Guaranteed Buy-In Reduced by 98% by BetOnline $15K Tournament

July 3, 2013

BetOnline in a unique attempt is allowing players to reserve a seat in the $15 Tournament at cheap rates, starting this weekend. Players get an opportunity to buy-in cheap at a guaranteed prize pool in the multi-table tournament and can win an amount of $15,000. The same type of schemes have been made available by a lot of their competitors in the past and the opportunity usually means an opportunity for the players to enter a tournament at low face-value and win a staggering high amount on the tables. But in this case, the situation is not that transparent as you would have expected.

The $15,000 guaranteed multi-table tournament kick started on Saturday, June 29th where the host BetOnline gave everyone an entry to it for just 99 cents. To make things clear, the buy-in is at 99 cents and the fees for each chance at the table are an additional 9 cents. This scheme essentially means that players actually have to re-buy their seats in the tournament, where the re-buy amount estimated in the first hour of the launch of the tournament was for $44 ($40 + $4).

In addition to this, an add-on was made available at the first break in the tournament for an additional payment of $44. It is interesting to note that there is no constructive information about the actual fees for the tournament mentioned on the BetOnline site, leading to confusion among many people. But based on the information shared so far about the re-buy value and the add-on fees, it is acceptable to go with the amount of $44 at the time.

Other Features of the Tournament

Players will start playing with 2000 chips in the beginning and further will be provided with 2000 more chips for every re-buy. The add-on feature for which the players have to pay $44, they receive 5000 chips in return.

The official site of BetOnline claims that there are only a limited number of seats available, so players are requested to register at the earliest to reserve their seats. But looking at the poker tables and the rate at which the proceedings of the game are going on, this claim is a little debatable. Additionally, the limit on the number of participants in an all-guaranteed tournament, which is available at such low prices, does not make much sense. The concept of the game relies on the fact that the number of participants and their contributing money exceeds guaranteed amount so that there is no overlay.

The level of competition in the $15,000 guaranteed tournament is not expected to be tough. The site has newly migrated from the sportsbook section and many regular players to the site are new to gambling. For a pro gambler though, the game itself will not be very challenging and in addition, while playing with sportsbook lovers, who love to gamble with low-stakes, winning the tournament will be a piece of cake. Even novice players, who know how to hold their stakes and play patiently, can expect to win good payouts in this tournament.

BetOnline Casino also launched its Royal Flush on 3rd July. In this interesting game a player who has won the highest hand on the poker table in a particular game of Royal Flush won an additional $1,000 over the amount originally won by him/her in the particular hand. The only criterion was that the hand played must be dealt at a No-Limit Texas Hold’em table played for real money. The jackpot only applies when the hand is laid on a showdown with a minimum of 4 players in the pot.

Speaking to the Adjoining Networks

BetOnline is operating under Chico Poker Network and other poker rooms like,,,, and Also, working in association with, which essentially monitors cash game traffic in and the site, BetOnline is really a small name in the online casino world. It holds a world ranking of 32 having a 7-day average of 210 games available on the site. The only advantage that the site enjoys is that it allows all players from the US to play and the poker tables are not restricted to Nevada citizens alone.