Jared Jaffe Leads the WPT Jacksonville Bestbet Open Day Two

March 24, 2014

The second day of the WPT Jacksonville Bestbet Open was filled with a lot of heartbreaking results and tight finishes. In the last few hands of the day, almost seven players were eliminated one hand after the other. There was no surprise that the reigning champion of the WPT Jacksonville Bestbet open, Jared Jaffe, was leading the pack, going into the third day of the event. He currently holds 776,000 chips and is followed by Jordan Cristos (699,000), Nghia Le (604,000), Bryan Irish-Jones (573,00), Sean Winter (552,000) and Nabil Hirezi (520,000). The winner of the event will earn a place at the WPT Champions Cup.

Talesh Patel out in 25th place

The day began with just over 100 players and as it reached the final few hours, things became tense. In the 19th Level, there was only 25 players left, all of whom were guaranteed an in-the-money finish. Talesh Patel was shown the door when the blinds stood at 4,000 and 8,000 with a 1,000 ante. Thad McNulty opened the hand from the middle position with a raise to 72,000. Tales, giving a glance at his cards, thinks he can win it by shoving the rest of his stack of around 47,000, holding a pair of 10s. McNulty makes the call with an Ace-King off-suited hand. The board then runs out an Ace and Queen of Hearts, four and two of Clubs an eight of Spades to give McNulty the Ace pair and the pot as well. Patel left the table with his head held up high and also $6,725 for his efforts.

Amanda Musumeci settles for 24th position

In this particular event, there were very few female poker players making headway and in the 19 level on the second day of the competition, Amanda Musucemi was the last one standing. Deep into the level, Amanda tries to double on her chips by shoving the stack for around 79,000. Nabil Hirezi saw his opportunity to strike and made the call with a pair of Jacks. Amanda, knowing that she was busted, slowly turned her hand with an Ace of clubs and six of Hearts. The game was over as the flop showed a King and five of Diamonds and a four of Clubs. The turn and the river were a seven of Hearts and a Jack of Diamonds at the end. Amanda Musucemi finished with $7,616 for finishing in 24th Place. She was the highest female player to play at such a daunting level.

Michael Martinez sees red

As mentioned before, the pins were falling down way too often. The hand began with Michael holding a Pair of Kings from under the gun,with 17,000 to his name. Although the bet was not enough to scare away players like Jordan Cristos, it was enough for him to get the latter to increase the pot. Cristos raised the pot with 47,000 which then prompts Martinez to shove the rest of his stack for 117,000. Both players opened their cards and Martinez though that he was in a great position, holding a pair of Kings while Cristos opens his Ace-Queen off-suited hand. However, Martinez’s chances faded away immediately as the board ran out with an Ace of Diamonds, seven and five of Hearts on the flop, eight of Clubs on the Turn and a 10 of hearts on the River. This pot win gave Cristos a good lead, sending him to second position in the overall rankings. Martinez was eliminated and left the competition with $7,616 in 23rd place.

Greg Baumhover hits the rail in 22nd place

After playing a very solid game, Greg Baumhover lost his luck, deep into the 19th level of the competition. The first three players began by putting 22,000 in to the pot during the pre-flop stages. The flop showed an Ace of Hearts, five and two of Diamonds. Baumhover, holding an Ace of Spades and a Jack of Clubs, shoves the rest of his stack (66,000) which prompts the other players to fold. James Calderaro, seeing his chance at a diamond flush, holding a seven and six of Diamonds, made the call and the river bailed him out as a three of Diamonds appeared. Baumhover was eliminated in 22nd place and took $7,616 for his tame efforts.

Bad bust for Thad McNulty

Till this point in time, Thad McNulty has been playing really good poker and was in the top half in terms of chip count. However, towards the end of the day, Thad was unlucky to have his chance at the WPT Champions Cup thrown away deep into the 19th Level. The hand began with a raise from Adam Shuman from the button to 17,000. Thad, think for a good minute before raising the pot by shoving his stack for 120,000. This prompts Nabil Hirezi to call while Shuman folded. The moment both players showed their cards, Thad knew that he was not in the best position he hoped he would be in. McNulty was holding a King and eight of Diamonds while Hirezi was holding a suited Ace-King hand. The game was won in the flop when an Ace of Hearts showed as well as a 10 and seven of Diamonds. Thad was officially knocked out when the turn showed another 10 to give Hirezi the massive pot win. McNulty exited the competition with $8,507 to his name.

Maurice Gottileb finishes in 20th place

Just when you thought that poker was for players under the age of 30, it is time to think again. Although Maurice Gottileb was eliminated in 20th Place The hand began with Jason Racener raising from a hijack position and Jared Jaffee making the call. The flop showed a nine of Diamonds, eight of Hearts and a two of Clubs. Gottileb raised again and it was met by Jaffee. By the time the turn card was to come out, Gottileb decided that he had to go all in to stay in the game. That turned out to be a bad decision. Jaffee was holding an eight-six off-suited hand, but an eight showed up on the river to give him a set. Gottileb, holding a pair of Jacks, exited in 20th place with $8,507 for his efforts.