Anthony Zinno Beats Vanesa Selbst to Take the 2013 WPT Open in Borgata

September 27, 2013

The World Poker Tournament held in Boragata ended on September 20, this year with Anothony Zinno taking the spoils after eight levels of gameplay. 32 year old Zinno, defeated Team PokerStars Pro, Vanesa Selbst with a $825,099 win in a heads up round. Zinno finished on top of the six finalists after playing 143 hands to have his name etched on the World Poker Tournament Champions Cup. The Table at the end of the showed Anthony Zinno in pole position with Vanesa Selbst having to settle for $492,569 and Cong Pham in third place with $301,225. 

First Elimination

The finals began on Level 31 where the blinds stood at 50,000/100,000. The 15th hand of the finals saw the first player to be eliminated. Jeremy Kottler began the hand with a minimum raise to $200,000 being the button. Cong Pham decided to call directly from the small blind. Eric Fields opted to go all in with the hope that he could take the pot with pocket Js with a $1.685 million raise. This put Kottler on the spot and after a minute of thinking, he decides to muck. Pham calls Fields’ raise and both the players  go heads up.

Pham holds an Ace-King off-suit hand which gave Fields a 56.2% chance of pulling off the win. Pham’s chance of winning was at 43.3% according to the odds calculator by PokerNews. The flop comes up with 9 hearts, 7 diamonds and 5 diamonds. This does not help Pham’s case as his chance of winning reduces to 26.7%. The turn shows a 6 of diamonds which narrowly increases Pham’s chance of winning to 29.6% as he holds the A of diamonds with fields holding a J of diamonds. The river puts the nail in the coffin for Fields as an Ace of Spades pops up sending the 22-year-old graduate from the University of Alabama out of the competition in 6th place.

Second Elimination 

29 hands later, the second elimination took place on level 32 with the blinds showing 60,000/120,000. David Randall, a 26 year old poker professional started off the hand with a $300,000 raise from the small blind which pushes Kottler to go all in on the three-bet. Randall looked positive with pocket Js and decided to call for $3.15 million. Kottler’s A-9 suited hand had a lesser chance of pulling of a win. However, luck was on Kottler’s side as the flop showed A diamonds, K Clubs and 8 hearts with the turn showing a 10 of diamonds and the river drawing a 10 of clubs. A bad beat for Randall, who lost to Kottler’s superior two pair which ended his run in the competition, taking $208,394 to his name in fifth place.

Third Elimination 

By the time the game reached the 84th Hand, Kottler decides to push the panic button after Cong Pham Double through him, two hands earlier. Kottler was sporting an A-J off-suited hand and raised from the button with $400,000. Pham re-raises to $1 million prompting Kottler to four-bet to $1.925 million. Pham goes all in with $6.55 million before turning over an A-K off-suited hand. The board shows 7 spades, 5 diamonds, 3 diamonds, 2 spades and 6 hearts which gives Pham the win his superior K kicker to double up on his chip count.

Kottler’s bad beat makes him lose his cool two hands later, when he holds pocket 5s  and decides to call Selbst’s all in move from the small blind. Kottler puts his $2.71 million in the pot with Selbst showing her A-6 off suit hand. The boards show A clubs, 8 diamonds, 4 spades in the flop. A diamonds on the turn and 7 spades on the river to give Selbst to double through Kottler with Trip Aces and sent him packing from the competition in 4th place with $251,968.

Zinno Doubles Through Selbst 

By the time the game had reached the 95th hand, Selbst was in the lead with more than $15 million to her name. The next hand saw that all change. Zinno is dealt pocket Js and decides to go for the kill with a $500,00 raise from the button. Selbst believes her hand is good enough to call but instead raises to $1.25 million. Zinno re-raises to $2.5 million which prompts Selbst to go all in. Zinno takes close to 4 minutes to call all in his entire equity of $9.78 Million. Selbst has an A-9 off-suited hand which gives Zinno some air to breathe as his pocket must hold throughout the round. The board shows 7 Hearts, 4 spades, 2 spades, K Hearts and K Spades. Zinno takes the winnings with his two pair Jacks and Kings and doubles his money by the end of the round.

Fourth Elimination 

Cong Pham’s run came to end in the 111th hand which put him in third place in the competition. Zinno starts from the button and raises to $500,000. Till now, Pham has shown a lot of grit and excellent composure, but the last 5 hands before this round saw him slip up in his game which eventually cost him dearly. Pham re-raises to $1.3 million which puts Zinno on the back foot for a long time. Zinno raises again but it does not fluster Pham who goes all in with an A-Q off-suited hand. Zinno calls the $8.125 million raise with his A-K off-suited hand. The board shows a K Clubs, 6 Hearts and 5 hearts which put one nail in the coffin for Pham. The turn and river sealed it shut as a 4 and 10 clubs show up sending Pham home.

The Final Showdown 

For about 30 hands, Selbst and Zinno go heads up in this nail-biting WPT Championship final. Both players have shown determination and excellent reading of the game which has made them reach the final two places in the competition. The game reaches the climax in the 143rd hand with Zinno holding 75% of the pot. Selbst has no choice but to gamble big and when the blinds turn 250,000/500,000, she has not choice but to go all in. Zinno starts with a $1.2 million raise which makes Selbst gamble her name on the cup by going all in. Zinno holds a A-6 off-suited hand with Selbst holding a K-10 off-suited. The board puts Zinno in ecstasy as nothing holds for either players with Zinno holding an Ace kicker at the end. The competition comes to a close with Zinno winning $825,099.