Online Star Dale Philip Adjusting to Post Poker Boom

January 16, 2017

Dale Phillips FTP main event Sat., day2 Galway Aug 2013Dale ‘Daleroxxu’ Philip, one of the better-known online poker grinders, had a sick life that saw him travel the world and make upwards of £10,000 per month. Unfortunately, the poker boom is long gone, and Philip is finding life afterward to be difficult.

Previously making as much as £10,000 a month or more, the Edinburgh, Scotland native is now earning just £2,000.

So what’s changed?

According to what he told the Independent, Philip says that a combination of more regulated online poker environments and better players has made his job more difficult.

“The online poker boom is well and truly over,” he explained. “There’s now far fewer players playing online and the ones that are there have a much higher level of ability than in the past, so they’re tougher to beat.”

It also doesn’t help matters that PokerStars — the world’s largest poker site — slashed rewards for high-volume players.

This has cut down on a lifestyle that used to see Philip regularly travel to countries all over the world. He especially enjoyed Thailand, which he used as a home base for a while.

In these days, he wasn’t worried about money, but rather finding a good internet connection that made sure his online poker games didn’t get interrupted.

“Hotels were the worst,” said Philip. “In the evenings the internet would slow down because so many people were using it at once. Shockingly, I mainly had internet problems in rich countries like Australia and Spain, but amazing connections in Vietnam and Cambodia.”

Now, with regulation increasing along with the competition, Philip is back in Edinburgh trying to figure out his next move. He was an IT professional before poker, but he’s not so keen on going back.

“It would be hard for me to adjust to a normal life after the way I’ve been living for the last six years,” Philip said. “I feel physically ill just at the thought of waking up at 7am each day, putting on a suit and spending most of the day sitting in an office.”

It’s clear that Philip can still make money from poker. But as for whether he can still travel like he wants to, that’s where the decision becomes more muddled.