Mac Client Released by Bodog Poker

July 27, 2012

The 26th of July witnessed Bodog Network’s launch of its Mac-compatible client. The launch is great news to all those Mac players who are fans of the game. Over the last year, Bodog has released new software’s and models that will enhance its gameplay.

About the new Mac client

Jonas Odman, the CEO of Bodog Poker Network stated that the Mac client always was a must have. The network put off launching its Mac client because of the new software launch. If the company had done both together, it would have put Bodog ahead of their expectations in regards to their player reach.

Since the Mac client is all set, the company can now focus on the B2C marketing of the Recreational Poker Model. The company feels this model is at the top of progressive changes in the poker industry. These changes particularly affect the online poker ecology. Bodog stated that numerous companies have now changed the structure of their rakeback to make it more in line with the model, and also more attractive to players who deposit rather than those who win.

The next stage of the model features completely anonymous tables, which makes data mining completely impossible. Again, this is in best interests of the depositing player. Microgaming and PokerStars also made changes soon after the launch of this model.

Other launches by Bodog

A year has not passed since the poker network launched new software and the recreational poker model. This model prohibits date-mining sites from collecting statistics on Bodog’s players. Odman stated that introduction of these features ensures the Recreational Model is a pioneer in online poker and it gives players the fairest playing environment.

The CEO added that the company is not scared of controversy, which has already been demonstrated by the method in which their rakeback was viewed and also by blocking data mining sites. Poker players are given a ‘pure poker’ experience and, the new software and Recreational Poker Model are both game changers.

Additionally the site also added a rabbit cam, which lets players look at what cards might have been dealt once the hand is won. Other changes announced by Bodog include, new tournament formats, in-client Blackjack, the ability to play a maximum of 20 tables simultaneously and increased site speed.

About Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker entered the poker scene back in 2004 with its own characteristic style and gaming knowledge. The network has sent several of its players to international tournaments. Bodog features its own software and is constantly expanding its market. The security provided by Bodog is very solid and all transactions are known to run smoothly.

Whether you need to deposit of withdraw money, all processes take place smoothly.

If any glitches do occur, they are quickly addressed by the customer support team who are extremely professional, skilled and friendly. The player field is varied and the games and tournaments offered by this network give some really generous payouts.

32Red Makes Progress in the UK Market

July 25, 2012

32Red is an online gaming operator that specializes in internet casinos. The poker revenue generated from the site has remained stable from 2011 and all through the first half of 2012. The company states that their revenues by the end of this year would rise far above market forecasts.

Details of 32Reds revenue  

32Red earned £600,000 in the first half of 2012 only in poker revenue. The amount was similar to the casinos earnings in the first half of 2011 but higher by 20 percent from the amount earned in the second half of 2011. The casino earned £500,000 is the latter half of 2011.

Overall, the company witnessed revenues breaking records by the gross winnings rising to £16.5 in the first part of 2012. The rise was a 50 percent jump from 2011, where the revenue made in the first half was just £11 million.

Ed Ware, the Chief executive officer from 32Red stated that the consistent growth in revenue event with strong competition stands as proof to the solid new player recruitment that result from higher investments in the main market, which is the United Kingdom. Ware added that the company aims to continue with their current progress and are also aiming to enter into the Italian market.

He is also of the opinion that although 32Red recognizes the probably economic and regulatory uncertainty all overEurope, the company is still looking forward to progress in the latter half of 2012.

32Red to outdo revenue forecasts

The revenue of the company, based inGibraltarwas up by almost 30 percent in the first 3 weeks of July. Ware stated that the current trading and strong H1 trading performance will probably witness the company delivering revenues that are way past market expectations for this year.

The profits that are being realized by the company are in line with the expectations of the management. 32Red is following in the footsteps of rivals like Paddy Poker and William Hill.

About 32Red Casino

32Red online casino is owned by 32Red Plc. The casino obtains its license from the the Government of Gibraltar. It is considered the top betting company by The London Stock Exchange.

The casino software is powered by Microgaming, which is a world leader in developing gaming software. All the details of players’ are extremely safe on this website, which uses a 128-bit encryption in order to secure information. The site is very well designed with its catchy red and black theme. Navigation is simple and the site is very user friendly.

All the games are crisp and vibrant in terms of their visual characteristics; the site offers high definition video wherever it can.

Players can deposit money into their accounts through several secure methods, which feature all major credit and debit cards. E-wallets, checks and internet banking can also be used to deposit and withdraw money. Some of the options provided include Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Paysafecard, Neteller, Ukash, Skrill Moneybookers, Entropay and Click2pay.

No More High Stack Cash Games from PartyPoker

July 20, 2012

PartyPoker recently got rid of all its high stack No Limit and Pot Limit games. Poker sites often get rid of specific tables or even tournaments, especially when they are planning on some maintenance or a system reboot. But the recent move by PartyPoker does not seem to be temporary.

PartyPoker’s recent decision

All Pot Limit and No Limit games that have minimum blinds of $10/$20 or more and Fixed Limit games of $50/$100 or more were removed from PartyPoker’s lobby, and looks like they won’t be coming back anytime soon.  

The customer service team from PartyPoker stated that the poker site has removed some games that have very high stakes in order to improve to poker ecology. The decision was made keeping the best interests’ of players in mind.

The poker company believes the change will only improve the action at table and this change is likely to remain for a while.

The poker community has expressed mixed reactions to the decision but it isn’t the first time such massive changes have been made to a poker site in order to maintain good health of the site. Previously, Ongame Network introduced Essence a system where players are given a points value based system that is hidden depending on who their money is won from and on their win rate. These points earned players loyalty points helping weak players to play longer.

