Transfers between Players to be ended by Merge Gaming

October 30, 2012

Merge Gaming recently informed their skins that they are to prohibit player to player transfers from the 1st of November. The popular network also will not allow skins to transfer money to players.

The reason lying behind this change has undergone a lot of speculation. One of the thoughts is that the change is a way to improve policing of illegal promotions. Another opinion is that Merge Gaming is probably trying to stop players from trading chips among themselves. Some players who reside outside the States are even earning their living by buying chips from American players.

Some updates regarding the changes

The main representative from Carbon Poker, which uses Merge Network, stated that the player transfers are suspended temporarily and the limits are also reduced because of the rule to be implemented from the 1st of November.

Although CarbonRyan, Carbon’s representative is well prepared for the suspension of transfers, he is waiting to know when they will be available once again. Carbon might not be affected by the recent changes as it is releasing its own cashier, which is independent of Merge somewhere in mid-November.

Merge money traders

Players often buy Merge Gaming chips from players in the United States at a discounted rate and then cash these chips out to their e-Wallet account, which is international. Before the announcement, there was about 15 percent juice, which has now risen to 25 percent as some players in the United States have panicked.

U.S players that are making these trades consider it better to undergo a loss rather than wait for a check. This occurrence is probably linked to Carbon Poker’s launch of Carbon Sports, which is the biggest Merge Gaming skin.

Carbon Poker will soon stop using Merge Gaming’s cashier and begin using a cashier that is managed by other Merge Gaming skins. Speculation surrounds the loss of this liquidity as a possible consequence of the stop of transfers between players.

Curbing of staking concerns and fraud on Merge Gaming’s skins

Transfers demand research by the security department of the network. There are several fraudulent transfers that take place even though there is a lot of investigation that goes on by the security department. The transfers are probably unwanted mainly because of the hassle they cause.

A large amount of resources are spent on transfer investigation and a lot of these resources are lost on scammers that are successful in their fraudulent activities.

While the changes may keep fraudulent transfers at bay, legitimate players will also face some issues. Several players on the network are staked, which means they are being loaned money to get started or to be in action. A staked player cannot play if he or she cannot receive or repay their staker. Players that are presently staked will probably have to transfer their bankroll back to their staker before the 1st of November. If this date is crossed there will be no way to return the money.

Many U.S players are not able to deposit money. Currently these players trade with others on the network to replenish their consumed bankroll or even to get started. Trades are also made to get winnings off the network. All these transactions will no longer be possible.

Carbon Poker is not the first room that has altered its transfer policy. Lock Poker, which was formerly a Merge Gaming Network skin lowered their transfer limit to just $500 per week and $250 per day. Lock Poker is now on Revolution’s Gaming Network. Certain privileged players have even been able to raise their transfer limits to up to $1000 per week.

Two members of Winning Poker Network, True Poker and Americas Cardroom also brought down their transfer limits to just $500 per week and $250 per day. Bovada is a big player in the poker market of the United States, although they have never let players transfer among one another.

Statement by Merge Gaming

Merge Gaming released a statement that the decision was made after a lot of consideration. Several factors were taken into account and the network is sure the changes will be beneficial for players, partners and Merge Gaming itself. The network has refused to comment about whether the decision is permanent or not. PDC Poker and Aced are other skins that will be shifting to different cashiers.

Other changes by Merge Gaming

Merge Gaming cut down its rake in fixed limited games to a maximum of 50 percent. Most games that are low to mid-stake will be raked less than they were before. The new rake table came into effect recently and has been reworked completely after a lengthy consultation with affiliates, skins and players.

The new system has adopted a ‘true percentage rake structure’, as compared to a stepped rake structure, which was introduced by PokerStars in the beginning of 2012. The structures are now directly comparable, and merge has a fixed limit rake table that is similar to the one PokerStars has. The lowest rake structure is housed by PokerStars.

The poker community has largely welcomed the changes, which will make the rake trap a little easier in low-stake games, which made these games almost unbeatable in the past. Hope is also rising that lesser played games like Omaha8 and Razz will now witness a boom. The main skins of Merge Gaming are extremely pleased with all the new changes.

A Poker Bonus Festival at William Hill Online Casino

October 26, 2012

Gambling at William Hill Online Casino is always a joy for punters as there is never a dull day. The casino has regular promotions that include bonuses and free gifts for its players. One of the most noteworthy and unique features of William Hill Online Casino is that you don’t have to necessarily win all the time to be a part of its bonuses or promotions programs. All you need to do is participate and that is exactly what punters love about William Hill. This time, the online Casino is going one step further by offering a chain of bonuses that is sure to satisfy the wildest poker bonus dreams.

