CEO of 888 Discusses Interstate Compacts, WSOP Site Launch and Lot More

September 19, 2013

Poker players in the state of Nevada have been having quite an exciting week. On Monday, there was an announcement made by the World Series of Poker regarding its online real-money poker operation. The site is all set to launch on September 19th. Poker players were at the receiving end of more exciting news on Tuesday, when the doors were opened to This wasn’t exactly expected, and the site invited pre-registered players to visit and participate in the real-money gaming action, before the rest of the state had a chance to do so. 

888 Holdings holds the highest power when it comes to WSOP partnerships 

The brand power of WSOP and Caesars in the gaming world is quite immense and powerful. However, the partnership with 888 Holdings, based in Gibraltar, is even more powerful in the online gaming industry. The company operates and owns 888poker, which is quite successful outside the United States of America. Also, it will be acting as the provider for software services for the online offering of WSOP. This venture is definitely expected to increase the competition for Ultimate Poker.

888 Poker seems to hold additional interests in the state of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey, which instantly makes the gaming giant a successful leader in the emerging online gaming market in the United States. Brian Mattingley, who is the Chief Executive Officer of 888 sat down with a couple of reporters to talk about the company’s thrilling return to the markets in the United States, along with talking about the importance of the interstate gaming compacts online.

888 pulled out seven years ago after passage of UIGEA 

888 Holdings must definitely be congratulated and applauded for its recent launch in the state of Nevada, after over seven years since it first pulled out of the country after the UIGEA was passed. Mattingley said that it felt great for the company to be officially backed in the markets, and that it had taken the company quite a long time to be ready for this launch. However, he said that it definitely is quite a great feeling after the whole thing has been successfully pulled together.

Mattingley also revealed that even though the site said that it would open its doors to on Monday, players were able to easily access the games on the previous day itself. He explained saying that the software was under a beta-testing phase and was released as a trial version.

Software testing phase in the state of Nevada 

According to Mattingley, there definitely isn’t any doubt that the Gaming Control Board of Nevada, carried out series of rigorous testing of the new software. The software is considered to be quite complex and isn’t straightforward, along with being extremely sophisticated. Mattingley emphasized on how there was over twenty years of development, enclosed and embedded within the new software. Hence, it isn’t just about collecting money as deposit and ensuring that the poker hands are displayed correctly, but it is a lot more than that.

Beneath the surface of the software exists the huge algorithm, which is the only source that drives the business continuously. Therefore, Mattingley is extremely sure that the tests conducted by the control board are extremely arduous, and that the board has done a brilliant job with the testing.

Having the WSOP brand by 888’s side 

Mattingley told the reporters that it was absolutely superb to have a popular brand like WSOP on the company’s side. Since it is the most recognized poker tournament in the United States and a pre-eminent online poker brand all over the world, 888 Holdings is extremely happy to be teaming up with the brand. The company is quite happy with its partnership with Caesars as well during the launch of the WSOP brand.

The strategy of creating non-exclusive partnerships with Treasure Island, Caesars and WMS in the state of Nevada for the company is to obtain more forward partnerships with the people who can help further the company’s interests in the United States of America. The contract between the company and Caesars Interactive is more of a straightforward business to business deal, wherein 888 Holdings will be powering the offer online, supplied by the WSOP. However, the company has nothing to do when it comes to matters related to customer relationship management or marketing.

888 Holdings has agreements with the companies to launch the new brand

888 Holdings claims to be simply and purely the engine behind the force driving the WSOP. When it comes to Treasure Island, the company has an agreement with them to work with their license so that the 888 poker brand can also be launched. However, this is currently subject to audit and verification by the Gaming control Board of Nevada. Soon as the software passes the specifications, the company is all set to launch the 888 brand. Currently, this brand will be running under the All American Poker Network or the AAPN company, which is joint venture equity between Avenue Capital and 99, based in the city of New York.

The operation is going to be responsible for completion of various aspects that include powering of the software, payments, marketing and others. Therefore, the entire operation and the tactical brand will work on the back of the Treasure Island license. The company plans to have a business to business deal with Treasure Island to drive their poker network, which will be a part of the remuneration.

However, Mattingley agrees that Ultimate Poker does have a head start in this field in the state of Nevada since it was the first mover. But, he is sure that the WSOP brand is currently a serious competitor for Ultimate Poker. This is due to the fact the WSOP is well known worldwide and throughout the United States. Also, the driver and marketing expertise of Caesars to promote this brand will work as a formidable entity.