Everleaf Gaming Network Update

February 22, 2012

As most poker players have probably heard, the Everleaf Gaming Network is no longer accepting US poker players. The network changed their terms and conditions roughly 10 days ago now and one of the changes was that US and France poker players were restricted from playing on the network anymore. When news broke about the situation it became clear that the network had to leave the US market because they were forced about by the US Department of Homeland Security.

When the changes were made there was a lot of speculation being made by the poker skins on the network. Everleaf Gaming said that they were going to release an official statement, but after 10+ days the network still hasn’t released a statement to players in the United States. Players in the USA with funds on the Everleaf Gaming Network have grown extremely worried and the network has handled the entire situation very unprofessionally.

Just recently it was confirmed by another source that the Everleaf Gaming Network did in fact have one of their processors seized by the US Department of Homeland Security. It has been reported that the network lost roughly $30,000 and they’re currently trying to obtain the seized funds. The network skins have been answering 100’s of questions this week and they’ve stated that the funds on the network are completely segregated and will be available for withdrawal.

The only problem is that players don’t know when they’ll be able to withdraw their money yet and the Everleaf Gaming Network hasn’t even shed an ounce of light on the situation. The network is still operating, but the traffic has dropped this past week now that US players aren’t allowed to play on the network. Poker games are still running on the network all the time, but the selection of tournaments has taken a big hit due to the player pool being quite a bit smaller now.

Everleaf sent out an email to the poker skins on the network this past week and the email stated that the network would still be running like normal. The network advised the poker skins to tell US players to contact the LGA about funds as well. The traffic on the network has been averaging about 300 real money players online at any given time with about 100 players online during non-perk hours on the network. Earlier today the network peaked at about 600 real money players online and playing.

The LGA hasn’t made a statement on the situation yet, but as soon as we hear more news about this story we’ll make sure we let you players know what’s going on. If you don’t live in the USA you can still play on the network, but we’d advise being cautious at this time until the Everleaf Gaming Network releases an official statement to poker players. Overall the traffic hasn’t dropped that much due to blocking US players, but it has yet to be seen how many other players may leave the network now.