Antonio Brown Beats Marshall in Porsche Prop Bet

December 29, 2016

antonio-brown-porsche-betWe frequently discuss the big prop bets that poker pros make. In fact, it was just a month ago when we covered how Tom Hall won $950,000 through a weight loss bet. But did you know that NFL players also enjoy prop betting action?

Prior to the 2016 season, New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall issued a bet to Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown. As you can see in the video below, the deal was that Brown would give Marshall a Rolls Royce if he had more receiving yards, and Marshall would give Brown a Porsche if he had the most yardage.

Well, with just one game left in the regular season, Brown has 1,284 yards while Marshall has just 788 yards.

CBS Sports points out how, with a 496-yard lead, it’s a guarantee that Brown is in line to win the Porsche bet.

As you can see in Brown’s tweet to the video above, he’s fully aware of where he stands in the wager, noting “You could send me the pink slip, or donate the car to @Project375!”

Neither player reached their totals from the 2015 season. Brown caught 136 passes for 1,834 yards last season, while Marshall grabbed 109 passes for 1,502 yards.

Given these numbers, it’s easy to see why Marshall thought that with an even better season, he could compete with Brown. The unfortunate thing for Marshall is that the Jets suffered from inconsistent QB play this year, causing his numbers to take a hit.

As for Brown, the Steelers had Le’Veon Bell back from injury this season, who’s a huge weapon on offense. The running back got the ball a lot, causing Brown to see fewer targets than the year before. Nevertheless, he doesn’t seem phased and was happy to win the bet.

Pizza Boy Keeping Job after $1m Poker Payout

December 23, 2016

patrick-serda-pokerPatrick Serda just achieved every poker player’s wildest dream – winning a $1 million payout. But the strange thing is that he’s keeping his job, which involves working at a Winnipeg pizza restaurant.

Serda entered the 2016 EPT Prague €10,000 High Roller, battling through a 400-plus player field to win €719,000, or $1.01 million in Canadian dollars.

“[It was] pretty surreal for the most part,” he told CBC News. “I mean, it hasn’t hit a bank account yet, it’s just in my online account. I haven’t made any plans, but it’s pretty nice in the end.”

Another interesting element to this story is that Serda faced off against the infamous William Kassouf heads-up. Serda had a big chip lead, so the outspoken Kassouf was willing to take a humble €532,500 portion of the chop.

Despite the C$1 million payout, Serda won’t be going pro any time soon, and he doesn’t want to quit his job at Winnipeg’s Pizzeria Gusto either.

“I’m super happy to go back,” he said. “I love it there — great people and great regulars — and I’d be happy to go back.”

But while he’ll still be working at the pizzeria, Serda also has his eyes on more big tournament scores in the future.

“Obviously there’s some confidence,” he explained. “I don’t think I would be playing any tournaments that I didn’t think I could win.”

Next up will be trips to the Bahamas (PCA) and Australia (Aussie Millions), where he’ll put his boosted bankroll towards some buy-ins.

But for now, he’ll be catching up with friends before heading out next month.

“I’ve got a good group of friends that were in a group chat with me,” said Serda, “and everyone was recalling stories the other day about different situations where it all started, six, seven, eight years ago, when we were all playing for nickels and dimes.”

Leon Tsoukernik Beats “So-Called Pros” at EPT Prague

December 15, 2016

leon-tsoukernik-ept-pragueAs owner of King’s Casino Rozvadov in the Czech Republic, Leon Tsoukernik is a businessman first. But he’d also like people to know that he’s quite the skilled poker player too.

Tsoukernik beat a 49-player field of what he called “so-called pros” to win the €741,100 ($787,530) top prize. But the money actually meant less to Tsoukernick than the thrill of winning.

“This is one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world and it was done by the largest poker tournament organizer in Europe,” he said. “It’s something incredible and almost invaluable for me.”

One big theme throughout the final table was Tsoukernick’s taunting of other players. He was the only one considered an amateur at the final table, yet his unpredictable playing style confused the pros at times. And the 43-year-old wasn’t afraid to let opponents know when he had their number.

