A Bill on Sweepstakes Cafes in Ohio

May 28, 2013

Officials in Ohio are setting their sights on dealing with the issue of internet cafes that allow customers to take part in a sweepstakes form of gambling online. Ohio is the latest in a slew of states that have decided to take a proactive step toward dealing with this issue. The bill, if enacted into law, would crackdown on some 600 Internet sweepstakes cafes in Ohio. Read more

PokerStars to Take on Ratholing Issues

May 21, 2013

Ratholing is a prominent problem on all online poker networks, and professional poker players have been requesting operators to find a solution for it, for a long period of time. PokerStars, a leading name in the online poker industry recently issued a report, which addressed this issue with regard to their players. The representatives from the company gave out various recommendations in the report, and the company might adopt some of them in order to address the issue of ratholing. Read more

The Third Bill on Online Poker Introduced in the State of California

May 17, 2013

Even though many states in the US are considering bills on online poker with a positive mindset, there are a few states that still have a derogatory opinion on the legalization of online poker. In an attempt to change the negative opinion of the legislative members in the state of California, poker enthusiasts have introduced the third bill on online poker within the state. Read more

The Difference between Poker Tournaments and Poker Cash Games

May 8, 2013

After a player has played cash poker games for a while he or she would like to take part in a tournament. This is because a poker tournament is designed to test the level of skill of a player. But there are many more things that distinguish a poker tournament from regular cash games. If a player wants to take part in a professional poker tournament it is better if he or she understands these differences between a tournament and poker cash games. Read more

Rules for Your First Live Poker Tournament

May 1, 2013

Anyone visiting a large casino for the first time, is expected to be nervous, not because of the game, but because of the stressful poker room environment. There will be hundreds or sometimes over thousand players in the room. All of them secretly wish to send you back early. The first tournament experience can be really daunting. Read more