Day 1A of the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open

August 29, 2013

There is an old saying that goes something like this, ‘If you build something, they will definitely come’. This very saying seems to be the principle behind all the success of the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open’s Main Event. It has ten million dollars as the guaranteed cash pool, and it has been quite a grand success on Day 1A of this event. Some of the most popular names from the poker industry participated in the event, which was held in Hollywood, FL. This tournament turned out to be the next significant event after the World Series of Poker, this year.

Organizers took the risk of putting up such a fine poker event

The tournament doesn’t really have a major event name such as the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker. Despite this, the organizers took a huge risk and put up this ten million dollars prize pool in the best poker arena in Florida. They had absolutely no idea what kind of crowd would turn up for their 5300 dollars buy-in tournament. However, on day 1A of the Main Event, the risk taken by the Seminole officials paid off as players poured into the venue to be part of the action.

By the time the total number of players came in, 634 more players had put in more money to buy into the tournament on Day 1A. This is actually quite a good number on a traditionally bigger poker arena basis.

Guarantee can either be smashed or there might be a sizeable overlay

The format of the Main Event of this tournament suggests that the guarantee could either be smashed or that the organizers might up a sizeable overlay. If any player busts out before the end of the late registrations during the 3 Day Ones, they are allowed to re-enter the game on the same day itself. In case, any player ends up busting out after the late registration has been closed, then they can only get one more chance on the subsequent Day One.

There is quite a lot of play expected in the tournament. The agenda on Day One of this game is that the levels will be about forty minutes long, after which there will be a dinner break. Once the break is done, the games will be more of a sixty minute action event, until Day Two ends. From the beginning of Day Three, the levels will reach a ninety minutes duration, which permits players to make full use of their abilities.

Biggest names in the industry turned up on Day 1A

Day 1A took place on Thursday and some of the biggest names in the poker industry were seen on the felt. Players such as Shannon Shorr, Jonathan Little, Ari Engel, Dan Shak, Faraz Jaka, Joe Serock, Eric Baldwin, Jeremy Ausmus, Noah Schwartz, David Sands, Tom Marchese, Matt Stout, and Isaac Haston, were present at the tables in the event. Engel got eliminated during the very first level and will not have much of a story to tell as his pocket Queens were defeated by pocket Aces, and was finally sent out of the game when his cards got squashed by another pair of pocket Aces.

As the day continued, more poker professionals sat at the tables alongside other poker players, who were the best that Florida had to offer. These players included Chris Moorman, Amanda Musumeci, Joseph Cheong, Dan O’Brien, David Rheem, Erica and Erick Lindgren, Shaun Deeb, and even Shawn Buchanan. All these players took their places at the table in the afternoon. Some of the other players present were celebrities that included popular rapper Nelly and actress Shannon Elizabeth.

Players continue to build chip stacks during the event

As the tournament continued, the players started collecting and stacking their chips. The result of all the action pushed players such as Darryll Fish, Matt Brady, Terrence Chan, Matt Salsberg, Russell Thomas, Jake Cody, and Kylie Julius to the rails before the day ended. Even though Elizabeth seemed to be on life support during one point in the game, she instantly picked up a huge boost to her entire chip collection. This happened during the time she was on her final hand on the evening of Day 1A. Two opponents were sent out of the game because of Elizabeth’s pocket Queens, which made her move upwards and gave her over 95,000 in the form of chips.

At the end of all the action that took place on Day 1A, the player that led the list of players was Aaron Schaaf with about 326,600 chips. Robert Kleinfeld came in second with around 293,400 chips and Jacob Naquin came in third with about 276,500 chips. Day 1B is set to begin soon and the organizers are hoping that all those who didn’t end up winning on Thursday will continue on this day.