Are you superstitious?

February 17, 2008

Let’s talk black cats….or maybe just the theme of superstition. Are you superstitious? Are you a superstitious card player? I’m sure there are thousands of devoted poker players out there, cool as a cat when it comes to holding back the joy of a full house heating up between their fingers, who have their little qwirks or fears that lead to supersitious…dare I say obsessive/compulsive tendancies.

I know I do. I’ll admit it. What’s my problem? Deck color.
That’s fine, laugh all you want. In the grand scheme of things, you know the big picture of smart betting, knowing what cards to hold, reading other players, keeping a straight face, trying to strategize through every little situation possible….you’d think whether you’re playing with a red or blue deck wouldn’t quite push it’s way to the front of your thoughts. But at least in my case, you’d be wrong.

See, I need a red deck. I covet…a red deck. If you bust out a blue deck, I’ve already branded myself a loser for the remainder of the hands. I’ve even stooped so low as to “accidentally” rip a card out in the open so the blue deck must be retired in favor of bringing back a red one. Yeah, I might eat the $3 cost of buying a new deck, but hey, it’ll pay for itself from all the money I’ll be winning flipping over the top hands backed by that beautiful red.

Don’t try to sqaush my dilusional thoughts, either. Much like electronic fanboys, you can’t convince me otherwise, even when I know you’re probably right.

But anway, what are some other superstitions that pop up around the card table?
I know in my old high school game, when there were 4 of us, we HAD to sit in the same spots, at least when playing Hearts. In fact, it got so ridiculous, one of the players would accuse the game of being unfair just because we all WEREN’T sitting in the same seats. Explain the logic on that one to me.

I won’t spiral into a life question pondering what makes us superstitious. I’ll leave that for a future column (heh…is he joking?). I just thought this was something that had to be somewhat common in the home poker game community.

Does one person always have to bring the Cheetos? And someone else the beer?
Am I superstitious that something unlucky will happen if I don’t break the record for most question marks in a poker column?

I wonder, also, if someone’s supersitions have got in the way of a game to the point of annoying or irritating players enough that a regular group of players had to break up or split apart as a result. I can see it happening. What if someone you sat right next to every Saturday night had to tap his largest poker stack 8 times and then flip two chips off his lower stack onto the table, eat 3 Cheetos, take 2 swings of beer and then sing the same 4 notes to himself from the lastest Hannah Montana song after each time he checked or raised?

Thought so….red deck’s not looking so bad now, huh?

Play with whatever color deck you think is lucky on today.