The 14th World Tavern Poker Set to Begin This June

March 30, 2012

America’s favorite bar poker league, the World Tavern Poker is all set for its 14th Open in June, 2012. The Spring Season of the championship has begun in February and will continue till June 10, 2012. On the whole, 15 Spring Season weeks will be held before the Tavern Championship begins on June 11, 2012. This will be followed by the Tournament of Champions from June 18 to June 24, 2012.

The 14th Open World Tavern Poker’s flagship tournament will be held in Atlantic City and is expected to draw a crowd of 800 or more. Tickets for the event are up for sale now. If you want to be a part of this event, grab them before they are gone.

How tavern poker works

To be a part of World Tavern Poker, the leading poker league in America, you have to register on their site. Once you are a member, you can participate in any of the poker tournaments that take place at a bar close to you. If you are among the top poker players at your local bar, you will get a chance to participate in the regional tavern championship. Win that and you could move up one level to the national tavern championship. Along with the cash prizes, winners of these events will also get a chance to win free seats to the WSOP events each year.

Seasons and tournaments

Tavern poker events are divided into three seasons of 15 weeks each. During each week of a season, players will get to participate in the regular poker tournaments to qualify for the next levels, which are the regional and national championship events.

Player ranking

During the tournaments, players are ranked based on the number of points they accumulate during the games. Ranking is done at four levels – tavern, regional, state and national. Tavern ranking is based on the average of 8 top scores of a player at the tavern. Regional ranking is based on average of 12 top scores at any tavern in the region, state level ranking is the average of 16 from any tavern in the state and national level ranking is based on the average of top 24 scores from any tavern in the country.


Championships are held at three levels – tavern, regional and national. The top players at the end of each season will get to participate in the Tavern Championship events, which include the semi-final and the final. Top ten players from each bar, including the winner of the Tavern Championship, will move to the Regional Championship. The top players again will get to participate in the national championships.

There are three National Tavern Championships in a year, one for each season. The Spring National Championship takes place in Las Vegas. The fall and winter championships are held in Atlantic City in April or May. The final event will be the World Tavern Poker Open, which will be held between June 10 and 13this year. To be a part of this fun-filled bar league tournaments, get started now and register yourself at

Round Two of Genting Poker Series Begins at London

March 28, 2012

Starting Wednesday, the Fox Poker Club in London will be hosting the second leg of the 2012 Genting Poker Series. After successful completion of its first round, the popular poker series will be at London between March 28 and April 1, 2012. The series will feature a total of 11 events, which include several satellites for the main event. Besides the Fox Poker Club, the Genting Club Cromwell Mint and The Palm beach will also be playing hosts to some of the side events of the Genting Poker Series’ leg II.

Featured poker tournaments

The second part of the Genting Poker Series, which takes place in several venues in the UK, has kick started at the Fox Poker Club on March 28. On March 27, the poker club hosted satellite tournaments and gave away 11 seats to the Genting Poker Series Main Event that began on the 28th.

The Main Event will take place over three days, and has a buy-in of ₤430. Day 1 of the event is spread over three days, with Day 1a on March 28, Day 1b on March 29 and Day 1c on March 30. Day 2 of the main event begins on March 31, and the final table of the Main Event will be on April 1, 2012.

In addition to the Main Event, Genting Poker Series also features the following events.

  • ₤110 No-limit Holdem events on March 28 and 29; these event will take place at the Genting Club Cromwell Mint.
  • ₤46 Turbo Satellite event at 10:00 pm on March 29;
  • ₤160 NLH side event on April 1, 2012, the last day of the series;
  • A ₤550 High Roller NLH tournament at 5:00 pm on April 1; this event will take place at The Palm Beach.
  • ₤55 no-limit Holdem megastack turbo event on April 1; this will be the last event and will be held at Cromwell Mint. Along with cash prizes, the event will also be giving away a seat to the next event of the Genting Poker Series.
  • ₤43 single chip ‘flips” satellite tournaments every day, between March 27 and March 30, 2012; these events will run on demand.

Re-entry is allowed on Day 1 of the Main event, and buy-ins are allowed till level 9. A player is eligible for only one re-entry on one day.

Registering for the events

You can participate in the events either through direct buy-ins or by playing in the satellite tournaments. But before that, you have to register for it by visiting the casino personally. Or, you could register for the events online, through your Genting Poker account. This registration process remains the same for all the upcoming Genting Poker Series main events and the side events that would take place in 44 casinos of the UK. Like the opening leg of the Genting Poker Series, The second leg also promises to offer huge cash prizes, which could be yours if you act on time and register for the event now.

GTECH G2 and Spielo Join the List of Firms Hoping to Acquire Nevada Interactive Gaming License

March 23, 2012

GTECH G2 and Spielo, the firms forming the gaming division of Lottomatica, are the latest to file applications for interactive gaming service provider license in Nevada. The applications have been submitted to the Gaming Control Board of Nevada for Spielo International Austria, Spielo International Canada and Spielo International USA as well as GTECH G2’s St. Minver and Boss Media. Spielo has earlier been given Nevada licenses, while GTECH G2 is committed to US based casinos Seneca Nation of Indians (New York) and Barona Band of Mission Indians (California) for the development of their websites.