Some opinions from the poker community

The poker community is quite sure this decision wasn’t just made overnight. The poker site probably has legitimate reasons backing this move, accompanied by statistics. The management team is also big and strong enough to introduce these high stake games at a later time.

Most poker players do not realize that in poker money flows upwards. Nano-stake players progress to micro-stakes and lose to low-stakes. These low stakes then lose to mid-stakes and the trend continues.

But cutting back on running massive games, the money extracted from the poker economy will be lesser, which is beneficial to everyone in this economy.

About PartyPoker

PartyPoker is a leading poker site featuring one of the biggest poker rooms in the industry. The player action at this site is tremendous no matter the time of day. The market efforts have resulted in increasing player traffic.

The player competition offered on the site is soft, so expect to play a loose game. Even though it may not be as tight as other poker rooms, the action makes playing at PartyPoker very exciting. The security offered by the site is great despite its large player volume. The site has never faced any financial or security breaches so far. The site is audited by ItechLabs and is also listed on the London Stock Exchange Market. All the security procedures and financial information is available for public inspection.

The site uses proprietary software, which means they do not belong to any network have software that is developed independently. It is because of this reason that they are entirely unique and safe.

Danny Wong and the WSOP Main Event

July 18, 2012

Danny Wong has been a poker pro for quite some time, but he has recently been off the radar as he was in the pursuit of cash games all over the world. The player returned with a splash, running deep in the WSOP main event.

More about Wong

Wong was more experienced than all the other 14 players at the table as of July 15th. Things took an unfortunate turn when he was beat by A-9, which crushed the A-10 cards he held. If not for the river card, Wong was pretty close to making the title.

Although he doubled up once, Wong still had a short stack and ended up coming in 14th place which won him $465,159.The player now boasts of over $2.5 in career earnings.

Wong’s opinion on the main event and poker

On being interviewed, Wong said that the whole poker lifestyle is quite stressful. He referred to the poker world as a swing where there are constant ups and downs. While losing is no fun at all, it’s great fun when you do actually win. When you lose you feel like doing nothing and just sitting at home but when you are on a winning streak all you feel like doing is play, added the player. Losing definitely has a negative effect on the players’ morale.

In Wong’s culture gambling isn’t really regarded too well. He wouldn’t want his future children to play the game for a living. Although Wong’s own parents are supportive, they would like him to do something else as well.

The player once even considered parlaying his business degree to trading on Wall Street. These plans were thrown off track by his success in poker, but the player continues to have aspirations that are unrelated to cards.

When asked about the game, Wong said the stress that comes with playing poker is quit pointless and the world of poker is never guaranteed. The people in the poker world are hard to judge. Because of his years in the industry he can judge but new players need to figure out the lifestyle completely on their own. It’s hard to say who is good and who is bad.

Although the main event is just one of the three tournaments Wong has participated in this summer, he is looking forward to more. He added that it is important not to listen to what people say about you, all you need is to not doubt yourself and your capabilities.

The player stated that these tournaments are the opportunity to make beautiful money. With his large score the player added that he is considering playing inMacau’s baller games that can feature buy-ins as large as $500,000 apart from some massive pots, which are among the largest in the world.

Wong is smart at picking his games and tournaments, and also managing his bankroll. This maturity in handling poker finances is something he has learnt over the years of making a living from just playing poker.

Bwin.Party to Witness Reduced Revenue Because of Zoom Poker

July 13, 2012

Bwin.Party is the world’s biggest online gaming company. It obtains its license fromGibraltarand serves thousands of people acrossIndia, theUS,EuropeandIsrael. The four products that the company provides are online casino, sports betting, bingo and poker.

Recent trading updates

An update released on the 10th of July make references to ‘continued pressure’ in internet poker’s marketplace as the consequence of Zoom Poker being launched. This new type of poker has taken a large portion of fast-fold online poker market.

About fast-fold poker

Fast-fold or high-speed poker was initially launched by Full Tilt poker and was known as Rush Poker on the site in the beginning of 2010. The fraud by Full Tilt’s board of directors and the Black Friday incident caused this site to shut down, leaving the fast-fold poker sector empty in the online poker world.

The emptiness is now filled by Zoom Poker among others like Microgaming’s Blaze Poker and iPoker’s Speed Hold’em.  Bwin.Party is soon to roll out its fast-fold poker version this year.

Bwin.Party and fast-fold poker 

Bwin.Poker has plans of integrating its Bwin.Poker website on Ongame’s Network with its site called party poker. This is assumed to increase Party.Poker’s player pool by around 20%. The company owns Ongame Network.  Shufflemaster recently backed out of acquiring the network but six other buys are showing interest among which is Zynga.

Bwin’s trading update indicates possible internet poker profits in the future because ofDelawarebecoming a part of the states likeNevadawho have made online poker legal. Various other states have applied for getting licenses for legal online gambling. Bwin.Party is one of the main players in the online poker market. There are various other casino companies and Indian tribes from various states that already have agreements put in place.

About Bwin.Party

The company has software that is featured across 100 online gaming sites. The software is known to be of very high quality and secure for its customers. Bwin.Party has extensively invested in developing their own software, which now offers hundreds of games to players.

Party.Poker draws most of their players and the World Poker Tour, which is a prestigious poker tournament, also features on their profile. If you are looking for a lot of poker action, Bwin.Party’s Party.Poker is the place to go. No matter what time of the day you visit this site or what stakes you want to play, there is always a lot of activity to look forward to.

With their large volume of players, the company has never faced any breaches in terms of security and financial privacy of the players. The site is constantly audited by ItechLabs as they are listed on London’s Stock Exchange, so all the security procedures and financial information of the company are open for inspection by the public.

The competition at this site is soft and the environment overall is very friendly. Some soft competition is found even in the higher limit games.

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