Martin Finger Wins EPT 10 London £50,000 Super High Roller

October 9, 2013

The tenth season of the European Poker Tour (EPT) £50,000 Super High Roller came to a close on the third day of the event with Martin Finger claiming the title after 22 levels. The event which saw 57 entries was action-packed throughout the three days where players were pushed to making big calls early in the game. The German star, Finger claimed the title by eliminating all his opponents collecting £821,000 as the prize money. He is now the first player to have won the Shamballa bracelet and an EPT Main Event. 

First elimination of the day 

There were no surprises that the first elimination would take place after only four hands as 7 of the final players were trying to catch up to Finger’s massive lead. In the 18th level, Partik Antonius decided to take his chances with an Ace-Five suited hand by moving all in which prompted Timothy Adams to call. Adams, holding an Ace of Diamonds and Five of Clubs had a small percentage of winning from the start, but the game was only going to get better. Adam’s chances increased when the flop showed three diamonds, giving him a great chance of a flush draw. His percentage of winning the round was at 36.36% but it dropped to 20.45% when the turn showed a 2 of Clubs. At this point both players had a chance to split the pot, but it was to be the end of Antonius, when the river showed and an 8 of diamonds, sending Finnish player out of the tournament with £109,455.

Third elimination 

David Benefield finished the competition in seventh place with £139,600 and Adams was to follow him soon after. The game had reached the 20th level with Bill Perkins raising to 200,000 with pocket sixes. Adams, who managed to place third in the €50,000 Super High Roller event in Barcelona decided that his hand was good enough to go all in.

Perkins, seeing Adams raise, thinks that his hand will over power Canadian snap calls only to find out that he actually has a softer hand as Adams is holding Pocket sevens. The only way that he was going to win now is if a 6 comes on the table. The flop shows 3 of Spades, 10 of Clubs, and Ace of Hearts, giving Adams the advantage going in to the turn which shows a Q of Spades. Perkins then realized that his chance of winning was dim and started to count his chips before the river gave him a huge sigh of relief with a Six of hearts. The 6’s Three of a Kind was enough to send Adams out of the competition.

Double elimination by Finger 

Perkin’s good luck ended a couple of hands later as he, along with Johannes Strassman, both exited the event in one shot. Strassman was getting desperate and decided to shove from the button with 650,000 chops holding Jack-9 off suited hand. Finger, holding a huge chip advantage called with Perkins also  moving all in as well from the big blind. Finge is holding pocket queens and the flop gave him a massive advantage as the board ran an Ace of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts and a 6 of Club. The Turn and the River did not do help the American or the German at all as a 7 of diamonds and 6 of Clubs sent them both out of the competition in 4th and 5th place respectively.

Third place for Vogelsang 

The 21st level saw three Germans fighting for the top spot, with Vogelsang shoving for 1.3 million chips. Holding a Queen-6 suited hand, his chances are pretty low in comparison to Finger’s Ace-King off-suited hand. The table showed 3 of Clubs, 10 of Spades, 7 of Clubs, 8 of Hearts and 5 of Spades, which made it a very disgraceful exit for Vogelsang with £383,200 as Finger won the hand with an Ace high card.

Finger takes on Tobias Reinkemeier for the title 

The Super High Rollers event came to a close in the 22nd level when Reinkemeier went heads up against Finger with both Germans playing really well till this stage. The blinds stood at 60,000/120,000 and Finger began the final assault on Reinkemeier holding pocket Jacks with a raise to 240,000. Reinkemeier then three bets Finger to 600,000 before Finger opts for the four bet to 1.05 million which prompts Reinkemeier to go all in. Finger obliges by calling him with Reinkemeier holding pocket 8s for the make or break hand. However, this was to be his last one as the board showed a 10 of Hearts, 6 of Spades, 5 of Clubs, 3 of Hearts, and 10 of Spades giving Finger the title with a superior two pair. Reinkemeier ended in second place with a total winnings of £593,900.