Jackie Glazier Wins First Bracelet at the WSOPE Ladies Event

October 15, 2013

Over the past few years, the number of women poker players has increased dramatically. In many of the big poker events, there is at least two to three women players, and this is a great opportunity for them to showcase their skill and ability in the card rooms. This has prompted many poker event management groups to launch an all-women event such as the World Series of Poker Ladies Event. In the recently concluded WSOPE Ladies Event, Australian Poker Star, Jackie Glazier won her first ever Gold Bracelet. This is a great achievement for Glazier, whose career has been plagued with near wins and close finishes. In this particular event, she dug deep into her poker skills to claim the event after playing 109 hands, out which 40 of them were heads-up. 

Glazier – A force to be reckoned with 

The WSOPE Ladies Event was a three day poker tournament featuring women poker players from all over the world. On the third and final day of the competition, 8 players were vying for their chance to win the Gold Bracelet, which was the Main Prize that was up for grabs. The players that featured in this event included the Anais Lerouge, who was this year’s surprise package. The rest of the table was filled with French Nationals, an American, and of course the Australian, Jackie Glazier. It took only 10 hands for Lerouge to get eliminated while it took 69 hands for the other 5 players to follow suit. The event was action packed, with all the players that were eliminated losing to hands that they could have easily won. This shows that the playing style of women has massively improved in a sport that was earlier dominated by men.

When the game had gone heads up between Glazier and her French opponent, Maryline Valente, it shifted into a battle between David and Goliath. Valente, who has never cashed in a WSOP Event was the underdog against Glazier who has a career that has accrued almost  $1.2 million in prize money. Glazier, who is also on Team Ivey, has been in the finals table once before this and is regarded as one of the more experienced women players in the game. In the 2013 WSOP Main Event, Glazier was the last woman to be eliminated from the competition, which shows the composure and diligence that makes a competent poker player.

Heads up round-up 

Valente played an incredible game of poker in the final round against the Australian as she went above her opponent in chip count several times in the 40 hands that they played together. However, there was no doubt that Glazier had the advantage over Valente due to her massive experience in Main events. There were many times during the game that Valente decided that enough was enough, and that the only way that she could move a step ahead of her opponent was to go all-in. She even tried to over bet the pot to put Glazier on the back foot, but the plan was not working against the mighty skill that the Australian possessed. What Valente did not know was that the plan that she had against Glazier would eventually backfire in the 109th Hand.

Glazier began the hand raising the stakes to 2,500 from the beginning. Valente, seeing her chance to make a move on Glazier went all in with almost 90,000 before Glazier snap-called, knowing that the odds were in her favor. Glazier was holding pocket Jacks which was far more superior to Valente’s pair of 6s. The board did not give any purchase for Valente as she exited the competition in 2nd place giving Glazier the title and the Gold Bracelet. Valente will be remembered in this competition for playing a smart game against an opponent that she could do very little to break. However, she did win her country pride by finishing as runner up to Glazier, whose chances of winning before the competition began was pretty high.

Biggest win in Glazier’s Career 

This was definitely the feather in the cap for Glazier in a career that has shown so much promise, but had no value to show for it. Winning the Gold Bracelet was definitely her finest win in her career even though she did not get much in terms of prize money. There has much debate about her inclusion on team Ivey, but that speculation has been put to rest after this massive win for the Australian.