Kevin Allen Comes from the Dead to win the GUKPT Title

November 27, 2013

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour came to end on the 24th of November with Kevin Allen making a huge comeback taking the title and the £158,700 cash prize. The finals of the GUKPT began with 13 players after 294 players entered the tournament and after three days of competitive play, a winner finally emerged. Kevin Allen was the short stack at the start of the day, but managed to bring out his poker skills after he doubled up early into the finals to complete the victory in dominant style. 

13th place for Paul Hardwidge

The finals of the GUKPT began in grand style when Paul Hardwidge went all in during the fifth minute of the game. Pratik Ghatge began the hand by opening with a 25,000 raise which prompted Paul to make the all in move for his last 90,000 chips. Rudolph Fourie saw his chance to eliminate his opponent and made the call, which forced Pratik to muck his hand. Hardwidge opened his Ace-10 off-suited hand and Fourie showed his pair of Jacks as the game went into a showdown. The board showed a 2 of Hearts, 3 of Clubs, 3 of Hearts, 9 of Heart and an 8 of Diamonds to give Fourie the win with a two pair. Paul finished the in 13th place with £7,400 for his efforts.

Ghatge finishes in 9th place

After Nicholas Meng, Sam Grafton and Zimnan Ziyard were eliminated in 12th, 11th and 10th place respectively, the remaining players were rounded up for the finals table round. After 10 minutes of play in the round, Ghatge was shown the rail after his hand was destroyed by Thomas Bichon in the 21st Level with blinds at 8,000 and 16,000. Kellet opened the hand with a 32,000 raise which prompted Ghatge to move all in with his remaining stack.

Bichon made the snap call while Kellet moved out of the way by folding his hand, which meant that Ghatge was up against Bichon for a big pot win. Bichon turned over pocket Kings while Ghatge opened his Ace-King suited hand. The flop showed a 3 of Hearts, 10 of Clubs and 2 of Diamonds to give Bichon the lead and left Ghatge drawing dead as his flush draw was out of contention. The 8 of Spades and 6 of Clubs on the turn and river did not do him any good as he was eliminated in 9th place with £11,100.

5th place for Margerson

After Ghatge was eliminated in 9th place, Will Kassouf, Bichon and Kellet all followed him out on to the rails when they finished in 8th, 7th, and 6th place respectively. With the remaining five players fighting it out for the trophy, Matt Davenport decided that is was his turn to shine. He began the hand with a raise to 80,000 which made Scott Margerson shove his 454,000 chips in to the pot. Davenport, seeing his chance to take a huge advantage in the game, called with a soft Jack-10 off-suited hand against Margerson’s stronger King-10 off-suited hand. With the odds in Margerson’s favor, holding the top card, the flop was not the sight that he wanted to see as the three clubs, an Ace, 8 and 4 spiked on the lop to give Davenport the flush draw. The turn was the nail in the coffin for Margerson as a 7 of Clubs popped up to give Davenport the massive pot win. Margerson had to settle for 5th place and took £31,700 for his bold effort.

Allen knocks Davenport out of the competition

Margerson’s elimination was immediately followed by Ben Jackson as he finished in 4th place with £41,200 against his name. By this time, Davenport’s massive pot win soon diminished as a run of bad calls saw his stack reduce to just four big blinds. The game was set up for Allen to knock out his opponent as he called Davenport’s all in move. Allen turned over a mammoth Ace-King off-suited hand against Davenport’s miniature 9-7 off-suited hand which meant that Davenport was already staring down the barrel. The board showed a 3 of Hearts, 2, 10 and Jack of Clubs and a 10 of Hearts to give Allen the win with a pair of 10s and an Ace kicker. Davenport’s run in the competition came to end and he finished in third place with £70,600.

Allen completes the dream run

The competition finally came to a close when Allen called Rudolph Fourie’s hand late into the third day of play. Allen began the hand with a 320,000 raise which prompted the South African businessman to ship his 2.3 million stack in to the pot. Allen makes the call with a King-Queen off-suited hand against Fourie’s Jack-8 suited hand. The flop gave some hope to Fourie as a 5 of Diamonds, 7 of Spades and a 9 of Spades as he was drawing a straight, flush and straight flush. To his disappointment, a 4 of Clubs on the turn and a 3 of Hearts on the River did not do him any good as he finished in 2nd place with £105,800.