2014 PokerStars EPT Main Event Winner Antonio Buonanno’s Experience

May 12, 2014

It took seven eliminations and one of the longest final table heads-up battle that lasted way past the morning hours of the next day for the Italian Poker pro Antonio Buonanno to claim the hefty purse of €1.24 million. The main event held in the Monte Carlo Casino received around 6,663 entries with the contested prize pool measuring up to €37.7m.

Antonio Buananno has made history by joining the ranks of players like Tom Middleton, Oleksii Khoroshenin, Sotirios Koutoupas, Julian Trac and Vicky Coren Mitchell by winning one of the most prestigious poker tours in the world. The tenth season of the tour culminated in the main event held between April 26 and May 2, 2014 with a buy- in of €10,600.

The final table players of the event were Kenny Hicks, Sebastian Bredthauer,

Jack Salter, Magnus Karlsson, Sebastian von Toperczer, Mayu Roca, Antonio Buonanno and Malte Moennig Of the eight players who made it to the final table, Buananno was the only person who had not entered the event via online satellite.

The heads-up play between Buananno and Salter lasted until the morning hours of the next day with Buananno playing as steadily as ever prevailing solidly on Salter, 20 years his junior. Even though Buananno played short stacked during the initial period, he made up for it with good play and some brilliant strategy.

Final table results

The 2014 PokerStars EPT Grand Final €10,600 Main Event found its winner after a final table match that lasted 300 hands and 18 straight hours of play. Although the elimination of the six players lasted 74 hands that constituted 24 percent of the final play, the duel between Buonanno and Slater lasted ten hours. The fifth day of the event saw Englishman Jack Salter dictate the terms with the added advantage of having the chip lead.

Salter’s chip lead was short-lived as he went for an aggressive check-raise with an all-in on a turn of 47 10 8 on the board with a A 4 against Buonanno. A call of 8 8 for a turned set saw Buonnano double up on J river with Mayu Roca leading the chip tally.

The heads up play between Jack Salter and Antonio Buonanno lasted several hours into the early morning as chips were wagered back and forth throughout the play. A failed float attempt and a long tank that resulted in a fold left Slater with a 3-1 chip deficit.

The gradually forming chip deficit was followed by the final hand that saw Buonanno raise with A 4 as Salter shoved with the K 7.This was followed by Buonanno calling and holding onto a board that had J 9 2 Q 3 to secure him the much anticipated victory and send Salter home with €765,000 for the second spot.

The verbal engagement between Buonanno and Salter in the early stages of the day indicated a rivalry that dated back to the main event in Vienna where Salter had managed to eliminate Buonanno. After an epic battle that lasted 310 hands and some crucial double ups Buonanno ended the play at Salle des Etoiles to win € 1,240,000 and an exclusive Slyde watch to go with it.

Ups and downs during the play

The modest final playing field this year at Main event of EPT was a stark contrast to the star studded final event last year. Seven out of the final eight players had made it to the event via an online Satellite.
The first player to get eliminated at the eighth spot was Sebastian Bredthauer who went all-in with A 8 only to find Salter with a better hand of A K. Bredthauer picked up a neat €128,800 at his first professional poker tournament and was soon followed by American Kenny Hicks who lost a flip at Hand#24 to take home €188,500.

Sebastian von Toperczer was eliminated at the sixth spot with earnings that totaled to €258,300. The Swedish player Magnus Karlsson moved in all for 1.4 million during the 40,000/80,000/10,000 level with 33. Malte Moennig went on to re-raise all in for 1.6 million with 8 8 while the chip leader Mayu Roca called with a 99. This gave Moennig the opportunity to spike an eight on the flop, eliminating Karlsson in the process while doubling through Roca.

Roca finished fourth with €419,000 leaving the final three to come up with a deal. The lengthy discussions amounted to nothing as the play resumed with Moennig opening 205,000 pre-flop with A5 and then moving all-in for 3.3 million after Buonanno made it 550,000 with AK. A snap call by Buonanno and a board that read 2J 9 28 undid Moennig at the third spot as he took home €547,000.