites running in the online BetFair Poker room. You may be able to earn a seat into the BetFair Poker Live event in London for a few bucks, which is much better than paying the full $650 buy-in.

If you plan on playing in the BetFair Poker Live event make sure you have a BetFair Poker account. BetFair Poker will reward the winner of the tournament with a $1400 prize package that includes your buy-in to the next BetFair Poker live event. BetFair will only credit the winner of the tournament with a prize package if they have a real-money BetFair Poker account with at least $.01 on the account. The player that’s eliminated on the bubble on the BetFair Poker Live event in London will receive a $120 satellite ticket if they have a real-money BetFair Poker account with funds on it.

You still have plenty of time before this event, but you should plan early. This is a great way to kick-off 2012 and you could add a lot of money to your bankroll with a successful weekend in London. Lots of quality players will be in London for the tournament and the cash games running are going to be really deep. BetFair Poker wants a large attendance in London next year, so they’ll be looking to reward a lot of tournament prize packages to players.

Qualifying for a tournament prize package shouldn’t be that difficult at BetFair Poker. The action is loose and you’ll find that most of the players in the satellite tournaments are simply throwing their chips into the middle with almost any two cards. Grab a bonus from BetFair Poker when you sign-up to play in the satellite tournaments and you could earn enough to help you towards your trip to London to play in the BetFair Poker Live tournament in February 2012.

PokerStars Celebrating 10th Anniversary

November 5, 2011

PokerStars started running real money poker games online back in December 2001 and they’ve been the biggest online poker room in the industry for a long time now. PokerStars is almost ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary and they’ve scheduled some special events for the month of December that you won’t want to miss out on. PokerStars will be releasing ten special events in the month of December that players can participate in.

So far PokerStars has released details on two of the ten special events. In order to find out more about the remaining 8 events you’ll need to keep checking the PokerStars website for the rest of this month and December. We’re going to take a look at the two special promotions already released for the PokerStars anniversary festival. By the looks of things PokerStars wants to have a huge celebration because the 1st two promotions are wicked and definitely promotions that everyone should check out.

Win a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Prize Package

Right now PokerStars is giving away tons of prizes packages to the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). One way to earn one of the prize packages is by competing in one of the $160K Weekly PCA Finals. There are numerous ways to qualify for a seat in the weekly PCA Finals, but right now there is a way to earn a seat directly into the finals without having to qualify in one of the massive satellite tournaments. Players that make a deposit using the bonus code “PCA100” will receive a seat into the weekly $160K PCA Finals where you’ll have a chance at winning 1 of 10 PCA prize packages or a share of $10,000.

PokerStars Sunday Million $10M Guarantee

The 2nd promotion that PokerStars has already released details on is the PokerStars Sunday Million $10M Guarantee. Normally the tournament has a $1M guarantee, but on December 18th 2011 you’ll be able to play in the Sunday Million with $10M GTD in the prize pool. The winner of the PokerStars Sunday Million on December 18th 2011 is also guaranteed to walk away with a minimum payout of $2M, which is simply remarkable and a tournament that you don’t want to miss out on.

The buy-in for the tournament will still be $215, which means it’ll be affordable for 1000’s of players. If you want to buy yourself a Christmas present this year you should definitely consider buying a ticket into this tournament. You could become a millionaire overnight and the great thing about the tournament is the fact that it’s scheduled just before Christmas this year. PokerStars is hosting qualifier tournaments into the $10M Sunday Million, so you may be able to win a seat into the tournament for a lot less than the buy-in of $215 with a bit of luck.

PokerStars will be releasing 8 more promotions throughout December, but we have no idea when they’ll be released or what they’ll be. We’ll be sure to update everyone once more details are released on the special 10th anniversary promotions, but in the meantime we recommend trying to win a seat into the $10M Sunday Million on December 18th 2011.