Matthew Lapossie Takes the Lead on Day 1 at the WPT Falls-view Poker Classic

February 28, 2014

The World Poker Tour action moved on to the picturesque Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada where the first day of 2014 WPT Falls-view Poker Classic was held. The game came to a close after 13 levels which took place at the Falls-view Casino Resort. This was one of the most popular events in Canada, mainly because of the location. The Canadians also participated in huge numbers in this event and many of them are planning to stay back after the game to support their ice hockey team which is playing in Sochi at the winter Olympics.

A large number of poker players turned up to play but only a few among them survived the day. A total of 114 players will now try their luck on the second day. By the end of the day, it was Mathew Lapossie who had a big chip lead over others with a total of 417,400 chips.

Not many victory under Lapossie’s name

Matthew Lapossie has been playing in the circuit for quite some time but has no significant victory to show off in live poker tournaments . His last victory was a seventh place finish in Barcelona at a European Poker Tour event back in 2009. His total earnings through live poker tournaments is a measly sum of 260,174 dollars. He finished first only once in the final table of a live poker tournament in January 2009 at the LA Poker Classic in a no-limit hold-em event which was just worth 53,000 dollars.

Aggressive play in the final level by Lapossie

It was almost at the end of play when Lapossie in the final level decided to play a hand which turned out to be the key for his huge chip lead. Lapossie opened from under the gun with a raise, when the blinds was at 1000/2000/300. Tony Dunst tried to re-raise from the middle of the table. When the play was folded, Lapossie came out with a pair of jacks while Dunst had a very mediocre pair of sevens. When a king of spade, four of heart, two of club, two of diamond and two of spade was displayed on the board, Dunst was busted and ensured that Lapossie’s lead was huge, grabbing a full house.

Other leaders at the end of day 1

In second position, behind Lapossie, was Sylvain Siebert with a total of 264,800 chips who has reached the final table at many poker events in Canada. Elliot Smith with 235,400 was in the third position. Soren Turkewitsch was in fourth with 230,600 chips, Pawel Czyrnek was in fifth position with a total of 229,300 chips, Travell Thomas was in sixth position with 217,000 chips and Pirooz Bayat with 214,600 chip was in the seventh position. At the end of level 9 there were only 249 players left out of the 383 who had registered at the start of play. The dinner break was taken at this point with four more levels remaining.

Some of the significant losers of the day

There were many established players who got busted on the first day itself which happens almost in every event. Some of these players were Mike McDonald, Shannon Shorr, Vanessa Selbst, Jason Koon, Matt Giannetti, Scott Clements, Andrew Lichtenberger and Griffin Benger. The loss of these players clearly indicates that poker is a very unpredictable game as nothing happens by chance and although there is a small element of luck involved, it is the player’s skill that matters in the end.

Prize pool

At the end of level 10, the prize pool was decided. The top five will be earning huge as the player in fifth place will take home more than 90,000 Canadian dollars. The player finishing in fourth place will take home more than 120,000 Canadian dollars. The second runner-up will pocket a sum of more than 160,000 Canadian dollars and in the end the player who comes second will take home more than 250,000 Canadian dollars.

The top 45 players will be paid with some amount with a total of 1.8 million Canadian dollars to be distributed among them. The winner will get a whopping 363,197 Canadian dollars.