New Player Bonus

The welcome bonus is something that new players always look forward to and it is one of the clinching factors when you look at your different options before choosing a poker site. But William Hill has taken the new player and deposit bonus to an all new level and offering bonuses that you have never seen before. The deposit bonus has been upgraded to an unbelievable 200%. The limits to which the bonus can be granted have also been amped up and you will be granted the bonus up to £1250 or $2000 or €1400. Also, you will have a chance to be a part of the prize pools as you will get an entry into the Freerolls that William Hill terms as the First Depositors Freerolls. With this entry, you have a chance of winning any of the prizes in the pool which boasts of a total prize money of $4000.

Rewards Programs

If you think that the amped up free deposit bonuses and the huge prize pool is not enough, you have the special rewards program that you can take part in. There is the Golden Handshake promotion, the Weekly Speedway Races and November Reload Bonus, all of which is explained below.

Golden Handshake

The Golden Handshake promotion starts on the 29th of October and goes on up to the 11th of November. The biggest advantage of this reward program is that your chance of winning will not depend on the level of skill you possess, the format of game you play, or if you are a regular player or not. You will have a great opportunity to win lots of money. The total money in the prize pool is a massive $50000 and you do not want to pass up on this opportunity. You will have to log into the William Hill site in order to know more about this promotion.

Weekly Speedway Races

Just as the name suggests, this rewards program is a test of your endurance, speed and also performance. This rewards program has a points system where you will be granted points according to the game you play, how fast you play, and how long you play without taking a break also. There are a few days specified on which the places will be open to take part in the race. After the race is over, the player with the highest number of points will win the prize money.

November Reload Bonus

William Hill Poker site is holding a November Festival that offers is players a number of bonuses and gifts. As a part of this festival, the November Reload Bonus will offer you a 100% bonus whenever you reload your online poker account in the month of November. The upper limit for this bonus is $600. However, the condition is that you will have to make the deposit between 4th and 8th of November to be eligible for the reload bonus. There is no limit on the number of deposits that you can make within this period and you can make as many deposits as you want.

Regular Bonuses Also Available

Other than the special bonuses available for the month of November, William Hill is also offering the regular bonuses that they give throughout the year. These include the first deposit bonus, the regular reload bonus, etc. Also, there is the loyalty program for VIP players. If you are a regular player on the William Hill Online Poker site and earn a pre determined number of loyalty points, you will be considered as a VIP player and will get additional points for every gamble that you make.

Attractive, Innovative and State Of the Art User Interface

Another reason why you will be making a good choice by playing on William Hill Online poker site is the fact that its user interface is one of the bets in the market. William Hill has been around for a long time and is a popular asset in the London Stock Exchange. So, they offer the best available technology to their users and you will not find an interface that is technologically more advanced than that of William Hill’s.

Latest PartyPoker Promotion Updates

October 16, 2012

PartyPoker always has something fun going on for its players. The casino now has a couple of promotions to coming up, including its Autumn Million tournament and great chances to win iPad’s. Keep reading for more info.

Let the Autumn Millions chase away your post-summer blues

PartyPoker held a Summer Million tournament recently, which was wildly successful. The latest upcoming tournament will somewhat follow in the same lines and is titled Autumn Millions. A $640 tournament of no-limit hold’em will give you the chance of winning a massive prize pool of $1,000,000.

Some of the world’s best online poker players will be competing for the first place prize, which is worth more than $200,000. The tournament will start on the 4th of November, and players have the opportunity of participating for free. Until the tournament kicks off, freerolls are being held on a daily basis. These freerolls are country specific and will all lead towards the weekly Autumn Million in which five guaranteed seats are allocated to the great $1,000,000 event.

If you would like to try your luck at the freerolls, numerous satellite tournaments are being offered. The buy-ins starts at a mere $2 and go right up to $172. With the multitude of qualifying tournaments, you really have no excuse for not trying to play in this massive tournament.  Some qualifier events even start at just $1.

The card rush promotion

The most recent version of the card rush promotion is at its peak and over 3 million of the scratch cards have already been given off to players. Chances for you to win some generous amounts are still plenty at PartyPoker.

Getting these virtual scratch cards is a pretty easy task; all you need to do is earn five PartyPoints, which will automatically credit your account with a scratch card. The great part is you can also collect a maximum of 75 cards daily all through the promotion period. By winning these cards, freeroll entries and points, you could earn up to $3,000. Each card guarantees some prize. So no matter what, going home empty handed is not an option.

