Ami Barer Makes it to Top at the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event

February 12, 2014

The 2014 Aussie Millions continues to hog the limelight as 22 year-old Canadian Ami Barer won the 668 player No Limit Hold’em Main Event recently. He managed to win a whopping 1.6 million Australian dollars. He also earned for himself a total of 2100 ‘Player of the Year’ points. Barer is now in the third place in the overall ‘Player of the Year’ race. This development comes across after two victories for Max Altergott and Yevgeniy Timoshenko at the $25000 and $100000 event respectively.

First elimination in three hours

When the play resumed on the final day all the players were playing it safe and it took more than three hours to witness the very first elimination. It happened at level 28. It was Scott Seiver who was on the receiving end. Darren Rabinowitz tried to open with 160000 and was facing a three-bet all by Seiver from the button. When both the blinds were folded, Rabinowitz called and Seiver could come up only with a pair of eight while Rabinowitz had an ace of spades and 10 of diamonds. When the flop came down, there was a jack of hearts, a king of spades and an ace of hearts which paired with Rabinowitz ace. It brightened the chances of Rabinowitz. In the end, Seiver had to go after winning a total of 170000 Australian dollars.

Andrew Phaedonos eliminated next

Andrew became the last Australian to stay in the tournament, but he was eliminated soon by Sorel Mizzi. When Andrew made the call, chip leader Mizzi went for a three-bet. Andrew added half a million dollar and when the cards were revealed, Mizzi’s pair of kings was no match for Andrew’s queen and jack of club. The Melbourne player’s luck totally ran out when the flop came down which automatically gave Mizzi the upper hand. The Aussie fans were left disappointed but they gave him a round of applause for his performance. With this, it became clear that this event will have a champion from North America for the first time. Andrew won a total of 250000 dollars.

Vincent Rubianes bows out at 5th place

Rabinowitz went for the raise on the button but Rubianes three-bet from the small blind. When the cards were revealed, Rabinowitz had a pair of ace in competition to Rubianes’ king and jack of club. The flop was also of no use and Rubianes went down with a prize money of 335000 dollars.

Rabinowitz loses steam against Barer

Rabinowitz went down fighting against the eventual champion Barer when the cards were revealed. Barer had a strong pair of nine against Rabinowitz’s pair of five. The flop was also not very ideal for Rabinowitz but there was a slight opening from runner-runner but in the end Rabinowitz had to go. He pocketed a cool AU$450,000.

Jake Balsiger gets eliminated by a bad beat

Soon after Rabinowitz’s elimination, Balsiger had to go via a bad beat. This happened as Balsiger raised 240000 on the button. Seeing this, Barer three-bet 575000 from the blind and Balsiger four-bet 1.175 million dollars. This led to Barer five-bet five million dollar. When the cards were revealed, Balsiger had a pair of kings while Barer had an ace of diamonds and ten of hearts. Balsiger had a good chance of winning but the flop turned out to be against him which gave Barer a good chance of getting rid of Balsiger. Eventually Barer managed to eliminate Balsiger who went home with a prize money of 650000 dollars.

Final showdown

The final game play took place between Barer and Mizzi. The heads up battle was almost one sided as Barer had a huge chip lead and it clearly showed when the heads-up play began. When Barer opened from the button, Mizzi moved in quickly and when the cards were revealed Barer had a pair of ace against Mizzi’s queen and eight of diamonds. This almost sealed the fate of both players and when the flop was raised, Barer secured the pot as well as the title for himself.

Mizzi had to be content with a total prize money of 900000 dollars while Barer became the new champion of the Aussie Millions Main Event.