Daniel Negreanu Bags his Sixth Bracelet as well as Player of the Year

October 29, 2013

Daniel Negreanu has been one of the most consistent players on the poker circuit for many years. His bubbly nature and his skill in the game are admire by many people across the globe. In this year itself, Negreanu has managed to sneak his way into the finals table on many occasions and when he entered the WSOP €25,600 High Roller Event, his mind was focused on getting himself the win as well as the Gold Bracelet. His win came after he beat his Brazilian opponent, Nicolau Villa-Lobos, in heads up showdown. 

Bedell out in the first hand 

One would think that once you have reached the final day of a WSOP High Roller Event, you would play cautiously to get a high chip count. On the other hand, Tom Bedell decided that it was his time to shine and wanted to make headway going into the final day. But his strategy was of no use as he was the first to go in the very first hand of the day. Holding a meager 122,000 chips, Bedell shoved his stack with a Queen-10 off-suited hand and Scott Seiver was the only one to call, as he was holding an Ace-King off-suited hand.

At this point, both players had around the same chances of winning, but that dramatically changed when the turn and river showed. The Flop came up on the board with a Jack of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, and 10 of clubs, giving Bedell the narrow lead. The turn was the card that did him in as a Queen of Diamonds showed, giving Seiver the straight draw. The King on the River did not do much good for Bedell, as he walked away from the table in disappointment.

7th place for Jason Koon 

The competition had seen many noticeable players hitting the rails such as Phil Laak, Byron Kaverman, Marc McLaughlin, Joni Jouhkimainen, and Erik Seidel. Jason Koon was next to follow suit as he exited the competition in 7th place with prize money of €63,500. His run in the competition came to an end in the 65th hand when Negreanu limped for 24,000. Koon knew chances were in his favor and shoved his 394,000 chip stack all in.

David Peters saw his opportunity to steal a huge pot win as he called holding Pocket Aces. Koon was holding an Ace-King off-suited hand going into the flop which showed a Queen of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, and a 4 of Hearts, with Koon picking up a straight draw. That final card did not come to his rescue as a 5 of Clubs and an 8 of Diamonds showed on the turn and river respectively to send the American out of the high roller event.

Seiver next to go in 6th place 

Scott Seiver, who has been having a good year as he has made it to two finals table with close to $140K in cash wins, saw his chance of winning a high roller event slip away in the 74th Hand of the competition. Seiver had lost about 100K chips in two hands as he folded both of them pre flop, before his luck got even worse when the Canadian poker star, Negreanu, raised the 74th Hand to 54,000. Seiver was in no mood to muck about and he shoved his stack all in for 415,000 chips. The pot had reached 800,000 chips, and Negreanu was confident about his hand that he willing exclaimed that he had suited cards and called.

Holding an Ace-Jack off-suited hand against Negreanu’s King-Queen, the chances were still in the American’s favor, narrowly. The board showed a 7 of Clubs, a 3 and 7 of Spades giving Seiver the single pair with an Ace Kicker. The turn showed a 2 of Diamonds which further cemented the win for Seiver as Negreanu steadily looked on. The Queen of Spades was not the card that Seiver was looking for but it was definitely what Negreanu was looking for as he took the win and eliminated Seiver in 6th Place.

Heads up showdown 

By the time Gruissem had exited the competition, Negreanu and Villa-Lobos were already the top two players throughout the finals table, as they had played the cards right. In the 203rd Hand of the €25,600 WSOP High Roller event, both players decided that it was time to make it or break it. The hand began with Villa-Lobos limping for 60,000 before the Canadian decided to re-raise to 180,000. The Brazilian, who played such an excellent game up till now decided that his Gold Bracelet ambition was too high for him to reach and went all in with 1.365 Million chips.

Negreanu knew that his hand was much superior and snap called with both players showing their cards. The Brazilian had Pocket 5s while the Canadian had Pocket Jacks going into the flop. The Board ran out a Queen of Diamonds, a 9 of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, and 3 of Clubs to give Daniel Negreanu the win with the higher pair as he took his prize money and the coveted Gold Bracelet in first place.