Jonathan Dimmig Wins the Millionaire Maker Bracelet

June 16, 2014

Jonathan Dimmig, 31, from New York, is not new to WSOP, but had so far failed to garner any major successes. In 2011, he achieved his best at a WSOP event earning only a few thousand dollars. But then he played a 12-hour final table and came out as a champion earning enough to be able to move to Las Vegas and pursue the game on a full time basis. Prior to the Millionaire Maker, he had played in 9 WSOP bracelets events.

Even then he came to WSOP 2014 with little ambition. So, it was even more amazing that he became the first player to hit a seven-figure score. When the game began he had one of the shortest stacks but he sauntered on, was all-in at least five times at the final table, and even survived one or two big blind plays. Along with his big payday he also won himself a gold bracelet.

The 2014 Millionaire Maker was the second largest poker tournament of all time. Along with many new players it boasted of some big names too. But it was Dimmig who walked away with $1,319,587.

The heated finals

Given his fantastic win it is quite unbelievable that he stumbled in the early stages of the game. After day two Dimmig made the final table in sixth and was number two in chips. Stephen Garner entered the final table in quite a good shape with 12 million, but he lost much of it during the lengthy session that ensued.

Though he recovered a bit after a few games, raised to 250,000, where Dimmig called in a big blind and Hawkins came over the top with 2.2 million. But Garner played an aggressive game and Hawkins went downhill. But Garner too finally succumbed and lost in sixth.

A few hands later Dimmig made his first move towards a big stack doubling to over six million. Thereafter he dominated the game.

Brad Anderson finished in fifth place in his first ever time at the finals table. Andrew Teng finished fourth and Maurice Hawkins who had begun his play with a short stack came in ninth. Even James Duke, who had been in the lead on Tuesday and came in with almost 4.6 million could not hold it off against Dimmig.

The face-off

Facing off with Jeffrey Coburn, the first hand saw Coburn raise it to 1.5 million and Dimmig calling with a flop of diamonds of 9, 8 and 5. This had Coburn bet 1.65 million and Dimmig raised to 3.9 million. Coburn put Dimmig all in but it didn’t work in his favor. He called with club of 9 and 8 of heart for top two pair and needed a diamond or a king or running pairing cards higher than a nine. However the club of 4 gave a 3-to1 lead to Dimmig.

The sixth hand saw Coburn raise to 1.5 million with a king of diamonds and a queen of hearts. Dimmig countered the blind with hearts of 6 and 2. With a 3 of diamond, 3 of spade, and 2 of club Dimmig open-shoved the flop and Coburn called it off with whatever chips remained with him. He desperately required a king or queen for his survival in the game. But it was not meant to be. The turn T and river 4 gave the win to Dimmig in a nearly 12-hour finals table.
The odds

Dimmig arrived at the finals table with one of the shortest stacks, but this didn’t stop him from playing an aggressive game. At five different times he was all in, faced a few blinds, got involved in big pots, and it appeared though he was just going at it with not much thought. But by the look of his win it appears as if it was part of his strategic plan for the finals.
Aspiring novelist and MBA-degree holder Dimmig comes with 10 years of work experience in the financial industry. He left it all for a career in poker. Though it seems he is still working on his novel.

At this year’s installment of the “Millionaire Maker,” at the WSOP, only nine reached the finals table from more than seven thousand entries and Dimmig clinched the title, money, and the bracelet.