Lottery Chiefs against the Online Poker Bill

November 26, 2012

Lottery chiefs from seven different states have planned to go on a trip to Washington in the first week of December to debate on the internet poker bill proposed by Harry Reid and Jon Kyl. The bill draft aims to legalize online poker in the US while restricting other forms of gambling like lottery. According to David Gale, Executive Director at the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, officials from Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Washington State, Georgia, and Missouri have registered for this lobbying fly-in.

How will the poker bill affect lottery?

The main target for all these lottery officials is the internet poker bill proposed by Harry Reid (D-Nev.), R-Ariz, and Jon Kyl. The bill will legalize and create a framework to regulate and license poker games online. However, the main drawback of this bill is that it will be restricting other types of gambling when most states are trying to extend their lottery online. These states want to make their lottery resemble slot machines or keno.

What do the lottery chiefs want?

David Gale said that the main reason for planning this trip is to get the message about online gambling straight. The lottery officials want to make it clear to the drafters of the bill that gaming is a right that each and every individual state enjoys. Gale further added that it is up to each state to make gambling legal. The states should also be given the right to decide the form in which gambling will be provided to its players.

Kristen Oerthman, Reid’s spokesperson said that the internet poker bill has attracted the wrath of certain state officials, including state legislators and governors. He made it very clear that the bill is still in its draft stage and is not finalized yet. He further said that Reid’s team will work with the stakeholders and the states to find a solution for their concerns. Reid, who is the majority leader of the Senate, is believed to be looking out for the right opportunity to get this internet poker bill passed. Supporters for this bill feel that the regulation at federal stage will provide safety to players. The bill will also safeguard under-aged players and problem gamblers.

The Critics’ take on the bill

When it comes to critics, they feel that the internet poker bill will deprive the states the opportunity to tap the required revenue from the internet gaming market. Among the losers and winners, it is definite that Nevada casinos will benefit a lot from the internet poker bill. However, people looking out for business from the state lotteries will be hurt a great deal by this bill.

Gale said that the number of lottery chiefs going on the trip might differ based on whether the winner of the Powerball $550 million jackpot is announced or not. The jackpot is being offered in Washington, DC and 42 other states. The draw is supposed to happen on December 1. Gale said that the lottery officers will make their presence in Washington even if this jackpot rolls over. Gale further added that the officials want to make it very clear that states enjoy the right to determine anything regarding the bill, and not Kyl or Reid.

On the other hand, the internet poker bill is not showing any sign of progress in the present lame-duck sitting of the Congress. With the forthcoming fiscal cliff, Dean Heller, the Republican Nevada Senator feels that internet poker is not very important for most of the Americans. He said that it is becoming very difficult to get the issue to the forefront.

Harry Reid’s take on the bill

However, Harry Reid seemed irritated that people are asking him about the bill during the time when US is experiencing economic recession. When asked about the bill, he told the reporters to question the Republicans. He also said that the bill cannot be passed as they have not got the required Republican votes.

The bill, which will make most forms of gambling illegal, will be biased toward online poker. The bill draft was leaked last month to the media. Since then, there has been lot of controversy surrounding it. Only time will tell us if the internet bill will be actually passed or not.

What do the Experts Have to Say about Online Poker?

November 19, 2012

As Nevada is planning to launch online real-money poker, there are numerous concepts that experts have come up with so to understand the complexities and challenges of this emerging industry. Most experts are doubtful about the Congress approving Nevada-friendly strategy proposed by Sen. Harry Reid. Reid wants to limit USA’s internet gambling to just horse racing, lottery tickets, and player-player poker. Now, it is time to see if the legislators will come up with a more extensive federal plan soon.

Harry Reid’s plan

By restraining the reach of online gambling, Harry Reid plans to safeguard casinos in Nevada from online competition. This will also help in boosting Nevada as a pioneer in regulation and development of national online poker sector. However, without any federal action, online poker will mostly be regulated and approved on a state-to-state-basis, just like lottery. It is important to note that online poker operators are more likely to experience different taxes and rules imposed by the state. Federal oversight will not exist and the regulators in Nevada might not enact the crucial regulatory role that Reid has envisioned.

Like Reid, the American Gaming Association is insisting on limited internet gambling. However, some of the lottery and casino industry executives are already in favor of more internet games. They want to see online play expand to slot machines, video poker, and blackjack. Most of the European online casinos have a large game variety. So, the lottery and casino operators see this as the next rational stride in the US.

It is, however, unclear how the present land-based casinos in Nevada will be affected by this online competition. Few analysts state that over 9,000 jobs will be created in land-based casinos if limited internet gambling is legislated. It looks like regulators in Nevada will take the lead in expanding and supervising it. Then, Nevada will be seen as the heart of the US when it comes to the internet poker industry.