Some of the prizes are point prizes from 10 to 10,000 points. Cash prizes up to $500 and freeroll entries that feature prize pools of up to $10,000. This great promotion will run till the 31st of October or until all the 3.2 million cards are awarded, depending on which happens first.

Win an iPad 3s

The iPad is one of the markets best tablets available today. You could win one of these fabulous devices by trying out Fast Forward Poker on none other than PartyPoker. FastForward poker is PartyPoker’s version of fast-fold poker, which is the new rage in the online poker world. This new variation is a great and exciting way to play the game. Unlike traditional poker where you still down on a table and play until you leave, you will now be a part of a major prize pool even though you will be seated on a table. Players will now be competing against a larger player field and will also have access to massive amounts of money.

If the game gets boring or is not really taking you anywhere, you just need to press the fold button and you will immediately be transported to an all new table with an all new bunch of opponents. You will also be dealt new cards, so there is no need to stress if you get bad hands.

The coolest part about this new version of poker is that you do need to wait to fold. You can continue fast-folding until you get hands that make you happy. In order to celebrate this fun game, PartyPoker is holding something equally exciting as usual; the raffle, which is awarding an iPad 3s to players.

In order to win this great prize, earn five points while playing FastForward poker anytime between the 8th and the 23rd of October. For every $1 raked you will be awarded two PartyPoints, so accumulating five points is quite a simple task.

To play this game you just have to click on the FastForward tab in the lobby and start playing. FastForward heads up is another version of the game, which is the fastest in heads-up poker that you can find online.

PartyPoker is offering one of the most user friendly and fun fast fold poker options. The site is well known for its fair play and high security levels. Generous promotions are a part of the sites magnetic characteristics. A large number of respected players use this site to enjoy their favorite game. For those looking for something competitive, a better site could not exist, while players who are looking for casual fun can find that too.

The Latest on Full Tilt Poker

October 12, 2012

Full Tilt Poker, one of the most popular poker sites, recently shut down after over a year of trouble leading to the site being charged with fraud. Several players were left hanging as their money was held up with the mess created by the site. PokerStars eventually came to the rescue and acquired the site, promising to pay players back their long overdue money.

Full Tilt Poker contacts its players in the United States

Recently, Full Tilt Poker sent their American players an email summarizing the outstanding balances. The email also contained information on how the site can be used. The email mainly provides a brief about all the information that has been made public already.

American players who would like to retrieve their money need to do so through the Department of Justice. Although Americans will not be permitted to play real money games, the site can be used for free games.

The email also assured players that their Full Tilt Points are intact. The details about whether these points can be used were not addressed.

Full Tilt receives an operating license

Recently, Full Tilt Poker announced its reception of a license by Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission or GSC. Full Tilt can now provide online poker to players from the Isle of Man.The announcement was made public by the Rational Group, which is in charge of PokerStars’ operations.

PokerStars acquired Full Tilt in August and will re-launch it on the 6th of November.  All non-US players will be repaid their $184 million.

The Rational Group released a statement to the press, which said that the license was granted after thoroughly scrutinizing the operations that were proposed, by the Gambling Supervision Commission or the GSC.

The GSC were very interested in going through the structure of senior management, which is planning on running Full Tilt Poker’s. The GSC’s CEO, Steve Brennan stated that they are very confident that players’ interests will be safeguarded with the strict policies governing the license. The application got additional credit as the management team and new owners are known to the commission. They also have a good record with regulation compliance.

Previously, Full Tilt Poker was regulated by the Gambling Control Commission of Alderney.  This commission took away the license in June 2011. Things have greatly changed since then and in September 2012, 30 tons of hardware for Full Tilt was sent fromDublinto the PokerStars’ headquarters, which are on the Isle of Man. Although Full Tilt Pokers headquarters will continue to be in Dublin, the servers are required to be in theIsle of Manaccording to the regulations.

Paul Telford, who is the general counsel of the Rational Group, stated that the group considers the Isle of Man’s e-gaming regulations as the gold standard for the internet gaming industry. He added that the Isle of Man’s attitude towards making sure operators provide completely safe service is unlike any other in the industry.Isle of Manis also reputed for being socially responsible and fair when it comes to e-gaming regulations.

The Isle of Manis especially respected in the online gaming industry because they ensure all players funds are well protected under trust arrangements, which are compulsory and also integrated into their regulations.

About PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker 

PokerStars is recognized as one of the leading poker sites globally. On the site, you can choose from an exciting array of poker variants to just observing live games. The option to watch games as they play out is a great way from new players to learn poker. The software this site features is ideal for both Mac and Windows systems. The graphic and sound quality is extremely high, and the site is very user friendly.

The games offered in the site include Seven Stud, Texas Hold’em and Omaha among others. Players have the option of picking from different poker limits to match your requirements. Players are guaranteed utmost security on the site. Customer support is available 24 hours a day and players are greeted by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of representatives.

Until the entire Black Friday incident, when three of the top poker sites in the US were shut down, due to illegal operations, Full Tilt Poker was quite a popular site for poker fans. The site opened in 2004 and quickly grew into a massive internet poker room.

Both free-play and real money games were offered on Full Tilt and the site was famous for its tournaments, bonuses and promotions. Razz, Stud and Omaha were just few of the several poker variants offered at the site. The site was set up by several poker pros, who all are pretty well known in the industry, Phil Ivey being one such player. While the site was functional, players found it a complete pleasure to use.

Poker Pro Phil Ivey Might Be Denied a Massive $11.5 Million Payout

October 9, 2012

Poker Pro Phil Ivey Might Be Denied a Massive $11.5 Million Payout

Phil Ivey, the poker star who hails from America recently won a stunning amount in London. But speculation is considering trickery a part of the great win.

Banco or bunko?

The game that yielded such large winnings to Ivey was Punto Banco, a baccarat variant, which is like Chemin de Fer, the card game highly popularized by James Bond. The game is a favorite of high rollers and involves stakes that are always pretty high. A large part of winning this game relies on your luck as opposed to skill.

In the month of August, Ivey along with a companion went to Crockfords in London, which is one of the oldest clubs for gaming in Mayfair. It is also amongst the highest rungs in terms of prestige.

For a two day period, Ivey and his lady companion played for a total of seven hours, during which time they lost heavily in the beginning but then caught up quickly and won much more than they had lost.

When Ivey left the management at Crockford’s guaranteed Ivey that his winnings of $11.5 million would be put into his bank account. But as of today, the only amount that has been transferred into the players account is $1.3 million, which is the original stake.

Ivey has always had a spotless reputation and there is not a single indicating he has ever cheated in the past.

Reason for suspicion

The Daily Mail reported that suspicion first arose around Phil Ivey and his companion when it was found that the companions’ membership at one of Mayfair’s well-known gambling houses was suspended in the past.

Genting is Crockford’s parent company, and they had every single detail of Phil Ivey’s game investigated. Each card was inspected and the croupier was thoroughly interviewed. Over 10 overhead camera videos were reviewed and no wrong doing on the players’ part could be identified. Poker experts say that although no evidence against Ivey has been found, his character has been assassinated.

Although casinos welcome high-rollers, they are not too fond of high-rollers who win. Through this controversy, Crockford has got a lot of attention, but not exactly the most desired form of publicity.

A little about Ivey

Phil Ivey is known for winning eight gold bracelets from the World Series of Poker. He even has one World Poker Tour title to his credit and has made it to nine final tables of the series. Ivey is considered number 1 by several poker players and his contemporaries as well.

Ivey is often referred to as the Tiger Woods of poker and stared playing with his co-workers in New Jersey. The team that originally designed Full Tilt Poker included Ivey, but he severed ties with the group in 2011 stated Full Tilt breached the contract they had with him.

Presently, Ivey lives in Los Angeles and participates in numerous online and live poker tournaments. He also gives a good share of his earnings to charitable causes.

Phil Ivey and poker

Even a casual poker fan will be acquainted about who Phil Ivey is in the poker world. As a player, Ivey has been extremely successful in both cash games and tournaments. Mostly, players who are brilliant at tournaments don’t plays so well in cash games, and vice-versa, but Ivey is among a very few players who excel at both.

Ivey was born in 1976, in California and grew up in New Jersey, where the family then moved. He was introduced to the gambling world by his grandfather, when he was just eight years old. Ivey had a growing passion for video games and card games, which he possesses to this day.

At a very young age, Ivey got a fake ID and began going to Atlantic City to play poker, where he earned the name ‘No Home Jerome’, as his ID read Jerome Graham. The ‘No Home’ part was added to his nick name because Ivey almost never left the card tables while he was at Atlantic City.

When he was 20, Ivey relocated to Atlantic City and his career took shape at the Tropicana Casino, where he revealed his real name and began becoming increasingly recognized and respected.

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