2014 GUKPT Main Event in Manchester Title Grabbed by Rhys Jones

March 6, 2014

Still fairly young in his career, Rhys Jones recently secured his most prominent title yet. The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) this year brought Jones’ name into the poker community. Winning the title and earning about £42,000 was as good as it could get for Rhys.

The top nine at the end of the main event in order were Rhys Jones, Simon Deadman, Steve Warburton, Richard Kellett, Nathan Jackson, Dahe Liu, Karl Mahrenholz, Graeme Crozeir and Mark Harding. While the top three positions received about £40,000. The last in the list got ten times less. The next GUKPT is said to be set for Edinburgh, Scotland. It is also news that the buy-in will be reduced, but the prize money increased to a hefty £100,000.

Jones’ game and winning hand

At the beginning, the game went at a fairly slow pace. It took about an hour for the chips to be imbalanced such that there was a definite loser. Mark Harding and Nathan Jackson were both fighting to survive in the game after some time. Harding came into the finals table as the short stack. Jackson on the other hand lost his chips during the course of the game.

At the very last minutes of the final table, you could actually sense the amount pressure felt by Deadman. Jones was absolutely relentless, taking his advantage and making the most of it against the shorter stacked player. Deadman did have a few good rounds, of course, but he was forced to play slightly safer, until finally at about 9:30 in the night, he realized that there were only ten big blinds left for him to play.

Instead of facing a slow and sure demise, Simon Deadman decided that it was better to shove all-in and try to double up. With a K-2 of diamonds, he was up against Jones’ K 9, off suit. On the flops, Jones saw his 9 make the lowest pair. The cards were 10s, 9h, and Ah. Turn and river brought an 8c and Qd, improving Jones’ pair for a more valuable queen high straight: an excellent way to take the title for himself, and be on his way home, back south.

About the tournament

The GUKPT is a live tournament that takes place every year. Cash prizes of up to £100,000 attract players to invest under a grand to try their hand versus all kinds of players. Reaching the final table assures you a cash prize, but at the lowest level the amount is minimal.

Jones has got a hat-trick of second place finishes in live tournaments this year, and he had his eyes set on the gold for the GKUPT. He bought in for £1,080 and returned with about forty times that value; quite a sumptuous figure.

There were quite a few exciting moments in the tournament this time. The popularity and huge success of the GKUPT has encouraged it to decrease the buy in amounts and increase the cash prize. For the next tournament, it is said that buy-ins will be at £550 instead of over a thousand.

Tournament poker

It is difficult for professional players to make adequate money through only tournaments because of the large number of people who take part. Unless you make the top three spots each time, you will find it very difficult to sustain yourself financially. Additionally, if you do not have funds to sponsor your tournament buy-ins, you will lose out on a large portion of your savings. Poker is at its best when it uses only up to 5% of your savings.

Playing with a lot of cash can probably bring emotions into your decision-making. Since there are so many budding players today, such tournaments go a long way in supporting them for the next step in their careers. Jones has done very well for himself, already making a few good money finishes at top positions. Three second place titles and one first place have suddenly gotten him a fair bit of attention. The UK player is building his name in the industry. The GKUPT is a very well-known live tournament, giving the bracelet that much more value.