Jeff Madsen Comes on Top on Day Two at the 2013 WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond

December 12, 2013

The second day at the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic at Bellagio came to an end on Saturday with only 140 players remaining on the table from a total of 449 entries in Las Vegas, Nevada. Five more levels of action came to a close on day two. The total cash prize of over four million dollars was announced recently. The players who finish among the top 45 will at least take home a cash prize of 21,000 dollars, with the winner getting a whopping sum of over a million dollars.

At the end of the day, it was the three time World Series of Poker winner, Jeff Madsen, leading the 140 players with almost .4 million chips in his hands. Following closely behind him is Kevin Eyster with almost the same number of chips and Dan Martin, Sorel Mizzi and Barry Hutter finishing the top five line-up. The winner of this event will also receive an automatic entry to the WPT World Championship at Borgata to be held in April.

Madsen prevails over Justin Young

It was a close battle being fought between Jeff Madsen and Justin Young to the river. On the board, the cards shown were an eight of hearts, four of diamonds and two of diamonds, followed by an ace of diamonds and then a six of diamonds. In the end, Madsen gains a total of 126000 chips to Chang’s 25,000.

Salaburu takes out Johnson

Johnson had to let his hand go when the board was showing nine of spades, eight of diamonds, three of spades, five of diamonds and seven of diamonds against Rob Salaburu in the cut-off. His nine and eight of clubs was not good enough in the end.

Bellande gets the better of Tilly

Tilly won a big pot against Ravi Raghavan, but was made to pack her bags by Jean Robert Bellande as her king and queen of diamonds was not enough to counter Bellande’s queen and nine of clubs as by the turn she was drawing dead. Rob added a total of almost .2 million chips.

Hamnett eliminated by Bellande

When the board was showing a jack of spades, ten of clubs, two of spades and eight of clubs, Bellande checks in and Hamnett bets 3000 in response. When the river brought the five of hearts, Bellande started eying Hamnett’s stack and soon rolls over him with an eight and five of spades.

Hutter polishes off Dunst

When the board was displaying a jack of spades, ten of spades, nine of diamonds and two of spades, Dunst fired a bet of 6500 and Hutter responded. The river brought a two of clubs and with it a bet of 15500 from Dunst. Hutter raises and eventually Dunst lets his hand go.

Mizzi eliminates Chan

Sorel Mizzi made full use of his experience by scooping the loose chips of Terrence Chan into his stack.

Madsen goes for a walk in the park against Justin Young

It was an easy task for Madsen to finish off Young when the board was showing an eight of hearts, four, two, ace and six of diamonds. The stack of Young was way below average in comparison to that of Madsen and soon he let his hand go. Joseph Cheung was one of the players to fire six bullets, but in the end, he could only manage to collect just 12000 chips. Brian Rast ended up with .1 million chips with the help of seven bullets. Bellande was the most successful with a total chip count of 2,18,100.

In some other news apart from the game, the World Poker Tour and hosted a party for the players to mark the tenth anniversary of Poker Royalty at the Lily Bar and Lounge. Some of the most prominent poker players were in attendance. There was also an after-party at Hyde where Poker Royalty played host to a VIP booth with a amazing view of the Bellagio fountains.