Berlin Bears add Bill Perkins as Wild Card

March 30, 2016

bill-perkins-pokerMillionaire hedge fund owner Bill Perkins has made plenty of poker headlines for his $1.2 million bicycle prop bet with Dan Bilzerian. But now he’s making headlines for something that’s actually poker-related since Perkins has been added to the Berlin Bears’ roster.

Philipp Gruissem, team manager of the Global Poker League’s Berlin Bears, added Perkins as a Wild Card member of his team. This seems a little weird when you consider that there are lots of pros still available in the pool. However, Perkins is a solid player and, more importantly, he’ll bring some entertainment to the league.

Gruissem also selected high stakes phenom Dan “Jungleman” Cates with his second Wild Card pick, which makes more sense from a poker perspective. Interestingly enough, Gruissem is the first team manager not to play himself in the GPL.

Going back to Perkins, he’s earned over $2.5 million in live poker tournaments. His biggest score came in the 2013 WSOP One Drop event, where he finished third and collected $1,965,163. He also had a very nice cash in the 2013 UKIPT London Higher rolling, taking fourth place and $470,368. The businessman’s most-recent cash was in a 2015 PCA side event, where he collected $13,500.

Really, though, Perkins is bigger news in the poker world due to the prop bets he’s made and friendships he’s formed. For example, Perkins has hung out with Jeff Gross, Antonio Esfandiari and others on numerous occasions. And as mentioned before, he is currently locked in a huge prop bet with Bilzerian over the latter’s ability to bicycle from Vegas to L.A. in less than 48 hours. Long story short, it will be interesting to see what he adds to the GPL now that he’s involved.

Martin Jacobson: Let’s Speed up Online Poker

March 24, 2016

Martin JacobsonWe’ve heard plenty of calls over the past couple years about installing a poker tournament shot clock. After all, there are some players who don’t mind taking 5 minutes or more to make the simplest of decisions. But Sweden’s Martin Jacobson wants to apply the same thoughts to online poker, which he thinks could be much faster.

The 2014 WSOP champion jumped on Twitter to offer his thoughts on how speedier online poker would improve the game:

“Isn’t it time we adjust the shot clock format for online poker as well, in order to reduce excess tanking and speed up the game?”

“Something like 5 sec to act before time bank kicks in (with added sec each level) will force players to be more time conservative.”

“Right now, a hand which ends with a walk could potentially take 4 min without anyone loosing a sec of their time bank.”

One of the main allures to internet poker is that it offers faster play than what you’d see in live tournaments and cash games. And the fact that players can get in so many hands has greatly enhanced the overall skill of the game. However, as Jacobson points out, online poker could always be faster with a few adjustments.

The Swede has been a successful poker player for over five years, and he made his biggest mark by winning the 2014 WSOP Main Event along with $10 million. So it’s nice to see that Jacobson still loves the game and didn’t just run off with his money. But it seems that he would love it even more if a few minor changes were instituted in iPoker to cut out the unnecessary waiting time.

Sam Abernathy wins $10k Bike Bet with Dan Bilzerian

March 15, 2016

sam-abernathy-bike-betLast week, we discussed how Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian are engaged in a $1.2 million prop bet that will see the latter try to ride from L.A. to Las Vegas (over 300 miles) in 48 hours. In the meantime, we got a little appetizer in the form of Samantha Abernathy riding the same distance in 72 hours.

Bilzerian offered the rising female poker pro $10,000 if she could complete the distance. And the best part for Abernathy is that this was essentially a freeroll since she didn’t have to put any money up.

Freeroll or not, she was determined to complete the distance in the allotted time. And despite a big storm along the way, Abernathy finished the ride in less than 72 hours and collected her $10k.

“Over 320 miles and a giant storm later,” Abernathy tweeted. “I’M ALIVE….. AND I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Abernathy chronicled her journey through Twitter and it certainly didn’t sound easy. At one point, she only progressed 17 miles in 2.5 hours due to a combination of strong winds and hills. The weather also changed from hot to cold (nighttime), and she rode through a rainstorm.

The good thing is that, despite all of these problems, she safely made the journey. But it gives you an indication of the unpredictability that Bilzerian will face when he tries to make the same journey in 24 fewer hours.

But on the other hand, at least Bilzerian will have more training time too, which he’s been taking advantage of. And what’s nice is that he’s gotten some one-on-one training from champion cyclist Lance Armstrong.

“Shoutout to @lancearmstrong for flying in to help me train for my ride LA-Vegas in 48 hours,” tweeted Bilzerian.

Will Armstrong helping be enough to help Bilzerian win? We should find out before the end of the month.

Dan Bilzerian training for $1.2m Bicycling Bet

March 7, 2016

dan-bilzerian-cyclingLast month, high stakes poker players Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins made a $1.2 million bet that’ll see Bilzerian try to cycle from L.A. to Las Vegas in 48 hours. And now it looks like “Blitz” is training for the long ride, as indicated by these recent tweets:

Latest @lancearmstrong advice: stop eating fat boy

Fat boy rides 4 hours

As you can see, Bilzerian is enlisting some help from champion cyclist and PED-user Lance Armstrong. Hopefully Blitz took his advice, and the 4-hour bike ride is a step in the right direction.

Of course, Bilzerian will need to ride much further to win the bet. A recreational competitive cyclist can ride about 20 mph, which, at 300 miles, would take him 15 hours over the course of two days.

The one thing Bilzerian does have going for him is the fact that he completed Navy SEAL training twice, which is certainly no easy feat. So perhaps making the 300-mile bike ride is well within his reach.

Assuming he can do it, Blitz stands to win $600,000 from Perkins, who’s put up a matching $600k wager. Sure, this is nothing compared to the $50 million that he supposedly won in high stakes poker. But it would be a nice chunk of change for pretty much anybody – even Bilzerian, who’s worth $100 million.

One more thing worth adding about this prop bet is that Sam Abernathy might be along for the ride too. When this story first broke, Bilzerian tweeted that he bet Abernathy $10k that she couldn’t ride from L.A. to Vegas in 72 hours. This is reportedly what sparked the whole prop bet between Blitz and Perkins, which affords Bilzerian one less day to make the journey.