Switch Poker’s Latest €2 Million Promotion

September 28, 2012

SwitchPoker.com is the first ever mobile operator to have come into existence. They have recently launched an exciting promotion that will witness players earn generous amounts.

What’s in store for players?

Players on Switch Poker can register to ‘pilot’ an airplane. You can do this by getting 20 of your friends to sign up and playing the role of passengers. For the rake generated by passengers, a pilot will be awarded 5 percent of the rake. The great offer in not for a limited time period, but will be available forever.

The promotion gets even better as each passenger can create their own plane and become a pilot themselves. Once they become a pilot, they can also ask 20 friends to join them aboard and when this happens, the original pilot will get up to five percent of the rake that is generated by each of the passengers from his or her passengers’ plane.

The rake generation from passengers can go up to six levels of passengers and can yield payoff percentage generated by a maximum of one million passengers.

SwitchPoker.com’s spokesperson stated that the new promotion sets extremely high limits for players to win money. The entire concept promotes the simple idea of getting your friends to register and participate on the platform. By doing so, you can earn up to €2 million.

A little about Switch Poker   

Switch Poker offers no-limit Texas Hold ‘em, Pot-limit Omaha and other poker variations. Players from theUnited Statescan play as well but not with real money. All games are fully optimized for you to play via mobile devices and minimal data is transferred between the serves and phones.

All Players are advised to make sure they are using a secure connection before playing as there is no disconnection protection. But in case any such incident does occur, the same will be investigated by the Switch Poker team.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made on Switch Poker through the various banking options, amongst which Skrill is one of the favorites. Withdrawals usually take not more than 48 hours to process and you will be informed through a change in your transaction list. Other payment processors that can be used on Switch Poker include Bitcoin and Neteller.

The servers of Switch Poker are well protected by firewalls and data encryption. A random number generator is used to ensure fair play. The random number generator used by Switch Poker is certified by FIPS ensuring it is cryptologically secure. The generator is also put through severe testing and is sure to generate truly random numbers.

In case players experience any problems while using Switch Poker contacting the customer support team is an absolute pleasure. The customer support representatives at the company are enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

The software of Switch Poker is very user friendly and stylishly designed. So no matter how experienced or not you may be, navigating the site is a breeze. The colors and graphics are very catchy and making playing poker on mobile devices and absolute pleasure.

Online Poker Company PokerStars, Reveals Re-launch Plans for Full Tilt Poker

September 26, 2012

PokerStars, one of top online poker giants, revealed on September 24th that it would soon re-launch Full Tilt Poker. Acquired recently by PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker is going to be newly launched again to all its online poker players, outside the United States of America.

PokerStars also gave the industry news regarding its repayment plan, wherein the company will pay back over $184 million to the former customers of Full Tilt Poker. The acquired poker company will be launched again some time in the first week of November, said the representatives of PokerStars.

PokerStars team has been working on the repayment plan since August 9th

The team of representatives from PokerStars revealed that the company has been working around the plan ever since the day they closed the deal with department of Justice of the United States of America, on August 9th. PokerStars was trying to figure out how the company would pay back almost $184 million to the customers of Full Tilt Poker, who were from outside the country.

Repayment processes vary in different jurisdictions

According to the deal with the Department of Justice, PokerStars is supposed to pay back the nonUSonline poker players, while the Department of Justice would pay back the US online poker players. PokerStars representatives have had various discussions with quite a few regulators in different jurisdiction all over the globe.

The discussions were made in order to ensure that the entire repayment process, which will be used, will follow the local regulatory requirements. Repayment processes usually vary in different jurisdictions depending on where the non US online poker player lives.

Locally licensed platform to be used to repay players

PokerStars plans to use a locally licensed platform of the company in order to repay the Full Tilt Poker players from Denmark, France, Belgium, Estonia and Spain. According to the payment plan, players will be allowed to ‘pair’ their Full Tilt Poker accounts with PokerStars accounts, in order to allow withdrawal or usage of their account balance. Players of Full Tilt Poker from Italy will have to wait for a longer time as PokerStars is still working on paying them back.