“It wasn’t needling. It’s something that I keep explaining to all the pros all the time. I am the only real pro at the table,” he explained. “I’m the one who’s taking the rake and they’re the ones paying the rake … Of course this is just table talk, you know? I’m trying to tilt people and that’s one way to do it.”

Facing Charlie Carrel heads up, Tsoukernik made some very interesting plays, including bluffing with 2-7.

“It’s about what you represent. What do you think Charlie thought I had yesterday when I played seven-deuce?,” asked Tsoukernik. “I was representing a strong ace. If Charlie doesn’t hit second pair on the turn, he would have folded his ace to me.”

In addition to discussing his successful tournament run, Tsoukernik also talked about how his casino is becoming an international poker destination.

“In Rozvadov we offer everything from multi-national tournaments to small local events with a 50 Euro buy-in,” he said. “There’s a reason why it’s already a globally known destination for poker. You travel for poker, like people travel for skiing, for golf, for any kind of activity that attracts your community.”

“The King’s is already easy to access and the hotels are very affordable. For some events the King’s is the ideal location. Not everyone wants to spend 400 dollars a night,” Tsoukernik told PokerListings. “The King’s is very much like American casinos. We have 5600 sq. m in gaming space, 400 staff and 160 poker tables.”

With a poker tournament title under his belt and a huge casino, Leon Tsoukernik is riding high right now.

Cate Hall vs Mike Dentale: Poker Grudge Match

December 11, 2016

Earlier this month, poker pros Cate Hall and Mike Dentale got into a Twitter spat. The fight began when Hall was discussing a hand on her Twitter account. Dentale then jumped in with these comments:

Hall wasn’t too pleased with Dentale and issued him a heads-up challenge any time he is ready:

The feud has erupted into a war of words that eventually made both sides agree to a poker grudge match. Fellow poker pro Matt Glantz, who bills himself as the “Promoter of all Poker Grudge Matches” got the pros to agree to meet at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia.

Held in front of the Poker Night in America, crowd, the game will see Hall and Dentale each buy in for $10,000 for a $25/$50 cash game. This will be a best out of three grudge match.

Glantz tweeted that Doug Polk, who’s offering some excellent Twitch and YouTube content lately, will commentate on the matchup.

Dentale seems to take issue with Hall’s poker skills and thinks that he has an edge here. But Hall, who’s played in a lot of big tournaments during her career, feels like she has an edge here.

Whoever wins, there’ll no doubt be some bad blood while the match is taking place. After all, both players have said some pretty mean things to each other:

Muskan Sethi Dubbed India’s First Female Poker Pro

December 1, 2016

muskan-sethi-india-pokerWhile poker popularity is increasing in India, it’s still not a female-friendly game. But Muskan Sethi could go a long ways towards breaking this stereotype.

The 27-year-old spoke with India Today about what she’s had to endure while breaking into her country’s poker scene.

“I did get it initially. Usually the poker community treats me like a guy because the poker face is a man’s face, an anonymous face,” said Muskan. “But when they find out that I am a girl, they tell me ‘Go back to the kitchen.'”

Muskan lives in a society where women are told to go play cards by themselves, or not play at all when guys are in a poker game. But luckily, it seems that the game has opened up for her personally.

“Times have been changing,” she said. “I am still experiencing the change. Earlier they would not be too keen to have me play with them. But now they know how good I am at the game and enjoy playing with me.”

One driving force for Muskan entering the poker world was how she had to watch televised poker tournaments due to her dad.

“As a kid, instead of watching cartoon, I had to watch poker and I hated it,” she said.

The good news though is that Muskan eventually grew to enjoy playing poker.

“When I turned 20, I started playing it on Facebook for fun. It was then that I realised that I was good at it and started enjoying it,” said Muskan. “Every time I sat to play, I would clean the table out. So I decided to take it up seriously and started entering tournaments online.”

Eventually, the Delhi resident moved on to dominating her home poker game. This inspired her to take up online poker professionally, where she eventually earned a spot on PokerStars The Shark Tank (see below).

Muskan has since become a successful live and online poker player, and she’s gaining plenty of fame as “India’s first female poker pro.”