Popular Poker Pros Capture Attention in 2013 World Poker Series in Las Vegas

June 26, 2013

The 2013 World Poker Series is attracting poker enthusiasts from all over the world and is all set to provide one week-after-another of exciting games. Amidst all the action and the high octane events, two famous pros Jeff Madsen and Erick Lindgren have made news in the last weekend matches and attracted everyone’s attention. They have once again returned to the winners’ circle in a much talked about match of No Limit Hold’em, becoming the strongest contenders for the World Championship. Read more

Fifty Million Forfeited by PokerStars Chairman in Black Friday Case

June 20, 2013

The Chairman of the Board of PokerStars, Mark Scheinberg, finally accepted and agreed to forfeit fifty million dollars related to the Black Friday Case. Scheinberg has decided to pay the amount to the United States of America as a part of the settlement procedure in the same case. The United States Department of Justice has sought the assets of all companies related to PokerStars as part of the forfeit. This includes companies like Rational Entertainment Enterprises. Read more

Athanasios Polychronopoulos and Mark Radoja Each Make Second Bracelet

June 17, 2013

Two years ago, Polychronopoulos took a bracelet down in the main event taking home $650,000 in the $1.5K event. He went through over 2,700 people to get through to number one. Mark Radoja on the other hand accomplished an equally difficult feat where he played close to 400 players and beat them taking with him about $436,000 along with his first time WSOP bracelet. Read more

The ‘Bet Raise Fold’ Success

June 6, 2013

The team of the soon to be released documentary, Bet Raise Fold, has achieved in almost a blink of an eye, its goal for their fund drive program on Kickstarter.com. The fund raising target of $20,000 was reached within 24 hours of the launch of the program. The money collected through this drive is to be used for paying the license fees of the music and the video that has been used in the movie, for paying contractors and for renting a booth in the Poker capital, Las Vegas, where clips from the film will be played on a mounted television. Read more