Highlights of Day Four of the PokerStars.com EPT Prague Main Event

December 19, 2013

When the Pokerstars EPT Prague Main Event began on the fourth day, there were just 61 players remaining from the total of more than a thousand who were there when the event started. In the end, the aim of the organizers was to come down to the last 16 who survived through all the five levels. They had to wrap it up after five levels, each of which went on for one and a half hours. In the end, only 22 players left the field of play with their collection of chips.

Ludovic Lacay loses out

It was the veteran Frenchman, Ludovic Lacay, who had the maximum chips at the start of the fourth day and it was natural for his supporters to expect that he would be walking over to the next day, but the poker god had something else planned for him. Everything that he did was going wrong for him and it was just a matter of time before he left the field. It was one of the bad days for the EPT winner. His bluffs were not working and his hero calls were all unsuccessful.

It was Lasell King who had a face off with Lacay first. Lacay was not able to hold on in a four stake pot as the flop came as high as the king. Soon after, even Max got the better of Lacay with his aces versus Silver’s kings. At this point, Lacay had lost almost half of his chips and he was languishing in the middle of the stack. It was Hasson who finished off Lacay when he brought down the striker with a nine-ten which made a double pair against the top kicker and top pair of Lacay.

All other favorites easily strengthened their position

Others, like the 21-year-old Ole Schemion, who were expected to do well, did not disappoint fans, as they progressed further without much difficulty and fulfilled the high expectations of his fans. Most of the time, he was at the middle of attraction at the feature table and he coped with the constant pressure with amazing grace. He was very aggressive from the beginning as opened all the hands and made regular low value bets. By playing like this, he made a strong statement and proved why he is on the brink of becoming the GPI Player of the Year. This German player, who is not even eligible to play in World Series Poker, is on the verge of overtaking the poker master Negreanu in the Player of the year race.

Max Silver challenges Ole Schemion

It was Max who stopped the dream run of the German by getting the better of him twice. Max is the product of PokerStars strategy to nurture talent from various countries by encouraging players to play in the lower leagues before they can come up and play against the top players. Silver took the challenge of facing the intimidating Ole as Silver came on top of the pots played among them. He figured out the strategy of Ole and hit him with the precise cards at the perfect time as well.

Steven Chidwick makes it to the fifth day along with Holdeew

Chidwick is one of the pros who has gained a lot with experience and has won a handsome amount till now. He is an expert in performing and getting the victory online and is slowly getting the knack of performing live now. He has won 9 times at WSOP and has finished in the top three at the Eureka Main Event. There was interesting duel between Chidwick and Holdeew. Holdeew was playing aggressively and was not holding anything back against Chidwick. With his skills and mindset of a champion, he can become a household name in no time.

Andrew Chen trying his luck again

The Canadian Andrew who finished third here back in 2008, is trying his luck again and has made it to the fifth day and is eying the trophy this time and the .9 million euro in prize money. On the fifth day the game would come to an end when there are only eight players left and we will see what happens on that day.