Dan Hendrickson Wins MSPT Canterbury Park Main Event

April 27, 2015


Dan “DQ” Hendrickson just won over $100,000 in cash by winning the MSPT Canterbury Park Main Event – by far the biggest cash in his poker career. Hendrickson is a Dairy Queen owner, but he has been a big supporter of the Mid-Stakes Poker Tour since inception.

Everyone on the final table had their endurance tested, as Day 2 play lasted for over 17 hours.

A total of 78 players made it to Day 2 and the action wasn’t too fast paced. In order to win a big MTT you often need some luck and that was the case for Hendrickson. Early in Day 2, Hendrickson was all-in and needed the river to hit in order to double-up.

Hendrickson was all-in with an A/K off-suit, while Todd Breyfogle had pocket tens. Hendrickson ended up hitting an ace on the river to win the hand and that put him at close to 500,000 in chips. It was a huge hand and turning point for DQ.

Some of the notable names that were unable to make the money on Day 2 include Ryan Tyler who was the chip leader to start the day, Nick Pupillo, Ken Pates, Kou Vang, Matt Kirby and Lance Harris, several of whom are MSPT sponsored pros.

By the time the tournament was down to two tables we lost some other notable names, including Judd Greenagel, Aaron Johnson, David Gutfreund, Josh Reichard and Mike Schneider. Once the tourney was down to two tables, the action really slowed down.

The short stacks were doing everything possible to stay alive and continue to move up to a higher payout level, while the bigger stacks weren’t looking to splash their chips around. This caused many players to be short stacked by the final table.

Loki Abboud just missed out on the final table, as he was eliminated in 10th place. Once the final table started several short stacks started getting knocked out in succession, including Norberto Santamaria (9th) and Shane Nelson (8th).

Adam Dahlin had a huge chip lead at this point in the tourney, as he had roughly 40% of the chips in play.

Dahlin was sitting to the left of Hendrickson, which made it even tough for DQ to make a run and win the event. Hendrickson was forced to pick his spots very wisely, but he managed his aggression well and ended up picking off Dahlin and Ryan Hartmann.

By the time action went heads-up the blinds were huge and there wasn’t going to be much play left.

On the final hand of the tournament, Hendrickson raised to 600,000 with a Q/9 of diamonds, Hartmann pushed all-in for 3,600,000 and was called by Hendrickson who felt like gambling. Hartmann tabled pocket fives, but Hendrickson hit a queen to win.

MSPT Canterbury Park Main Event results

· 1st Place: Dan Hendrickson $106,182
· 2nd Place: Ryan Hartmann $61,301
· 3rd Place: Adam Dahlin $37,404
· 4th Place: Steve Webb $30,131
· 5th Place: Todd Breyfogle $23,689
· 6th Place: DJ Buckley $19,741
· 7th Place: Gary Loeffler $15,793
· 8th Place: Shane Nelson $12,052
· 9th Place: Norberto Santamaria $8312

Poker Central is Coming to a Screen Near You in 2015

April 19, 2015


The big news this weekend in poker has been the announcement of Poker Central – a new 24/7 poker television network.

CEO Clint Stinchcomb has offered us with some details on the new venture.

We still don’t have exact dates of when the channel will launch. “Fans can start enjoying 24/7 poker in Q4 2015,” said Stinchcomb.

Exact dates and distribution partners will be announced later in the year. Poker Central will be the first 24/7 poker channel in the world and I believe it could work out well, as long as the company can continually add new programming to the content library.

Poker Central will launch with over 2000 hours of programming – nearly half of which will be U.S. television premiers.

That’s great news, as I’m sure the company wouldn’t hook many viewers with constant reruns.

In related news – Poker Central has partnered with POKER PROductions to televise the $25 Million Super High Roller Bowl – a live poker tournament featuring a buy-in of $500,000 and an expected first place payout of nearly $8 million in cold hard cash.

POKER PROductions are well known for being the creators of Poker After Dark, High Stakes Poker and NBC’s National Heads-Up Championship. This partnership will help Poker Central through the launch phase by providing them with exclusive content.

The $25 Million Super High Roller is scheduled for July 2nd – July 4th 2015 and will be hosted at the Aria Resort & Casino.

Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari, Scott Seiver and several other big names are expected to play in the tournament. With such a massive buy-in I’m sure the tournament will provide great TV entertainment, although the coverage won’t be live.

However, next year Poker Central is “looking closely at incorporating some live elements,” said Stinchcomb.

Poker Central’s mission is to provide non-stop poker coverage across the world. With that being said – the company is aiming to launch in as many international markets as possible. When the channel launches it won’t just be available in the USA.

The company also wants to be available on as many devices as possible, including mobile phones and tablets.

A lot of programming is consumed on mobile devices and it makes sense for a channel like Poker Central to target international viewers through smart phones and tablets. We’ll have more news on distribution partners in the months to come.

The new 24/7 channel won’t just broadcast poker tournaments and cash games either. There are plans to feature celebrity poker players, player strategy sessions and tips, plus player profiles (Pokerographies) and destination profiles for poker players.

In recent years the big TV networks have continued to offer poker broadcasting, but the programming is limited.

In other niches, we’ve seen 24/7 channels have plenty of success, including the Golf Network.

Televised poker has played a large role in the growth of poker internationally – yet no other company has attempted to provide a 24/7 poker channel. Poker Central has a long and tough path ahead of them, but they already have a great team in place.

Poker Central is continuing a strong recruitment effort to target talented executives.

As we hear more news about Poker Central we’ll be sure to provide everyone with an update.