Improved Rewards for Titan Poker VIPs

May 9, 2012

Titan Poker is one of the best online poker sites today and one that certainly knows how to make its loyal customers happy. The online poker room recently beefed up its existing VIP program that showers regulars and loyal players of the site with exciting rewards and cash incentives. This does not in anyway mean that it has neglected its new and promising members. The site also offers exciting bonus offers to its new customers. But for now, here is some information about Titan Poker’s improved VIP program.

New VIP rewards from Titan Poker

The VIP program at Titan Poker has been upgraded such that it benefits all kinds of players on the site. Whether you are a professional poker player, an amateur or just a casual visitor on the site, the new VIP rewards program has something for you. From May 1, the poker room has started providing VIP incentives under its Monthly Cash and Titan Treasures promos. Under these promos, players will get cash rewards every month and a chance to participate in the freerolls every week. For every 100 Titan Poker points that you earn, you will be rewarded with $1 in cash. Also, you can win anywhere between $250 and $5,000 by participating in the special freerolls for VIPs.

The cash rewards and the VIP freerolls you would be eligible for depend on the VIP level you reach. Here is a note on the VIP levels on Titan Poker.

Bronze level – Player who register with Titan Poker will automatically fall under this level, and remain here till they earn more than 2000 points. At this level, you can participate in the $250 freeroll and will automatically get the monthly cash reward

Copper level – Players with 2001 to 2999 points will be in this level and can participate in the weekly $500 freeroll and the VIP SNG. Monthly cash rewards are given on request for this and all further levels.

Silver level – This is the third highest VIP level and is for members who have earned at least 3000 points. At this level, you would be eligible for the Weekly $1000 and $500 freerolls and also the VIP SNGs. To move to the next level, you have to earn more than 4,999 points.

Gold level – Members whose points tally is between 5000 and 14999 are in this level. Along with the VIP SNG, and the $1000 and $500 freerolls, gold members can participate in the $5000 freeroll too.

Titanium level – This is the highest level for members having 15,000 or more points. Titanium members can participate in all VIP freerolls and also in the $5k Gladiator Race.

Any player who earns more than 100,000 points in 3 months goes up to the Annual Diamond level and enjoys benefits through the year.  To benefit from this program, register with Titan Poker and start playing cash games on the site. For every $1 you spend towards rake in cash games, you will earn 15 points and for $1 on tournament fee, you will earn 17 points. The more number of points you earn, the better the rewards will be for you.