Gus Hansen, David Oppenheim Poker Fight – Doyle Spills Beans

January 6, 2017

Earlier this week, Doyle Brunson revealed that tensions were running high inside Bobby’s Room. He explained that one player threw $150k worth of chips because they were so angry:

Obviously this tweet doesn’t tell us much about what happened. But Pokernyhederne put some context behind this by discussing the event. It turns out that Gus Hansen and David Oppenheim were the two heated players.

Hansen also gave some insight into the matter through a December 27 Facebook post:

“Another update from the ins and outs of highstakes poker in Bobby’s room – tensions got high, voices got loud and chips literally went flying when David Oppenheim and yours truly Gus Hansen got into a serious argument – no punches were thrown – but I think it is safe to say that both of us thought about pulling the trigger!”

The only things we don’t know about this ordeal is what sparked the argument, and who threw $150k worth of chips.

gus-hansen-david-oppenheimWhat is known, though, is that both Hansen and Oppenheim were pissed enough to throw punches. Luckily, cooler heads seemed to have prevailed…besides an enormous amount of chips being thrown.

The Great Dane had great tournament success, earning over $10.2 million before going off the tourney circuit. But he’s had a rough run in online poker, losing over $20.7 million from 2007-14.

Luckily, he quit playing high stakes online poker and has gone back to the live scene, where he made most of his money. We only hope that he wasn’t the one throwing $150k, though, after the considerable losses that he’s taken in recent years.

The good news for Hansen is that he made enough off his old Full Tilt Poker sponsorship deal and other business ventures to avoid going broke.