GEObet Gambling Network Soon to Launch Real Money Poker Room

November 6, 2012

Even though it looked like Nevada poker companies and casinos would become the initial entities, who would offer real money poker gaming online, it looks like there are other poker companies that will do so. GEObet Gambling Network is set to launch its first real money games.

South Point Casino and Hotel was prepared to become the first ever real money online poker site in the United States of America. Currently, it looks like GEObet Gambling network will take its place. The company is an online gambling service provider and technology, which is all set to launch its real money poker site in November, especially for the Native American tribal casinos.

GEObet is assisting Native American tribes exercise their rights

GEObet Gambling Network is assisting the tribes of Native America to fulfill their natural extension of rights to bring their casino business around, according to what Gerry Gionet, the CEO of the company said. He continued to say that as the competition for the land based gaming gets fiercer, all the land based casinos will surely bring their casino businesses online.

It includes all land based groups in Nevada, California or anywhere in North America. According to the basic rights, tribal gaming has rights to protect its interest and also compete with the private and state casino groups, according to what Gerry Gionet had to say.

GEObet Gambling wants to bring together Native American tribes

GEObet Gambling Network so far, intends to bring the Native American tribes together in order to share the progressive slot jackpots and the online player pools, with the other communities. Gionet also said that if the tribal casino groups and the tribal nations join forces, they will all end up creating the largest gaming force in the whole world. GEObet Gambling Network wants to open tribal online gaming portals to the whole world and reach out to the players.

In the press release regarding the whole issue, it was added that Gerry Gionet also wanted the tribes to benefit from any ancillary benefits that are available from the online gaming businesses. It is mentioned in the press release that Gionet’s goals include bringing technical education and employment to the tribal regions, and also help in developing a high-tech servicing industry. The industry will help support any tribal gaming network.

The efforts of Gerry Gionet will also include developing various server facilities on the tribal lands and also help with creating jobs in computer programming, internet security, web designing and many other services, which are utilized by the gaming companies online.

GEObet also offers turn key solutions

Even though the American online gaming and gambling market is far from being legalized, quite a few gambling operators and firms are getting ready to launch soon as the industry is regulated and legalized. The online gambling firm, GEObet Gambling Network is one such organization that is ready for the launch. Most online gambling operators are fighting for position and are also making quite a few significant changes in the direction in order to accommodate the new rules proposed.

GEObet Gambling Network has also launched a turnkey solution for igaming, for the tribal casinos and the independent operators, which delivers igaming products from Microgaming, Every Matrix, Merge Networks and CTXM. The company is also operated by North Star Entertainment Limited and Olympian Trading Limited, and managed entirely by IAM Corp. In the press release, it is pointed out that the moves from the firm directly connected to the expansion of American online gambling.

Hundreds of casinos will compete against Nevada and Atlantic City

The chief executive officer of IAM Corp, Peter Karroll said that quite a few independent casino operators in North America will be competing against the casino operators of Nevada and Atlantic City, for their shares of the online poker market shares, when the industry opens up.

Quite a lot of thought has been put into the launch of the turn key solution, which is based on demand and positioning, added Karroll. GEObet’s turnkey igaming solution is positioned to be the extension of any land-based casino, supplying the operations and tools of a complete online casino gambling item. All this is done without any significant upfront expenses to any of the land-based operators.

GEObet is competent with gaming regulations in everyway

GEObet is not just competent but also compliant at all times and in every way with all the gaming regulations in the United States of America.  It is presently proposing international affiliations with other regulated and licensed operators in order to merge with the market in America, once everything is accomplished.

GEObet is currently licensed by the Olympian Trading Limited, which also operates under Netherlands, Maltese, Kahnawake and Antilles gaming licenses. IAM, the marketing firm is currently heading GEObet’s launch of the turnkey solution.