Caesars Planning to Start Internet Poker Service This Week in Nevada

September 16, 2013

Caesars Entertainment Corporation is considered to be the largest casino owner in the United States of America. According to its latest announcement, the casino will be offering real money internet poker in the state of Nevada starting from September 19th. This will make Caesars the second operator in the country to offer regulated online poker, ever since internet gambling was once again legalized in the month of February.

Game will have the brand name of Caesars’

The newly released game will be marketed under the World Series of Poker Caesars’ brand. This piece of information was confirmed by the company based in Las Vegas through an e-mail statement sent this week. Also, the announcement coincides with some of the plans to raise over 1.18 billion dollars by selling some of the stock in Caesars Acquisition Co., which is an entity that will own stakes in the internet gambling business. This also includes casinos in Baltimore and Las Vegas.

Mitch Garber, who is the chief executive officer at Caesars, spoke to the reporters regarding the entire move of releasing the game. Garber said that this might be the beginning of a huge domino effect. It is definitely the same way that Nevada started off with its gaming in land-based casinos, which led to the distribution of the casinos across the entire United States of America. In the same way, Garber is hoping that Caesars Interactive Entertainment will also help in recreating it in the digital age, by going about the same pattern.

Online gambling is expected to bring in huge revenues by at least 2017

It is expected that online gambling will grow to huge numbers in the coming years. Online gambling is expected to project the business by at least 7.4 billion dollars by the year 2017 in the United States of America. This is according to what was published by H2 Gaming Capital in its latest research. The state of Nevada is expected to represent over 400 million dollars of all this business.

Gary Loveman, who is the CEO and Chairman of Caesars Entertainment Corporation said that he and his company hope to start taking bets online some time later in 2013, in the jurisdiction of New Jersey. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware happen to be the only states that have currently legalized internet betting and are hoping that more operators from other states would follow their lead.

Ultimate Poker seems to be doing well ever since it restarted in April

Ultimate Poker is a very popular online casino that is a part of the unit of Station Casinos LLC, which is based in Las Vegas. This was the first casino to provide players with online betting legally in the United States of America. The company has given out reports that it has so far dealt over ten million hands, ever since it first started operations in April this year in Nevada.

Caesars collects names of prospective players

Currently, Caesars Entertainment has collected over twelve thousand names that include prospective players. This was done at one of the latest World Series of Poker tournaments, which was held in Las Vegas. Caesars plans to make use of these prospective players and market the online services on billboards, television and even on room keys. The hotels in Nevada will have keys that will have details regarding the online services, according to the company’s executive officer.

Online operators and states are currently pooling in their money and bets in order to permit customers, to gain access to more of the players. However, the profitability of all this in the state of Nevada, doesn’t entirely depend on that, according to what Garber said. He feels that the stretch of business in Nevada will be extremely healthy and will create a spot of its own in the online gaming industry.

The company hopes to do wonders with the start of this venture, and also hopes that many more operators in the online gambling industry will follow lead. Caesars Entertainment Corporation rose by at least 1.7 percent, which was about 24.98 dollars at the close in the state of New York. This year, it seems like the stock has been more than just triple the previous amount.