Can Daniel Negreanu Win the 2015 WSOP Main Event?

July 13, 2015

Daniel Negreanu

It would be huge for poker to have a big mainstream star make the November Nine (Final Table) in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event and “Kid Poker” is hanging tough as we close out Day 5 on the felt.

Action is still being played at the Rio this morning (Midnight Monday), but Negreanu is in great shape to make it through to Day 6. He’s currently sitting in 31st place with a little over two million in chips.

Joseph McKeehen is still the chip leader and he’s closing in on five million chips as I type this up.

The East coast poker player that’s known to be a grinder has been great in the Main Event, but we all know that having a chip lead at this point in the tournament means nothing, as one poor decision could end things horribly.

We started Sunday with 237 players left, but we’re already down to just 102 players and we’ll have a shorter field before we wrap things up here. With about 100 players left – everyone in the room can see the finish line.

Negreanu has been hitting when he needs to, including a coin flip against the legend Phil Hellmuth. These two may be friends off of the felt, but they enjoy giving each other the gears when sitting down at the table.

Hellmuth opened up the hand in question by betting 20,000 from late position. Negreanu raised to 56,000 and at that point Hellmuth shipped his remaining chips in (295,000 Total).

Negreanu made the call after declaring “I think we have the same hand”. Negreanu flipped over A/K of clubs, while the “Poker Brat” showed pocket queens (Q/Q). The flop brought a K/9/3, which paired up Negreanu.

Hellmuth got no help on the turn or river and he was eliminated from the WSOP Main Event on a huge coin flip.

That’s what I love so much about the WSOP Main Event. There’s millions on the line, which in turn causes many intense moments at the felt. Since the big hand against Hellmuth – Negreanu has been building his chip stack.

Right now – the top four players in the tournament are Americans, but there’s a lot of international talent still in the field and numerous international players are lurking near the top of the leaderboard.

There are five Europeans in the top 12 right now and three Canadians in the top 50. Players like George McDonald, Ghattas Kortas and Fedor Holz are all in the top ten and representing the Europeans very well.

Once we get down to the November Nine we’ll be sure to update readers with who made it, along with a profile on each player remaining. There’s still a ton of play left and I’m sure the top 10 will look much different soon.

Negreanu has a best finish of 11th place in the WSOP Main Event – never cracking the top ten. Plus, his 11th place finish came when the WSOP Main Event had just over 600 entrants – a far cry from today’s fields.

The Canadian would love nothing more than to solidify his career with a WSOP Main Event bracelet.