Types of licenses offered by Nevada Gaming Commission

Toward the end of last year the Gaming Control Board of Nevada announced that they will officially accept interactive gaming license applications. The board offers 4 types of licenses – license to function as an interactive gaming service provider, license to function as a service provider looking for a percentage in revenue from gaming, license to offer interactive games and license to create products associated with interactive gaming. Applications for all the types of licenses are available on the agency’s website.

The long list of applicants queued up for Nevada Gaming Commission license

The list of Nevada Gaming Commission license applicants is a long one. GTECH G2 and Spielo are the most recent firms to join the list. Other major providers hoping to acquire an interactive gaming license from the board include Bally Technologies, 888 US Limited/888 Holdings plc, Boss Media AB, ACEP Interactive LLC, Boyd Gaming, Aristocrat Technologies, IGT, Monarch Casino, Caesars Entertainment, BP Gaming Entertainment Inc (a subsidiary), MGM Resorts Online LLC and many more. Most of these firms have applied for a service provider, manufacturer or operator license.

In a recent address Walther Bugno, CEO and president of Spielo International, stated that Nevada license application is a major step in the company’s iGaming strategy for the United States. He further added that GTECH G2 and Speilo are among the most trusted names in the regulated markets across the globe. The companies have provided end-to-end interactive gaming products to over 1500 clients across 5 continents. Bugno also hinted that Playtech, one of the leading software providers in the online gaming industry, is also on the verge of filing an application for Nevada Gaming Control Board license.

Fertitta Interactive LLC, another well known firm in the online gaming industry and the owner of Station Casinos in Las Vegas and the UFC, recently announced that it had filed an application with the Gaming Control Board of Nevada for expansion of its online poker service in the region. Some time back the company acquired CyberArts Licensing LLC, an internet gaming provider specializing in online poker. The takeover took place soon after the deal to form a strategic alliance with FTP (Full Tilt Poker) fell through following Black Friday.

As far as gaming regulation is concerned, Nevada has always been looked upon as the leader. With the Nevada Gaming Commission officially accepting interactive gaming license applications, it is hardly a surprise that almost all the major player want in.

Epic Poker League’s Bankruptcy Saga Continues

March 21, 2012

Epic Poker, which was declared bankrupt by its parent company, Federated Sports and Gaming, was in the news again recently when reports surfaced that a court rejected the company’s reorganization plans. Clarifying the issue, Jeffrey Pollack, the executive chairman of Federated Sports mentioned that neither the budget nor plans for reorganization have been rejected by the courts.

Creditors of Epic Poker

According to bankruptcy filings, Epic Poker League owes over $5 million to more than 100 creditors. The maximum amount is owed to 2 firms – All In Production and Pinnacle Entertainment. All In Production is the company which sold the Heartland Poker Tour to Epic Poker. Other big creditors of Epic Poker include a law firm called Kirkland & Ellis, a television production house, 411 Productions, Savage Tournaments and a public relations company, Rogers and Cowan.

The creditors’ list also includes a few small poker companies, a charitable institution for disabled children in the US and a few independent contractors.

Court Documents Reveal Unpaid Acquisition and Big Loans

According to court documents, Federated Sports and Gaming has paid millions of dollars for the acquisition of Heartland Poker Tour – the only profitable business of the company. The acquisition deal was settled at $2.95 million. Heartland Poker Tour which holds poker tournaments across 15 US states was acquired by Federated Sports in June 2011. The Heartland Poker Tour started its operations in 2005 and conducted its 100th event recently. The events in the Heartland Poker Tour are broadcast to over 100 million homes in the US every week.

Federated Sports borrowed money from Pinnacle Entertainment through a Secured Promissory Note. $2 million was borrowed from Pinnacle of which $1 million was used for clearing debts owed to All In Production. After receiving the payment, All In Production made an extension of the due date for the remaining debt to 31st March, 2012. The due date for the money owed to Pinnacle was 29th February, a day after which Federated Sports and Gaming declared itself to be bankrupt. The declaration held back All In Productions from taking back the ownership of Heartland Poker Tour.

A budget submitted by Federated Sports and Gaming recently revealed that the company used about $458,092 from the operations of Heartland Poker Tour to clear employee salaries.

Re-Organization Attempts

David Goldberg, the CEO of Federated Sports stated that re-organization proposals have been submitted to the bankruptcy court, which is considering the matter. A formal plan for re-organization has not yet been submitted, but the company provided quite a few motions to the court. A proposal has been submitted regarding the use of cash collateral for which the company will require the consent of its creditors.

2 Tournaments Canceled by Epic Poker League

Three live poker tournaments were conducted by Epic Poker this year, each offering $400,000 as prize pool. Due to the re-organizing attempts by Federated Sports, the 4th and 5th tournaments might now be canceled. The 5th tournament had announced a prize pool of over a million dollars, which was to be distributed among the top 25 players of the event.

Play Titan Poker Tournaments for Less Now

March 15, 2012

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on tournament buy-ins anymore. Titan Poker, one of the leading online poker sites in Europe, is having a Super Sale of buy-ins for its popular online tournaments. Starting from April this year, the poker site will allow its members to enter its tournaments for as low as $5.50. Read more

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