Danny Wong and the WSOP Main Event

July 18, 2012

Danny Wong has been a poker pro for quite some time, but he has recently been off the radar as he was in the pursuit of cash games all over the world. The player returned with a splash, running deep in the WSOP main event.

More about Wong

Wong was more experienced than all the other 14 players at the table as of July 15th. Things took an unfortunate turn when he was beat by A-9, which crushed the A-10 cards he held. If not for the river card, Wong was pretty close to making the title.

Although he doubled up once, Wong still had a short stack and ended up coming in 14th place which won him $465,159.The player now boasts of over $2.5 in career earnings.

Wong’s opinion on the main event and poker

On being interviewed, Wong said that the whole poker lifestyle is quite stressful. He referred to the poker world as a swing where there are constant ups and downs. While losing is no fun at all, it’s great fun when you do actually win. When you lose you feel like doing nothing and just sitting at home but when you are on a winning streak all you feel like doing is play, added the player. Losing definitely has a negative effect on the players’ morale.

In Wong’s culture gambling isn’t really regarded too well. He wouldn’t want his future children to play the game for a living. Although Wong’s own parents are supportive, they would like him to do something else as well.

The player once even considered parlaying his business degree to trading on Wall Street. These plans were thrown off track by his success in poker, but the player continues to have aspirations that are unrelated to cards.

When asked about the game, Wong said the stress that comes with playing poker is quit pointless and the world of poker is never guaranteed. The people in the poker world are hard to judge. Because of his years in the industry he can judge but new players need to figure out the lifestyle completely on their own. It’s hard to say who is good and who is bad.

Although the main event is just one of the three tournaments Wong has participated in this summer, he is looking forward to more. He added that it is important not to listen to what people say about you, all you need is to not doubt yourself and your capabilities.

The player stated that these tournaments are the opportunity to make beautiful money. With his large score the player added that he is considering playing inMacau’s baller games that can feature buy-ins as large as $500,000 apart from some massive pots, which are among the largest in the world.

Wong is smart at picking his games and tournaments, and also managing his bankroll. This maturity in handling poker finances is something he has learnt over the years of making a living from just playing poker.