75 Billionth Hand to be Dealt at PokerStars Soon

January 31, 2012

PokerStars’s 75 billionth hand will be dealt in the next few days. This is a major milestone hand, which will be celebrated with a promotional offer. It is also part of a bigger promotion called Road to 100 Billion. Every five billionth hand dealt to players at PokerStars is considered a milestone, and is usually accompanied by a big prize.

Regular Milestone Mark

To qualify for the promotion, members of PokerStars will have to take part in the cash games at the site and hope that they get dealt a millionth hand between 74,700,000,000 and 75,000,000,000. These are also referred to as the 300 regular milestone hands. The player who gets such a hand stands the chance to win a cash prize worth thousands of dollars. The player who gets the 75 billionth hand will get a minimum of $20,000.

PokerStars’ promotional page features a counter which indicates the total number of hands dealt. Players can use this to check how close they are to the 75 billionth hand.

Players dealt a regular milestone hand will get a cash prize worth $60 for every VIP Player Point (VPP) they add to their account from the fifty hands played prior to the 75 billionth. All other players who enter the hand will get $20 as a basic prize. Players who win a part of the main pot will have their prize money doubled.

Mega Milestone Mark

When the poker room reaches the Mega Milestone, it will reward all players dealt into the hand. $1,000 will be given for each VPP accumulated from fifty previous hands. In addition to this, a basic prize of $10,000 will be given to all the players in the hand. The player who wins the Mega Milestone will get double the prize money. If the pot gets split, the prize money will be doubled. There are two situations in which this can happen – when a hand is tied or in a game that follows a split pot format.

How the VIP System Works at PokerStars

PokerStars’ VIP system is considered among the best in the world of online poker. All players are entered into the VIP club when they play their first poker hand and wager real money. Based on how much a member plays, the poker room determines his VIP Club level. Every cash game rake and tournament fee paid for entering Sit n Go and multi-table tournaments bring in VIP points.

There are six VIP levels at PokerStar – Supernova Elite (the most prestigious level), Supernova, Platinum Star, Gold Star, Silver Star and Bronze Star (the basic level). The more a player wagers, the higher a level he reaches in the club. The better the VIP level, the more will be the rewards. Some of the rewards that players can expect when they play at PokerStars are access to the VIP store, entry to VIP tournaments and the WCOOP Main Event, and special VIP Stellar Rewards.