Bad Beat Jackpot Pays Out $800,000 in Atlantic City

August 16, 2012

The bad beat jackpot concept was introduced for the first time back in 2010. This year, the awesome jackpot awarded winners $800,000 and was hosted by none other than Caesars.

About bad beat jackpots

A bad beat jackpot is won when a hand that is very strong gets shown down to a stronger hand. The hand strength you require in order to qualify for this jackpot will vary from one casino to the next. Bad beat jackpots are not always offered and sometime there may be additional requirements linked to a certain bad beat.

These jackpots are often progressive, consisting of a small rake that is segregated from each pot in order to fund the jackpot. Apart from the rake taken aside from each pot, some amount is also taken from each hand. These jackpots are usually split between all the players at the table. The concept of a bad beat jackpot is to promote customer relations by reducing the psychological blow of possessing the second best hand. It also encourages more aggressive games.

Players often argue and disagree about a particular hand being a bad beat or not. But when a jackpot is involved, the terms are clearly defined.

Normally, a player would be quite angry if they lost with four nines to a king-high straight flush. The bad beat jackpot turns moments like that around and makes such hands worth quite a lot. Recently, a player known as Narong Sae Whited fromWashingtonearned a massive part of the biggest bad beat jackpot being awarded since 2010, which the entire concept was first introduced.

The bad beat jackpot by Caesars Entertainment

Caesars required a hand consisting of four of a kind to be beaten by either a straight flush or cards that are higher. The massive jackpot is funded by money collected from every table taking part in the promotion.

The whopping $800,000 was distributed between 411 players that were enjoying their favorite game at five different Caesar properties all over the city. The pot was won by Nick Angelakopoulos, a local fromAtlantic City.

Angelakopoulos was just the second major winner of the day. The bad beat was taken home by Whited, who walked away with $237,154, while Angelakopoulos took home $158,422. The remaining part of the jackpot was divided between 409 other players who were also playing at the same time in various poker rooms of Caesar’s. Each player won $958, which is the most a bad beat jackpot has ever paid out.

About Caesars Entertainment

Caesars opened in Nevada over 7 decades ago and has come a long way since. The company has expanded by developing resorts and all through some lucrative acquisitions. Caesars Entertainment owns the very famous World Series of Poker, which attracts the world’s best players.

The service offered by Caesars is excellent, and is paired with highly trained and friendly staff. The company is a leader is technology and operational excellence. Caesars hires more than 70,000 employees and sets the gaming industry standards.