Mac Client Released by Bodog Poker

July 27, 2012

The 26th of July witnessed Bodog Network’s launch of its Mac-compatible client. The launch is great news to all those Mac players who are fans of the game. Over the last year, Bodog has released new software’s and models that will enhance its gameplay.

About the new Mac client

Jonas Odman, the CEO of Bodog Poker Network stated that the Mac client always was a must have. The network put off launching its Mac client because of the new software launch. If the company had done both together, it would have put Bodog ahead of their expectations in regards to their player reach.

Since the Mac client is all set, the company can now focus on the B2C marketing of the Recreational Poker Model. The company feels this model is at the top of progressive changes in the poker industry. These changes particularly affect the online poker ecology. Bodog stated that numerous companies have now changed the structure of their rakeback to make it more in line with the model, and also more attractive to players who deposit rather than those who win.

The next stage of the model features completely anonymous tables, which makes data mining completely impossible. Again, this is in best interests of the depositing player. Microgaming and PokerStars also made changes soon after the launch of this model.

Other launches by Bodog

A year has not passed since the poker network launched new software and the recreational poker model. This model prohibits date-mining sites from collecting statistics on Bodog’s players. Odman stated that introduction of these features ensures the Recreational Model is a pioneer in online poker and it gives players the fairest playing environment.

The CEO added that the company is not scared of controversy, which has already been demonstrated by the method in which their rakeback was viewed and also by blocking data mining sites. Poker players are given a ‘pure poker’ experience and, the new software and Recreational Poker Model are both game changers.

Additionally the site also added a rabbit cam, which lets players look at what cards might have been dealt once the hand is won. Other changes announced by Bodog include, new tournament formats, in-client Blackjack, the ability to play a maximum of 20 tables simultaneously and increased site speed.

About Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker entered the poker scene back in 2004 with its own characteristic style and gaming knowledge. The network has sent several of its players to international tournaments. Bodog features its own software and is constantly expanding its market. The security provided by Bodog is very solid and all transactions are known to run smoothly.

Whether you need to deposit of withdraw money, all processes take place smoothly.

If any glitches do occur, they are quickly addressed by the customer support team who are extremely professional, skilled and friendly. The player field is varied and the games and tournaments offered by this network give some really generous payouts.