Indian poker – a newfound respect?

August 12, 2007

I’ll admit, for as long as I’ve been playing cards, I’ve hated Indian Poker. I just saw it as a really, really stupid filler between games. More of something to give people time to straighten out their chip stacks and actually be active with them.

Of course, the way I was taught was everyone stick one card on your forehead and bet away!

Wow, truly magnificent, huh?

So last weekend we’re playing cards, I had just finished being the first one out during our Texas Hold ‘em tournament (all-in on Ace, King…just wasn’t to be), and by this time of the night, the empty bottles of beer are starting to pile up around me.

After sweeping the cards, one girl says “OK, time for INDIAN POKER!”

Just to paint the picture for you, I’m now down about $20 bucks, haven’t won a single hand yet (that would change, although by the end of the night I’d only get back to even). Begrudgingly, I throw my ante into the middle, and she sloppily deals the cards.

This time, it’s just reverse Texas Hold ‘em rules, everyone has two cards on their head facing out, and the rest is dealt the same way.

The highlight of the game was when the guy to my left (who had 6, 8) bet the max after the turn (leaving 6,7,7,9) on the table. I had already called and was getting pretty short-stacked, so I sat there looking like an idiot with two cards touching the top of my face, debating on whether to see this guy, raise or give up.

With him already making two pair, what would you do? I figured I had waited too long and missed my window to raise back, so I folded.

What did I have? Of course, a nine.

The girl, now quite drunk, and everyone else at the table bursts out with a massive “OHHHHHHHHH!” and she declared the other guy the king of Indian Poker.

Did it bother me? Not so much, since it was never a title I was searching for in the first place…but I did come to appreciate a little more of the strategy involved in this game.

And I found a little more respect for the game, as well.

Don’t get me wrong, though, it’s still stupid :)

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