Day 1C Turned Out To Be an Impressive End to the WSOP

July 17, 2013

On 8th July, 2013, the Day 1C Main Event of the World Series of Poker tournaments ended. Even though the entire event didn’t attract many players in order to cross the record numbers of last year, the event did manage to bring in an impressive amount of money. There were over 3467 players who tried their luck in the event. All these players paid a certain amount to enter the event, which totaled up to 10,000 dollars. 

The impressive amount collected made Day 1C a famous event in the history of the Main Event. This year Day 1C ended up being called the largest starting day of all times ever since the WSOP started. It crossed the record set in 2012 as well, which was about 3418 participants. On Day 1C, there were a total of 6352 players, who registered themselves at the World Series of Poker 2013.

Main Event 2013 field is smaller

Despite all this, the Main Event field this year is considered to be quite small when compared to the field in 2005. In the year 2005, Joe Hachem won all the chips of all the 5619 players present at the WSOP. Also, the turnover of 2013 WSOP wasn’t that impressive. This has happened only once earlier, during the 2007 UIGEA.

Since then, there certainly has been quite a downward trend seen, when it comes to the number of participants at the Main Event. One of the main reasons for this declining number is due to the catastrophe that is now called Black Friday, 2011. Ever since that day, the poker environment and gaming community have become very weak, which has led to the decline in Main Event participation.

Prize pool of $59,708,800 created

Despite the declining numbers in the Main Event participation, 6352 players present on 8th July created a total prize pool of about $59,708,800. This means the champion will receive at least $8359531. All the others who end up finishing in the top seven categories will win at least one million dollars as part of this enormous prize pool. At the 72nd place, there will be a six figure payout, which will continue from this step onward. Those players who will finish at 648 or even lower, will end up making most of the money.

The minimum cash at the World Series of Poker 2013 is about $19,106, which has been calculated to be at least double the amount of buy-in. The prize structure looks quite appealing starting with $8,359,531 for the winner, followed by $5,173,170 for the runner up. Players who win third, fourth, and fifth places will receive $3,727,023, $2,791,983 and $2,106,526 respectively. Players who come sixth and seventh on the total list will end up winning $1,600,792 and $1,225,224 respectively.

Day 1C quite a familiar name with poker players

The Day 1C Main Event is quite familiar and popular among poker players since many years. But there is someone equally familiar with players who have played online poker since the very beginning. Mark ‘Poker H0’ Kroon is considered to be one of the most popular and the first ever online poker pro. Till now he has won over 12 trips to Aruba, due to the Ultimate Bet that happens every year.

Kroon got sponsored by Ultimate Bet in the year 2004 and since then he has become quite a popular face on their site. Since online poker went through quite a bad phase since 2011’s Black Friday, and Ultimate Bet went down in the United States of America, Kroon hasn’t been in the online poker spotlight for a while. However, Day 1C saw the return of this online poker pro, who looks like he is back and ready to rake in the chips.

Kroon is an excellent chip player

Kroon is one of those extremely successful players, who pledged his loyalty to online poker and never really thought about venturing into the live format of the game. He has been found to cash-in at the WSOP only twice till date. The first time he did so was at the Main Event in 2011, when he finished 399th. He was again seen at WSOP 2012, where he finished at the 25th spot in the Event for Seniors.

There were also other chip leaders present at the World Series of Poker 2013. Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi ended up finishing fourth at the Day 1C Main Event, with almost 176,100 chips in hand. Other popular players at the top of the Day 1C chart were Joseph ‘sublime’ Cheong, Isaac Haxton, Ben ‘Sauce123’, and Vanessa Selbst. However, there were a few former champions of the Main Event who didn’t end up reaching the Day 2 event list. Some of these players were Jonathan Duhamel and Robert Varkonyi.