More Nevada Gaming Companies Have Received Internet Poker Licenses

September 21, 2012

As the days pass by, more number of online gaming companies are receiving their poker licenses to operate in Nevada. As of 20th September, American Casino & Entertainment Properties Interactive and WMS Gaming were granted approval by the Gaming Commission of Nevada.

The council consisted of five members who granted licenses to the two companies and allowed them to be involved inNevada’s upcoming and developing intrastate online poker market. ACEP currently owns a number of casinos in the state, and WMS is more of a technology firm.

Coupling of companies doesn’t mean they’ll do business together

When the two companies got their licenses approved on Thursday, the coupling raised quite a few eye-brows. Coupling of these companies doesn’t mean that they will involve in business ventures together.

Gaming Chairman question WMS about operations in Europe

Peter Bernhard,Nevada’s Gaming Commission Chairman, asked WMS about all of its operations online in the European countries. The Chairman enquired specifically about whether the company has opened up to countries wherein the online activity is considered legal. Bernhard said it was advisable to check the legal standards of each country and then offer the services, instead of offering online gaming everywhere and then later having to block access when countries protest.

Nevada regulators keep watch on activity across jurisdictions

The Nevada regulators are ensuring that the entire idea of secure online gaming will take place once the companies are granted their online poker license. Regulators are keeping watch to prevent the acceptance of online wagers from players in jurisdiction where the activity isn’t allowed. All the regulations and standards apply to the companies, their partners and their subsidiaries as well.

ACEP gets license to exist as operator

The other company, ACEP Interactive, which received the license from the Gaming Commission, is allowed to exist as an online poke operator. It is considered to be a distinction that only brick-and-mortars are given. ACEP owns a lot ofNevadaproperties, which includes the Stratosphere hotel Tower and Casino.

ACEP’s directory for the gaming development department, Alec Driscoll, said the company is quite excited to get the license and get started on the online poker sector. The director called online gambling to be a player acquisition tool, which will also bring the players into the physical casino that ACEP owns. Very few seem to be worrying these days about online poker taking away the original charm from brick-and-mortar visitation.

The company will certainly rely on at least one of the technology partners to help them conduct the business. Even though ACEP hasn’t disclosed which company it might be speculations have risen that it might be WMS. Driscoll said that the company will announce the partner a little later.

So far, the companies that have received online poker licenses in Nevada are Bally Technologies, South Point Poker, Shuffle Master, Monarch Interactive, International Game Technology, WMS, Global Cash Access and ACEP. The first to bring in real-money games will most likely be South Point Casino.