23 Confirmed Players for the WSOP $1 Million One Drop

April 18, 2014

The World Series of Poker (WSOP)$ 1 Million One Drop, which has been scheduled to take place from July through June 2015, has already confirmed 23 seats out of the total 56!

Having a precedent to the event that had been held as far as two years ago in the year 2012, WSOP has the entire poker community in an uproar. So perhaps it is not too much a surprise that 23 seats have already been confirmed for the event.

Adding one more table to what had been available in the initial event, the number of seats for the tournament have consequently risen from 48 seats (in 2012) to 56 seats in 2014’s event.

Many past contestants have registered for the event, falling into the 23 confirmed seats so far. However, it has been noted that WSOP has tried to reach more players that strike out of their familiar range of poker layers.

According to WSOP’s report, they already have 17 players who have committed to the second ever $1 million buy-in tournament, while three spots have been reserved for businessmen who wish to remain anonymous, and three more seats that will be granted via satellite wins.

It seems the two-year gap after the first event has people more excited about this year’s event than ever!

About the $1 million tournament

WSOP is well-known for using its platform and PR to encourage its players to donate one percent of their winnings – if they choose to – to charity. And the two year delay from the year 2012 has only helped draw in the crowd and keep them excited.

In 2014, WSOP will also be hosting its second ever one million dollar buy-in tournament. And, as mentioned, seventeen players have already committed to it.

Among the twenty-three players are also Antonio Esfandiari, the 2012 One Drop Champion, Phil Ivey and Guy Laliberte.

Esfandiri is reported to have said that he is ready to defend his title. And not just because of the championship, but because he had a first-hand experience the last time about how the series helped those who were much more under-privileged with their publicity and donations.

Bill Perkins, an investor, even quipped that although he had lost a million dollars in the 2012 event, he still had a lot of fun. And then he stated further that he was all set to win it back at the 2014 event.

Guy Laliberte, the One Drop founder, stated that he was looking forward to the 2014 event being as historical as its inaugural event. He said that the amount of support and attention it’s received from the large poker community was massive and utterly incredible.

List of players

Numbered at 23 seats out of 56 seats, the confirmed list of players – as specified by WSOP, include: Guy Laliberté, Phil Galfond, Antonio Esfandiari , Sam Trickett, Jason Mercier, Phillip Gruissem, Vivek Rajkumar, Andrew Robl, Brandon Steven, Phil Galfond, Erik Seidel, Brian Rast, David Einhorn, Noah Schwartz, Phil Ivey, Anonymous Businessman 1, Anonymous Businessman 2, Anonymous Businessman 3, Aria Resort Satellite Seat, Bellagio Resort Satellite Seat, and World Series of Poker Satellite Seat.

Of the 23 players that have been mentioned above, 18 of them have already played at the 2012 edition of the tournament. These include Noah Schwartz, Sam Trickett, Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel, Phil Galfond, Andrew Robl, Paul Newey, Guy Laliberte, Vivek Rajkumar and Antonio Esfandari. .

Jason Mercier, who had lost the title to Antonio Esfandiari in 2012, has also claimed that he will definitely win this year – even going as far as to state that he will quit poker if he doesn’t.

Whether that was a threat that might be carried through or not remains to be seen. The poker community can only hope that such a result will not change the player’s decision to quit the game. The community has stated that it would not like to lose such a valuable player.

And as the hurricane of entries continues for the 2014 World Series of Poker, players should keep in mind that the seats are allotted on a first come, first serve basis. And on paying the deposit, their seats will be confirmed.

Welcome to WSOP 2014! The poker community waits with bated breath!