Lobbyist: US Online Poker continues to be Overriding Issue or Casinos

October 3, 2012

Frank Fahrenkopf Jr., the President of the American Gaming Association spoke about the upcoming passage of the federal online poker legislation in Las Vegas on 2nd October. Fahrenkopf said that the passage of the legislation will probably need a ‘little bit of gambler’s luck’, which is to be discussed in the upcoming Congress session.

Launching of the Global Gaming Expo

The President of the American Gaming Association said that legalizing internet poker in the  United States of America still continues to be an intervening issue for the casino industry. Recently, the casino industry kick started the Global Gaming Expo, which is being held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. It is a 4 day trade show and conference, and is considered to be one of the largest annual meetings in the industry so far.

The organization of Fahrenkopf is known to co-produce the Global Gaming Expo, along with Reed Exhibitions. According to Fahrenkopf, legalization of internet poker is one of the most talked about subjects in the gaming community. Most of the leading gaming equipment manufacturers and casino companies have started taking the initial steps to get into the legalized online poker market of the United States of America.

Global Gaming Expo held a one-day conference regarding internet gaming

Global Gaming Expo or G2E in accordance with all its events, also held a special day conference, with reference to internet gaming. The conference saw the topic of the Reid/Kyl bill being discussed immensely. Sponsored by US Senators, Harry Reid and John Kyl, the bill regarding online poker legislation has been doing the rounds of late. It was kept within the Congress even after the bill was first proposed in the Lame Duck session of 2010.

Sometime last month, the entire media was passing out reports regarding the summary of the legislation proposed. According to theWashingtonD.C.media reports, the proposed legislation would build a structure for taxing and regulating online poker at the federal level.

Fahrenkopf spoke about this proposed legislation, during the opening press conference session of the Global Gaming Expo and said that the final legislation may be completely different from the summary of the legislation seen in the recent media reports.

Several other pressing issues will be looked at by Congress

Once the Congress elections are over, the party will look into several other pressing matters, according to the President of the American Gaming Association. Fahrenkopf feels that since there are so many other issues, Congress might just not discuss the issues regarding internet poker. In addition, the President also said that online gaming proponents are slowly losing several of their key Congress members, who are retiring.

Fahrenkopf also said that the casino industry of the United States is losing out on revenues, which are all being directed towards online gambling world over. It has been found that various forms of internet gambling have been legalized in 85 countries.

Despite being tracked by federal prosecutors, online betting is still going on in unauthorized internet gambling sites. Fahrenkopf hopes that the poker legislation of the US will come up with a crime preventive measure, in order to make the Federal Wire Act stronger.