Contrasting opinions

On the other hand, there are few experts who have a contrasting opinion when it comes to the effects of development of internet gambling on visitation of resorts in Las Vegas. As of now, it is not very clear whether the introduction of intrastate internet poker proposed by Nevada will be a huge money-maker. Most analysts feel that California and other populated states will have to regulate it and let sites based in Nevada serve these players. This is the only way online poker can become a huge business in the US.

Political scenario in the US

The regulators in Nevada have offered initial approvals to sixteen firms that intend to take part in the intrastate internet poker. However, Congress is not very keen on limiting internet gambling to only poker. This means that Nevada might start off with internet poker, while other states might come forward with various forms of online gaming. Some of the states like Delaware and Illinois have already started off with internet lottery ticket sales and online casinos approval.

Is Federal Law a must?

The states were provided with the right to regulate internet gaming during the end of 2011, when the Justice Department offered a novel interpretation of the federal law. The previous law blocked internet casinos and poker even in states like Nevada. Some critics observe that limiting internet gambling to just poker can be an attack on the authorities of the state. Reid has been asked by the National Governors Association to include all the states while planning to regulate online gaming. However, Governor Brian Sandoval has written a letter to Reid supporting his approach. Sandoval feels that the state legislation alone cannot tackle the issue of online gambling.

The future of online poker in the US

The American Gambling Association has argued that a federal law is required to restrict minors from online gambling. It will also prevent money laundering and address gambling problems and fraud. This will ensure that the players are not cheated. But, some people feel that Reid’s plan is biased towards Nevada. Online casino executives taking note of the political atmosphere have discussed about online poker being embraced on a state-to-state basis. So, there are contrasting opinions when it comes to the introduction of Nevada’s intrastate poker industry.

Play in WPT’s Last Poker Freeroll

November 14, 2012

If you would like to make a deposit, WPT Poker is a great idea as they are running their final PokerNews $1,500 freeroll. In order to be eligible players should have opened their account before the 11th of November in order to make the deposit eligible.

Details of the freeroll

The World Poker Tour is famous as a brand all around the world. They are now giving players the chance to have a brilliant online poker experience. Apart from an awesome poker experience the World Poker Tour is also offering customers of PokerNews the chance to take part in a $1,500 freerolls by depositing real money into your own WPT account.

As long as this deposit was made before the 11th of November, you are eligible to participate in the tournament.

The structure of the New Depositor Freeroll is also great, which makes the tournament extremely enjoyable. Players will begin with 3,000 as tournament chips and 10/20 blinds increasing every 10 minutes. The prize money will eventually be paid out to winners according to the World Poker Tours standard prize pool distribution.

Apart for this offer, players can also claim a 100% match up bonus which can earn them up to $100 on first deposits. All that needs to be done is enter the promotional code ‘WPTUKPN.’ Once this code is entered, you will be considered eligible for all the promotions that take place in the future that WPT poker and PokerNews holds.

WPT is a part of PartyGaming’s network because of which all the cool features and traffic that PartyPoker boasts of are found on WPT. Players have the opportunity to even play FastForward Poker and attain free membership of the Palladium VIP scheme. By becoming a part of this scheme you can win great rewards and cash bonuses.

WPT is known to have the best VIP program in the entire industry. The Palladium VIP Program allows players to earn 50 percent rake-back at even the highest levels. New players start at the bronze level. It is very easy to work up to the higher levels like Silver, Gold and Platinum. The highest level is the Palladium Elite, which is higher than the Platinum.

Earning WPT Points is not too hard. Two points are earned for every $1 paid in rake. The rewards can then be used at rake or even on bonuses or cash.

About the World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour was launched in 2002 and it climaxed with the WPT Championship in 2003 in Nevada at the renowned casino Bellagio. The first season was aired on television in 2003 and debuted on networks in 2004.

The WPT comprises of several poker tournaments, out of which the final tables are generally broadcasted. Steven Lipscomb a television producer and attorney started it in the United States. The tour began giving out bracelets to its champions, which is a mark of honour in the poker world.

Promotions and bonuses at WPT

The most loved deposit available on the WPT is the first deposit bonus where players can earn up to a massive $100. This 100% match up bonus will be given out in batches of $10 for each 60 WPT points earned. To claim the entire bonus, players will need to make 600 WPT points. Once you make your first deposit, you have 60 days to claim the bonus.

The player traffic is great because it is shared with PartyPoker, which is the biggest poker network that is non-U.S facing. The peak hours on the network witness about 9,000 players who wager real money, while the weekly average is 5,000.

