Four Ambassadors Announced By Full Tilt Poker for UKIPT Tour

July 31, 2013

On the 24th of July, Full Tilt Poker made quite an interesting announcement regarding the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour Galway (UKIPT), which is scheduled to begin this week. The company announced to the public the names of its four ambassadors, who will be representing Full Tilt Poker on the tour. Sources feel that the timing of making this announcement isn’t quite coincidental with the company’s reopening. The UKIPT Galway will be Full Tilt Poker’s first ever sponsored poker festivals, after the company once again started regaining its status last year. Read more

Main Event Led by Anton Morgenstern at World Series of Poker 2013

July 25, 2013

As of 15th July, the World Series of Poker continues to countdown to its final few events as online gamers continue to battle it out at the various events of the WSOP. Currently the competition has been cut down to its last 27 players, occupying three tables. A couple of days ago, it was a completely different story. It was quite difficult to even look at the other side of the poker room in the Rio Hotel and Casino, where the World Series of Poker is being hosted this year. There were so many players that it was hard to even distinguish between the tables. Read more

Day 1C Turned Out To Be an Impressive End to the WSOP

July 17, 2013

On 8th July, 2013, the Day 1C Main Event of the World Series of Poker tournaments ended. Even though the entire event didn’t attract many players in order to cross the record numbers of last year, the event did manage to bring in an impressive amount of money. There were over 3467 players who tried their luck in the event. All these players paid a certain amount to enter the event, which totaled up to 10,000 dollars.  Read more

2013 World Series of Poker Update

July 11, 2013

Day 2 of the World Series of Poker on Monday night saw, high-stakes cash game pro, David Benyamine grow his stack to over 729,000 in the memorial trophy for David Reese. The World Poker Series $50,000 championship for poker players is one of the most prestigious bracelets at the World Poker Series. Read more

Guaranteed Buy-In Reduced by 98% by BetOnline $15K Tournament

July 3, 2013

BetOnline in a unique attempt is allowing players to reserve a seat in the $15 Tournament at cheap rates, starting this weekend. Players get an opportunity to buy-in cheap at a guaranteed prize pool in the multi-table tournament and can win an amount of $15,000. The same type of schemes have been made available by a lot of their competitors in the past and the opportunity usually means an opportunity for the players to enter a tournament at low face-value and win a staggering high amount on the tables. But in this case, the situation is not that transparent as you would have expected. Read more