Jared Jaffee Leads the WPT Bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble

November 19, 2013

After seeing 358 entries for the World Poker Tour Bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble, the competition has come down to the last 7 players, with Jared Jaffee leading the pack. Ryan Eriquezzo was the last player to be eliminated on the third day even though he was the chip leader after the first day. Jaffee now has 3.7 million chips, which is double the chip count of Michael Horchoff at second place,. With this commanding lead and over 92 big blinds to play with, Jaffee has a great chance of taking the title.13th place finish for Andrew Whitaker 

Day 3 began with 26 players and after 13 quick eliminations, the competition had moved into the ‘do-or-die’ phase. Derahn Sikes was eliminated in 14th place when he lost to Matthew Oswalt for about 480,000 chips. Sikes was holding pocket Jacks but that was not good enough against Oswalt’s Pocket Queens. In the very next hand, Andrew Whitaker was shown the door when he was eliminated in the 22nd level of the competition. The hand began with a limp from under the gun by Randall Price which then saw the rest of the table limp as well with both blinds checking.

The flop shows a Jack and 9 of Clubs and a 3 of Spades which prompts Price to raise to 115,000 and forces David Diaz to fold and Whitaker to re raise all in to 255,000. Eriquezzo and Jaffee both fold and Price makes the call with Pocket 3s against Whitaker’s Ace-6 club suited hand. Whitaker was hoping that another club would show to give him the flush draw, but a 2 of Diamonds on the turn and a 10 of Diamonds on the River did not do him any favors. He finished in 13th place with 14,127 as Price picked up the pot with a set of 3s.

No luck for Gantz 

The 23rd level of the competition saw 12 players vying for the finals table finish with the blinds standing at 10,000 and 20,000 with a 3,000 ante. Matt Gantz’s luck in the competition came to an end when Corrie Wunstel made an all in bet which he called with his last 300,000 chips. Wunstel was holding Pocket 3s against Gantz’s Ace-2 off-suited hand. The flops turned over a 10 of Hearts, 9 of Clubs and 6 of Hearts which have Wunstel the lead. The 7 of Spades and King of Clubs in the Turn and the River respectively saw Wunstel’s one pair hold out while Gantz was eliminated from the tournament in a disappointing fashion. He finished in 12th place with $17,292 against his name.

Alexander Zisking follows suit 

In the very next hand, Alexander Ziskin committed Poker suicide when he went all in just after Gantz was eliminated. Ziskin began the hand with an audacious all in raise for 201,000 chips straight from the small blind which lures Thad McNulty to make the snap-call from the big blind. Ziskin turns o ver his Ace-5 off-suited hand while McNulty turned over his 10-9 off-suited hand. The flop showed a Jack of Hearts, 9 of Spades and a 6 of Diamonds which gave McNulty a pair. The Queen and 3 of Hearts on the turn and river respectively did not help Ziskin as McNulty’s pair manages to hold out against Ziskin’s hand. He finished in 11th place with a meager $17,292 for his tame efforts.

Full house for Price 

After Ziskin left the competition, the final 10 players were rounded up onto one table. In the 7th hand of the competition, Randall Price got extremely lucky when he pulled off a great pot win. Holding pocket 10s, Price began the hand by limping from the middle of the table which allowed Eriquezzo to raise to 60,000. The rest of the table folded but Blake Purvis and Price both called. The flop showed a Queen of Diamonds, 10 of Clubs and 8 of Diamonds which helped Price grab a set of trip 10s. However, he, along with Purvis and Eriquezzo checked the flop with the onus of slow raising his opponents into winning a big pot.

The turn showed an Ace of Clubs which Purvis and Price both checked, but Eriquezzo had other ideas and raised to 100,000. Price made the call and Purvis folded which allowed the dealer to show the river card – another Ace. Price checked once more in the hope that Eriquezzo would make a raise, which he did for 150,000. Price made a snap call and showed his hand – tens full of aces, which gave him the big pot win.

McNulty finishes in 10th place 

In the 13th hand after the table was set for the final 10 players, Thad McNulty’s run in the competition came to an end when he went up against Jaffee. In the 24th level of the competition with the blinds standing at 12,000 and 24,000, Jaffee opened the hand with a 50,000 raise from under the gun which prompted McNulty to bet all in for 185,000 chips. Jaffee made the call with a King-Queen suited against McNulty’s Jack-10 suited hand.

The Flop revealed a 6 of Clubs, 7 of Diamonds and 3 of Spades which put Jaffee in the lead with the high card and a flush draw. The 2 of Spades removed a flush draw from the equation and the King of Spades on the River put the nail in the coffin for McNulty as Jaffee grabbed the top pair. McNulty finished in 10th place with $17,292.

Diaz finishes in 9th place, Eriquezzo out in 8th 

David Diaz lost to Randall Price holding an Ace-10 hand against Ace-King in the 24th level of the competition, which meant that he had to settle for a 9th place finish. In the 25th level, with blinds standing at 15,000 and 30,000 with a 5,000 ante, Eriquezzo raised to 60,000 from under the gun which prompts Jaffee to re raise to 160,000.

Eriquezzo thought that his hand was good enough and raised to 835,000 which Jaffee duly calls. Eriquezzo was narrowly ahead when he was holding Pocket 7s against Jaffee’s Ace-Queen suited hand, but was defeated when an Ace showed on the flop. However, he did have a flush draw chance, but a 2 and 4 of Diamonds did not do him any favor as he was knocked out of the competition in 8th place for $31,646.