Betflair Makes its Debut on the iPoker Network

January 21, 2013

A few weeks earlier, the sportsbook and online gambling operator, Betflair announced that it would be collaborating with iPoker in an attempt to please its players. Recently, the company made its debut on the iPoker network, and commenced the transition to its new agreement. Until this transition phase is completed, some of the Betflair players will be active on the company’s old partner network, that is, Ongame Network, while some players will be playing on the iPoker network. However, by the end of July, most of the Betflair players will be transferred to the iPoker network.

The decision to move to a new network

According to Matt Mowlan, the head of Betflair Poker, the company made the decision to transfer to a new network in 2012. He states that the company has been associated with Playtech through its casinos, so it was not hard for them to decide on the switch. Betflair has always tried to give its customers the best services, but in the past few years, it has been losing its players to other networks. Therefore, it has decided to upgrade its network. Matt adds that the company was aware of the facilities that the iPoker network had, and felt that its customers would enjoy being on this network. So the company decided to make this switch.

Betflair excited about switching over to a new network

According to Matt, the entire team of Betflair is extremely excited about this switch. This is because the new collaboration will bring in more players to their circuit. In addition to this, since the company is going to launch a new version of Betflair Poker on the iPoker network, the developers have been thinking of appropriate promotional offers, which have got the entire staff working on their toes. So they are looking forward to seeing the results of their efforts.

Matt stated that every individual in the office, who is associated with this project, is extremely proud to see the progress it has made. The company strongly believes in giving its customers the best experience possible, and joining iPoker network will enable them to do that. So the entire staff is looking forward to the launch of the new Betflair poker room. Matt adds that he is lucky to have such a hardworking team that has worked on this switch passionately, and is waiting to see how their efforts turn out.

Even though the company is excited about the change, it is very particular about not causing any inconvenience to its players during the transition stage. This is the reason why the company has decided to keep its Ongame poker room open. So the customers have the option to choose between the networks they would like to play on. So even after the switch, the Classic Betflair Poker room will keep functioning.

Features of the new Betflair Poker on the iPoker network

Last year, iPoker network introduced a tier system with the help of which the users can choose their options easily. The new version of Betflair Poker that will be available on the iPoker network will feature in the topmost tier of the network.

Apart from Betflair Poker, the top level tier will include famous sites such as William Hill, Bet365, Paddy Power, Titan Poker, Poker770, Everest Poker, and Winner Poker. Matt feels that it is essential for the company to introduce its site on this tier so that its recreational players have the best playing experience. Furthermore, the company would like to compete with these sites, so it is going to offer many exciting promotional offers to all the players in this tier.

Matt stated that the company has invested a lot of time and energy to develop its strategies to move to iPoker, and it is working in close contact with the Playtech group to ensure that the customers are satisfied with its facilities. The company has huge plans on promoting its new poker room; however, it has not announced all the promotional offers that it is going to have on its new site so far. According to Matt, the players need to keep their eyes focused on the Betflair website in order to find out the promotional offers. However, currently, the company has announced that it will offer all the existing players a kick-starter bankroll bonus worth $2,000, when the new version of Betflair Poker goes live. In addition to this, the company will also host an exciting series that will have no entry charges. This series will have prize pools close to worth $30,000.

Advantages for the Betflair Poker players

The players who are already a part of Betflair Poker will receive a lot of advantages through this change. From the month of February, the existing players will have the option to choose between many interesting promotional offers given by Betflair. New as well as old players will have the opportunity to take part in a fascinating contest known as Natural Born Grinders Points Race. This contest will help them earn around $10,000. In addition to this, the network will also offer Speed Poker Race that will take place every two months. This race will be worth $10,000 as well.

Additionally, the players who join Betflair when it makes its debut on iPoker network will be given a 200 percent bonus for signing up, and they will also be given the offer to make claims worth $2,000. Once the new players have signed up with the network, they will be able to play the Weekly Welcome Freerolls. The new players will also be given an invite to take part in the Area 51 tournament. This tournament has five iPhone 5 sets as a prize, and the players can also win Big Money MTT Giveaways worth $30,000 through this tournament.

The developers are also planning on introducing a VIP Club in the new version of Betflair Poker. This VIP Club will have a lot of fascinating features, and the players who are a part of this club will be able to win exciting promotional offers as well.