Other markets will give the players full access to accounts

The other non-United States markets will provide Full Tilt Poker players complete access to all their accounts, once the site will get re-launched by PokerStars in November. As the time of the re-launch quickly approaches, the PokerStars team is doing its best to provide excellent services to the non US  online poker player market.

Provided that everything goes well for PokerStars and the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker, online poker and gambling players will surely get their funds and other money back into their accounts as soon as the site re-launches. PokerStars is hoping for a smooth re-launch so that players will be able to enjoy the new site of Full Tilt Poker along with the entire game once more.

More Nevada Gaming Companies Have Received Internet Poker Licenses

September 21, 2012

As the days pass by, more number of online gaming companies are receiving their poker licenses to operate in Nevada. As of 20th September, American Casino & Entertainment Properties Interactive and WMS Gaming were granted approval by the Gaming Commission of Nevada.

The council consisted of five members who granted licenses to the two companies and allowed them to be involved inNevada’s upcoming and developing intrastate online poker market. ACEP currently owns a number of casinos in the state, and WMS is more of a technology firm.

Coupling of companies doesn’t mean they’ll do business together

When the two companies got their licenses approved on Thursday, the coupling raised quite a few eye-brows. Coupling of these companies doesn’t mean that they will involve in business ventures together.

Gaming Chairman question WMS about operations in Europe

Peter Bernhard,Nevada’s Gaming Commission Chairman, asked WMS about all of its operations online in the European countries. The Chairman enquired specifically about whether the company has opened up to countries wherein the online activity is considered legal. Bernhard said it was advisable to check the legal standards of each country and then offer the services, instead of offering online gaming everywhere and then later having to block access when countries protest.

Nevada regulators keep watch on activity across jurisdictions

The Nevada regulators are ensuring that the entire idea of secure online gaming will take place once the companies are granted their online poker license. Regulators are keeping watch to prevent the acceptance of online wagers from players in jurisdiction where the activity isn’t allowed. All the regulations and standards apply to the companies, their partners and their subsidiaries as well.

ACEP gets license to exist as operator

The other company, ACEP Interactive, which received the license from the Gaming Commission, is allowed to exist as an online poke operator. It is considered to be a distinction that only brick-and-mortars are given. ACEP owns a lot ofNevadaproperties, which includes the Stratosphere hotel Tower and Casino.

ACEP’s directory for the gaming development department, Alec Driscoll, said the company is quite excited to get the license and get started on the online poker sector. The director called online gambling to be a player acquisition tool, which will also bring the players into the physical casino that ACEP owns. Very few seem to be worrying these days about online poker taking away the original charm from brick-and-mortar visitation.

The company will certainly rely on at least one of the technology partners to help them conduct the business. Even though ACEP hasn’t disclosed which company it might be speculations have risen that it might be WMS. Driscoll said that the company will announce the partner a little later.

So far, the companies that have received online poker licenses in Nevada are Bally Technologies, South Point Poker, Shuffle Master, Monarch Interactive, International Game Technology, WMS, Global Cash Access and ACEP. The first to bring in real-money games will most likely be South Point Casino.

International Game Technology Boss Issues Warning to Online Poker in US

September 19, 2012

Based in Nevada, popular gambling firm IGT or International Game Technology has offered US online poker and gaming association a warning. The Chief Executive Officer, Patti Hart, has provided her views on the entire course of online gaming and poker in the United State of America. Hart told Bloomberg Business Week about the International Game Technology news and that IGT would also be pulling its branch from the European market as well.

Entraction Poker Network to be removed

IGT has decided to pull out Entraction Poker Network, which it recently acquired, from the gambling market in Europe. Hart reported that the company was taking this step following the tougher and stricter regulations put forth on online poker, which is bringing down the profitability rates of the company. Patti Hart, being the CEO of the company, explained as to how Entraction has moved from being a ‘dot-com’ to being a ‘dot-country’, ever since there has been less profitability. All these issues have made the gaming platform less interesting amongst the public.