A large part of the traffic is for no-limit hold’em games, although other games like pot-limit Omaha, Double Hold’em and seven card stud attract a large percentage of the traffic as well.

Playability and other features

WPT Poker is among the simplest poker sites in terms of playability especially because of its easily customizable lobby and sleek design. You can be playing your favourite game within a few minutes of logging on to the site. Whether you are using a Mac, Windows or Linux client, WPT Poker is available for all.

The software provides tournament reminders which will ensure you never forget your favourite tournament. The in-built reminder is especially designed for this. Players can select a preferred seat, allowing you to play at multiple tables extremely easily.

Players can automatically buy-in and top-up with the auto buy-in and top-up feature. You can set your account to automatically top up in case it gets below a certain amount. The buy-in feature is especially for cash games.

If you do not fancy the original appearance of the WPT cards or poker tables, they can be customized as well. All you need to do is download the free themes that suit your personality!

GEObet Gambling Network Soon to Launch Real Money Poker Room

November 6, 2012

Even though it looked like Nevada poker companies and casinos would become the initial entities, who would offer real money poker gaming online, it looks like there are other poker companies that will do so. GEObet Gambling Network is set to launch its first real money games.

South Point Casino and Hotel was prepared to become the first ever real money online poker site in the United States of America. Currently, it looks like GEObet Gambling network will take its place. The company is an online gambling service provider and technology, which is all set to launch its real money poker site in November, especially for the Native American tribal casinos.

GEObet is assisting Native American tribes exercise their rights

GEObet Gambling Network is assisting the tribes of Native America to fulfill their natural extension of rights to bring their casino business around, according to what Gerry Gionet, the CEO of the company said. He continued to say that as the competition for the land based gaming gets fiercer, all the land based casinos will surely bring their casino businesses online.

It includes all land based groups in Nevada, California or anywhere in North America. According to the basic rights, tribal gaming has rights to protect its interest and also compete with the private and state casino groups, according to what Gerry Gionet had to say.

GEObet Gambling wants to bring together Native American tribes

GEObet Gambling Network so far, intends to bring the Native American tribes together in order to share the progressive slot jackpots and the online player pools, with the other communities. Gionet also said that if the tribal casino groups and the tribal nations join forces, they will all end up creating the largest gaming force in the whole world. GEObet Gambling Network wants to open tribal online gaming portals to the whole world and reach out to the players.

In the press release regarding the whole issue, it was added that Gerry Gionet also wanted the tribes to benefit from any ancillary benefits that are available from the online gaming businesses. It is mentioned in the press release that Gionet’s goals include bringing technical education and employment to the tribal regions, and also help in developing a high-tech servicing industry. The industry will help support any tribal gaming network.

The efforts of Gerry Gionet will also include developing various server facilities on the tribal lands and also help with creating jobs in computer programming, internet security, web designing and many other services, which are utilized by the gaming companies online.

GEObet also offers turn key solutions

Even though the American online gaming and gambling market is far from being legalized, quite a few gambling operators and firms are getting ready to launch soon as the industry is regulated and legalized. The online gambling firm, GEObet Gambling Network is one such organization that is ready for the launch. Most online gambling operators are fighting for position and are also making quite a few significant changes in the direction in order to accommodate the new rules proposed.

GEObet Gambling Network has also launched a turnkey solution for igaming, for the tribal casinos and the independent operators, which delivers igaming products from Microgaming, Every Matrix, Merge Networks and CTXM. The company is also operated by North Star Entertainment Limited and Olympian Trading Limited, and managed entirely by IAM Corp. In the press release, it is pointed out that the moves from the firm directly connected to the expansion of American online gambling.

Hundreds of casinos will compete against Nevada and Atlantic City

The chief executive officer of IAM Corp, Peter Karroll said that quite a few independent casino operators in North America will be competing against the casino operators of Nevada and Atlantic City, for their shares of the online poker market shares, when the industry opens up.

Quite a lot of thought has been put into the launch of the turn key solution, which is based on demand and positioning, added Karroll. GEObet’s turnkey igaming solution is positioned to be the extension of any land-based casino, supplying the operations and tools of a complete online casino gambling item. All this is done without any significant upfront expenses to any of the land-based operators.

GEObet is competent with gaming regulations in everyway

GEObet is not just competent but also compliant at all times and in every way with all the gaming regulations in the United States of America.  It is presently proposing international affiliations with other regulated and licensed operators in order to merge with the market in America, once everything is accomplished.

GEObet is currently licensed by the Olympian Trading Limited, which also operates under Netherlands, Maltese, Kahnawake and Antilles gaming licenses. IAM, the marketing firm is currently heading GEObet’s launch of the turnkey solution.