Main Event Led by Anton Morgenstern at World Series of Poker 2013

July 25, 2013

As of 15th July, the World Series of Poker continues to countdown to its final few events as online gamers continue to battle it out at the various events of the WSOP. Currently the competition has been cut down to its last 27 players, occupying three tables. A couple of days ago, it was a completely different story. It was quite difficult to even look at the other side of the poker room in the Rio Hotel and Casino, where the World Series of Poker is being hosted this year. There were so many players that it was hard to even distinguish between the tables.

Fight comes down to just a couple of players

Currently, the entire tournament can fit the size of a living room as participants slowly got eliminated to the final 27. Making it to the final table is one of the most exciting experiences in the world for gamers, despite the fact that the crowning ceremony in November is supposed to be their happiest moment.

The twenty seven players who are currently remaining in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker will have to carefully make their way through the tournament to make it to the final November Nine table. The finals will be completed by that Monday night.

Day 6 started with about 68 players

The Main Event has been taking place for quite a few days, with slow elimination happening on each day. On day 6 of this event, there were about sixty eight players in the beginning. As soon as the chips were bagged, Anton Morgenstern emerged to be the chip leader. Morgenstern is of German origin, currently residing in London and carries an American-German citizenship. As of now, Anton has about 21.955 million chips, which means he has a significant lead over the other players especially Sylvain Loosli, who stands in the second place.

Sylvain Loosli currently has won a total of 14,125,000 chips. After Loosli there is another two million chip drop in the chart, and then comes the player in third place. This means all the players below Anton Morgenstern have to work their way up by earning quite a lot more chips.

Anton wants to follow Pius Heinz, a fellow German player

Pius Heinz was a German player who ended up being the winner at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2011. Anton Morgenstern also wants to follow Heinz’s steps and try and win the Main Event this year. Morgenstern started his poker career by playing live tournaments about a year ago. He doesn’t have much of a history in live tournament but he is excellent at every tournament he plays. Anton already has about three World Series of Poker cashes entering the Main Event, including this year’s event as well.

Despite the fact that Anton has such a huge chip lead, the other notable players are also doing their best to create a name in the event. For instance, Carlos Mortensen, who was the Main Event Champion in the World Series of Poker in the year 2001, is currently in 5th place and has a total chip count of about 10.790 million. Mortensen happens to be the only Spaniard in the world to ever make it to the final table in the Main Event of WSOP. He also holds the record for being a top rank and highly earning Spanish online poker player of all times. Carlos currently ranks 16 on the list of all-time worldwide money, and has been found to be the leading money winner in World Poker Tour’s entire history.

Steven Gee hoping to make it to the final table at the Main Event

Even though poker player Steven Gee doesn’t really have that exact depth in history, which Carlos Mortensen seems to have, he seems to be putting in enough efforts to get to the final table at the Main Event. This is bound to be one of the most impressive and exciting back-to-back runs of the World Series of Poker Main Event. In the 2012 November Niner, Steven Gee ended up finishing at the ninth place in the Main Event.

Making it to the final table this year will make Gee the first player to end up at final tables in consecutive years. The only other player in WSOP’s history who has made consecutive final tables at the Main Event is Dan Harrington, in the years 2003 and 2004. He came third and fourth in those years, respectively. The feat was almost achieved by another player named Greg Raymer, who won the World Series of Poker Main Event in the year 2004, but ended up in the 25th position in the year 2005.

Size of the fields can put Gee on top

Steven Gee’s 2 year run can be put right on the top depending on the size of the fields at the Main Event. At the Main Event WSOP 2012, there were over 6598 poker players. This year the field has about 6352 poker players. Even as Steven Gee ends up busting out during the finals, his achievement will still be right up there on the rank list. He will however, need to find some quick hands in order to increase his 3.160 million chips and move above the 22nd place, which he currently is at.

It should not be forgotten that the last woman who was left battling in the WSOP 2013 Main Event, lost and walked out with the 31st rank on Sunday night. Jackie Glazer put up quite a fight but was defeated and respectfully bowed out of the game. On day 7 of the Main Event being held at Rio Hotel and Casino, the Main Event was up to the 13th level. This means the blinds would be 60,000 or 12,000, with about 15,000 chip antes. After about 18 more eliminations, the final table or the November Nine will finally be set.