Hart threatens that state of US poker may also go the same way as European market

IGT’s CEO is now sending out warning signals to the online poker scene in the United States as well. Hart warned that in case the entire legalization process regarding online poker goes on the same way as it is currently in the United States, then the poker in USA might move the same way as Entraction Poker Network did. If the state of online poker isn’t going to be legalized on a federal level wherein more states get involved, and instead continues to be on a state by state basis, then IGT may have to withdraw from the market, said Hart.

Poker operators need to look at their economics

Hart insisted that the US poker operators, who intend to continue offering their services in various states that are still regulating and legalizing online poker, must look at their economics as well. The warning also includes the state of Nevada, which has gotten permission recently to permit online poker. Patti also warned that the entire scenario is more complicated and challenging when operators are offering their services in a single state only.

Somehow, so far, the situation hasn’t deterred any of the two dozen companies in the United State of America from seeking lucrative licenses. The companies are continuing their effort to get the licenses in order to offer services in Nevada and other states.

MSG and Caesars hope to play big part in market

Most of the big groups and companies such as Caesar’s Entertainment and MGM Resorts International have already gone through the entire licensing processes. The companies hope to play a major role in what may be considered by many as to be quite a rewarding and exciting future online gambling market in the entire state.

In spite of Hart’s warnings, online poker and online gambling continue to grow quite significantly on a worldwide scale. So far it has generated almost $32.1 billion in revenue in 2011. Most of this amount was contributed by the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany.

The World Poker Tour in Malta

September 14, 2012

For the second consecutive year, the World Poker Tour will be held in Malta’s Casino at Portomaso. Events will take place between the 16th and 20th of September, which will witness 600 players flocking the casino venue.

A sneak peek into the event

The re-entry main event is a €3,300 event. Numerous poker pros are expect to grace the event and even compete namely, Tony G, Phil Hellmuth, Vanessa Selbst, Marvin Rettenmaier, Jason Mercier and Jonathan Duhamel to name a few. Apart from the World Poker Tour that is attracting hundreds of players there is a lot to do in Malta, which will also be indulged in for sure.

Malta has been the place for online poker for quite some time now. Apart from internet poker, Malta is also becoming quite popular for the live version of the game. In season ten, the WPT was introduced to Malta, where a player field of 240 players worked up a prize pool of €698,400. The event in that year was won by American player Matt Giannetti.

So what can you expect this year in season eleven? The field this year is expected to not only be larger, but also comprise of more well known players. Phil Hellmuth and Tony G are players with some strong history and will be competing with each other through the week.

Activities to enjoy in Malta while taking time off from poker

Malta is home to 1.2 million tourists annually, so the infrastructure is simply brilliant and things to do are plenty. You could start with the Mosta Church, which is known to have one of the world’s largest domes or spend time swimming at Golden Bay. If food is your thing, visit Victoria Market.

Swimming the Blue Lagoon is also a popular tourist activity in Comino, which is pretty close by. Comino is a breathtaking island where movies like Count of Monte Cristo, Troy and Swept Away have been filmed. The water is crystal clear and the sandy beach is absolutely white. Although your journey from the WTP venue will entail some effort and time, if you enjoy swimming, marine life and snorkelling, the Blue Lagoon is a must visit.

If you like to party it up, there is a lot of night life pretty close to the WTP venue. Quarterdeck Cocktail & Wine Bar and Level 22 are just two hotspots for people who enjoy nights out. Malta has a lot to offer to all you poker fans who need a break from the game.

About the World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour is among the most established names in television gaming and gaming. It is recognized globally and exhibits brand presence online, on television, in land-based tournaments and on mobile gaming.

The tour has been a pioneer in innovation in the game of poker for almost a decade. The global poker boom was ignited by the WTP with its unique television show that was based on poker tournaments that were played with high stakes. The World Poker Tour has been broadcast in more than 150 countries.

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