Chris Karambinis Wins Chicago Poker Classic Event #1

May 9, 2014

With a collection of $168,039, Chris Karambinis has won this year’s Chicago Poker Classic. He has topped the playing field of 3,092 over the course of two days play, before grabbing this year’s first-place title. The Sixth Annual Chicago Poker Classic received over 3000 entries for its $5000 Double Qualifier Bonus event, coming up to a million dollar guarantee, which was announced by the casino.

For Chris Karambinis, this was a third big win since 2011, when he first started participating in live poker tournaments. In the $365 NLHE Six-Handed Event, held in Southern Indiana in 2012, Karambinis bagged the first prize of $15,795 along with a gold ring after beating 207 players at the event.

Karambinis is also credited with winning a gold victory ring multiple times in other poker tournaments. He became the fourth player to have won the gold ring more than once, adding him to the list of big name poker players like Caufman Talley, Samuel Panzica and Chris Parsons.

After defeating 106 players at the $580 Pot-Limit Omaha Triple Chance Event, he won $15,902 in prize money. He also beat his previous score of $36,485 which he earned in 2012 during the $1K event at the Binions Poker Classic. He shared a table with a few well-known players like Kyle Julius and Steve Brecher.

After this recent win at Chicago Poker Classic Event #1, his total winnings from live poker tournaments have gone up to $358,505.

Players at the table and final standings

Jacob Baumgartner and Oleg Badmayev gave tough competition to Chris Karambinis. Oleg Badmayev came in second with $103,104 in winnings. Igor Hot collected $66,895 in winnings and came in third. Finishing off 4th and 5th were Jared Palmer and Shawn Rice. Their winnings came up to, $46, 208 and $32,806 respectively.

Javier Figueroa came in 6th position with $24,114 in earnings followed by Ryne Johnson with $17,723 in 7th position. Aaron Garrison and Nick Jivkov finished off 8th and 9th with $14,512 and $11,882 in winnings.

About the tournament

Chicago Poker Classic series, held at Horsheshoe Hammond, lasted 14 days with 10 events and 26 side tournaments happening throughout. With two events, the guarantee offered is of $2.5 million and with $250, 000 as added bonus. The second main event will feature $1500 buy-in, a million dollar guarantee and a seat for $10,000.

This first event had eight starting flights and the organizers of Chicago Poker Classic offered a $5000 bonus to players who succeeded in advancing to Day 2 of the tournament. The players, who surrendered the most chips because they qualified twice in the tournament, received a $10,000 seat in the World Series of Poker Main Event with a $2000 additional cash bonus. Matthew Kirby from Minnesota, bagged this prize.

With 112 players still in the game on Day 2, Jacob Baumgartner was in the lead. However, by the end of the game, he was the last one to finish. Karambinis, on the other hand, was number two in terms of chips and finished in first place.

The prize pool for this event had accumulated to $927, 600, but the staff at Horseshoe Hammond added an extra $50,400 in prizes to reach the million-dollar guarantee along with the $22,000 double qualifier prize.

The $350 Re-Entry event was also held which included some notable players who finished at good positions. This re-entry event was held at Harrah’s Horseshoe Casino Hammond. This event had a million dollar guaranteed prize pool. Some of the players who finished the event on a strong note are Austin Buchanan finishing off at 89th position with earnings of $1,376. At 66th position was Bob Whalen with $1,745 in earnings. 

Aaron Massey came in 47th with $2,287 in winnings. Matt Kirby and Zal Irani came in 29th, and 25th position each, with $3,461 and $4,442 in earnings respectively. Ralph Massey finished off at 19th position also earning $4,442 in winnings.

The four remaining events in this series are lined up in the upcoming days along with the $250 NLH Re-Entry Event on May 10th and 11th. The series concludes with the $350 NLH Turbo Event, which is the tenth event of the series.